Whether you’re about to head out or want to plan ahead, a good weather app will help you to be prepared.

Best Weather Apps

Not so long ago, knowing the weather ahead was pretty much guesswork or involved tuning into a daily weather forecast that wasn’t always reliable. However, times have changed and predicted the weather is now a much more exact science, with forecasts being updated on a continual basis according to the latest information. As well as this, the majority of us now use a mobile device, and this means apps can bring us the information we’re looking for straight to our fingertips.

There are a ton of weather apps for Android available on the Google Play Store, and they can be extremely useful for finding out the latest weather forecast, especially if you live in a changeable climate. If you want to know whether to pack a bikini, take an umbrella to work, or whether to go camping at the weekend, a decent weather app can help you to plan your day or week ahead. Maybe, for instance, you want to know whether it’s best to plan a picnic for Saturday or Sunday or want to know whether you’ll need your thickest coat if you’re planning to go to an outside event.

The huge choice of weather apps includes many different features, but of course, there is always some that shine while others are not so good. Therefore, finding the best weather app for Android can be a daunting task, so we’ve down the legwork for you and tested many of the top ones available. Our selections of the best weather app for Android covers a wide variety, and we found all of the following worked well and were very reliable (for the vast majority of the time). All of the following apps are free to download, though some include in-app purchases, either to remove ads or for additional features.

AccuWeather: Weather Forecast & Real Time Reports


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

AccuWeather is our go-to weather app as it has just about everything we can think of as far as the weather is concerned, and it has an extremely user-friendly interface. You’ll find real-time severe weather alerts, a hurricane tracker feature, and weather radar maps for tracking, and if you’re planning to travel, you’ll benefit from MinuteCast minute-by-minute local forecasts for the following two hours and RealFeel Temperature for the conditions right now. Use it for when you’re home or away as its accuracy is second to none, and the app supports a choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit and also supports numerous languages.

Another handy feature of AccuWeather is a Daily Snapshot weather widget enabling you to quickly access what you can expect that day. It’s worth noting that the app is free but in-app purchases are available. However, there’s plenty to enjoy without having to spend money, so do check it out.

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Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

This app is totally free to use, as there are no in-app purchases, always a bonus! It’s really dependable as far as accuracy is concerned, and you can get hourly or 15-day forecasts for any location you require around the world. If you live in an area often plagued by winter storms, this is a good app for monitoring how they are developing, and the app also includes preparation and safety tips for particular conditions.

Weather condition information includes humidity, sunrise, sunset, UV index, barometric pressure and much more, and further features include Doppler radar maps, layers showing satellite or road views, wind speeds, snow, and water temperature. We particularly like the personalized alerts with breaking weather news as well as alerts for snow, lightning, rain, and pollen. The app has a nicely clean interface and also offers a choice of weather widgets.

Dark Sky - Hyperlocal Weather


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

This one concentrates on hyper-local weather information and brings down-to-the-minute forecasting that will let you know precisely when you can expect it to start or stop raining. You can choose from 7-day or 24-hour forecasts, and the app offers custom weather alerts. A nice touch with this app is the option to schedule a daily summary so the lock screen of your Android smartphone or tablet will show a weather report every morning. It’s free to download and try out for two weeks but if you want to enjoy all of the features outlined above you will then have to upgrade at the cost of $2.99 a year.

Weather 14 Days (Beta)


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

We really had to include this as a best weather app for Android as it’s used by millions of device owners. The makers claim it uses the “best prediction model in the world” and who are we to argue! It’s based on Google’s Material Design for a contemporary look, and it’s the official TheWeather.com app from Meteored. The National Weather Service provides official weather alerts for your location, and one of the latest additions is a new ECMWF-based animated world map.

Whether you’re concerned about the wind chill factor, wind speed, temperature, or phase of the moon, the Weather 14 Days app will give you the information you need. Other advantages of the app include widgets, the ability to share forecasts via Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp, and customizable color themes to unlock.

Yahoo Weather


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

We couldn’t overlook Yahoo’s weather app with hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts. This one provides some gorgeous images thanks to Flickr, and very neatly they suit the conditions and time of day where you are. The app enables you to track the weather in your favorite destinations and also features impressive interactive maps. Best of all there are no in-app purchases although there are some pesky ads and it would be good to have the option to remove those.

Weather by WeatherBug (Beta)


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

If you enjoy a high level of customization on your Android smartphone, this one is likely to appeal to you. Customizable options include multi-language support, Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature units, pressure units, and even wind units (mph, kph, mps, and Knots). The app offers 18 weather maps, real-time forecasts, and weather alerts and notifications, and the current traffic conditions feature can be really useful. It also includes information based on your lifestyle activities, even down to taking care of your lawn, and as it’s free to download and use it’s worth a whirl.

Awesome Weather - YoWindow (Beta)


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

There’s something very appealing about this weather app from YoWindow. That’s largely down to the cartoon style artwork that changes according to the weather in your region and also includes sunset and sunrise at the corresponding times. It makes this weather app refreshingly different, and as well as looking good it’s easy to see how the weather is going to alter through the day by simply swiping the screen.

The living landscape feature might make this app sound basic but don’t be fooled as it still provides all the information you might need. If you find the ads really bothersome, you can go for the paid version instead at $2.99.

Today Weather - Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert (Beta)


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

Today Weather has a 4.7/5 star user rating on the Play Store, which gives some idea of its popularity. It’s one of the more recent weather apps and provides full and detailed weather information. It’s also very simple to navigate, and maybe that’s why last year it was selected as one of Google Play’s best apps. As well as providing all of the usual weather details of any decent weather app (such as air quality, pollen count, UV index, the chance of rain, wind speed and much more), this app has a take and share photo feature so you can share weather info with friends.

Weather Underground: Forecasts


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

We have enjoyed trawling through the many weather apps for Android, and although the main features are common to most, there are also some more unique features to enjoy. The thing that makes this app stand out is crowd-sourced live data and reporting from weather enthusiasts with their own weather stations. The app takes into account more than a quarter of a million personal weather stations, meaning excellent accuracy of hyper-local weather forecasts, and the ones that are used in your neighborhood are shown on an interactive map.

Weather underground features National Weather Service Radio, light or dark modes, hearth tiles, widgets, notifications and more. The app is free, or you can pay for an ad-free version via an in-app purchase for $1.99 per year.

1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

This is another weather app that uses Google’s Material Design, and it has a sleek and streamlined interface. As well as being beautifully styled, it’s packed with features, and you can get extended and hourly forecasts, live radar, severe weather alerts, widgets, and real-time updates wherever you are. The app provides just about everything you could look for in an Android weather app and if you’re planning an outdoor event or party, or maybe a vacation, you can take advantage of meteorologist Gary Lezak’s 12-week Precision cast.

Wrapping Up

We’re aware that there are many other weather apps that we could have included on our list, but if we wrote about them all we’d be old and gray before we finished! The sheer variety of good weather apps was a delight, but we can safely say that of all those we checked out, the above were all worthy of a place in our selection of the best weather apps for Android.

We’d be interested to hear which of the above weather apps you think is best so do send us your comments to let us know. Alternatively, if you use a weather app that we didn’t include in our choice, why not tell us why you’d recommend it.


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