How to block a number on WhatsApp in iPhone 6

In this guide, we discover the steps required to lock and unlock a number on WhatsApp on iPhone with iOS 8 and later.

Did you happen to be annoyed by someone on Whatsapp and do not know how not to be contacted? Unfortunately or fortunately, anyone with your number in the contacts has the ability to write on Whatsapp. But of course, there is a solution to this problem. Fortunately, the creators of WhatsApp have thought of that, creating methods to block a contact. You can easily block the contact / contacts to safely continue to use the messaging program. If you do not know how to do, in our article, we explain how to block a number on WhatsApp for iPhone.
block a number on Whatsapp iphone 6 There are two ways to block a contact. We will discuss both of them below.

Block a WhatsApp contact on iPhone using Settings Menu.

1. Open the application and go to the Settings menu using the button at the top right and then press the item “Settings”.
2. In this section, go to the item “Account”.
3. Select the “Privacy” option.
4. On Privacy, you will see an option called Blocked contacts, choose that option.
5. To block a particular contact, tap the “Add new” and choose the contact you want to block.
6. You can add more people to the blocked list if you want, repeating step 5.

Block a number on Whatsapp in iPhone 6 using the Lock button.

The other way to block a contact on iPhone is to use the Lock button. As soon as you receive a message from someone who is not in your address book, you will see the option to Report Spam and Block on the top of our iPhone. Pressing it, you will have solved the problem. The user will be locked and you could not get more conversations he sent.
Blocking a contact, you’re actually preventing the person to send any message or call via WhatsApp. The last access of your Whatsapp account is no longer visible to contacts that have been blocked. The messages of the status will not be visible to any blocked contact; this also applies to your profile pictures. Also, any message they send do not get the two checkmarks. However, there is an important feature that the block does not change. Block someone, in fact, does not automatically remove this contact from WhatsApp, nor remove its phone number from this contact. To delete a contact on WhatsApp, you must delete the contact from your phone book.

Now that you know how to block a person, we also see how to unblock a contact:

1. Go to the blocked list (Settings -> Accounts -> Privacy -> Blocked contacts)
2. Tap a contact. You will see the Unlock option.
3. Tap that option and the contact will be removed from the list of blocked numbers.
That’s all. Now that you have removed the contact from the list locked, you can receive and send messages to this contact.

Danica Simic
Danica Simic
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