Fasten your seat belt, get ready to have some fun on the roads! Download the following free racing games for android.

Most gamers are die hard fan of Racing games. Stunning graphics, cool sounds, lot of excitement, awesome cars & beautiful scenes are something that glued gamers to racing games even on portable devices.

Most of us Andorid users also eager to have a race whenever we get the chance. Here is list of top free andorid racing games to enjoy.

Let’s checkout some of the Best Android Racing Games available for free on google play store.

CSR Racing

Top Free Racing Games for Android - CSR Racing

CSR Racing for Android is a stylish and high quality racing game with addictive gameplay, multiplayer head-to-head competition and stunning 3D graphics that will make a new gaming experience. After starting the game, you will choose your car from a broad menu of official cars, such as McLaren, Audi R8, Chevrolet Camaro, Nissan GT-R, Ford GT and many others. CSR Racing is a great racing game, providing a lot of upgrades, vehicles and possibilities that will keep hardcore gamers glued to their gadgets for a long time.

Download CSR Racing (Free)

Raging Thunder 2 – FREE

Another highly addictive free racing game for Android. Raging Thunder 2 is a racing game in 3D that will lead you to abandoned temples, the Great Wall of China, snow-covered mountains, tropical beaches and other wonders of the world! This race can be played in “Single Player” or “Multiplayer” with other users on the internet mode. Players can choose from Survival, Time Attack or any other of the 5 game modes for single Player. During the race you have to collect power-ups and coins that can be used to upgrade and buy a new car to take on opponents. Its graphics are well done, as are the sound effects.

Download Raging Thunder 2 – FREE

Real Racing 3

Top Free Racing Games for Android - Real Racing 3 andorid racing game

Real Racing 3 is one of the most downloaded racing games with awesome graphics, lots of tracks, cars and challenges, and that should appeal to lovers in full speed. Real Racing 3 for Android has the Shifted Timed Multiplayer technology, where you can compete with your friends or other people, even if they are not connected. Real Racing 3 for Android includes over 50 real cars from top brands, real tracks around the world and exciting live races with a grid of 22 cars. Take the challenge and compete in over 900 events such as Cup races, qualifiers, challenges, resistance, drag racing, and try to become the best driver of car races and win international tournaments.

Download Real Racing 3 (Free)

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne Android is the continuation of one of the best arcade racing game from Gameloft and it is ready to surprise you with new graphics and new features! With the new game engine, the player will get pleasure from the moment incredible speed stunts and crazy intense races. The game offers 47 licensed cars from major manufacturers in the world, 9 different locations with mirror mode each track, 2 new modes: Infection and Drift and Multiplayer game mode up to 8 players.

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne (Free)

Fast & Furious 6: The Game

Inspired by the popular action movie, Fast & Furious 6 let’s you drive those cool cars you have seen on the film. The game features many drifting mini games and drag races where you have to earn cash and become the fastest driver. Shift the gears and release drift button in the right time to left your competitors behnd.

Download Fast & Furious 6 (Free)

Death Rally FREE

Death Rally FREE andorid game

If you like cars and action in one place, then Death Rally for Android is the perfect game for you. Choose an irate car and participate in brutal races where rules do not exist. Death Rally is a action racing game filled with multiples racing cars, weapons and explosive. All vehicles are equipped with weapons, which you can use to eliminate your opponents and take away from your path. You can play as long as you want.

Download Death Rally FREE


In MotoHeroz Android game your goal is to guide vehicles into crazy, challenging tracks filled with obstacles. During the race, the player must collect coins and can be used to make updates in the cars. There are still many fun power-ups scattered throughout the stage. Unlock new tracks by beating opponents, find hidden treasure, upgrade your vehicle and compete against your friends to see who is the fastest. The leaderboards is another of the strengths of this game. You can see the times of the players around the world and try to overcome to reach the top of the table or compete directly with your friends.

Download Motoheroz (Free)

Beach Buggy Blitz

Beach Buggy Blitz will transport you to some beautiful beaches, where you have to drive your own car and go as per as possible and try to reach progressive checkpoints before the timer runs out. Go through various places like forests, beaches, mountains and more driving a kart. On the way you will encounter power-ups which will give you the possibility to upgrade or buy a new car, new characters, objects or powers to win turbos, shields, bubbles coins, more control points or catch all coins with a magnet. The game has an additional optimization for Tegra 3, but also easily run on all other smartphones and tablets.

Download Beach Buggy Blitz (Free)

Racing Moto

Racing Moto for android

Racing Moto is a fun bike racing game, in which you will have to control your bike with incredible fast speed during traffic rush time and go as far as possible. Beware of vehicles that signal lane change to not end up eating asphalt. Tilt you device to change direction and tap on the screen to accelerate. Also enjoy beautiful 3D realistic view during the journey – city, bridge, forest, sea and desert!

Download Racing Moto (Free)

Highway Rider

Highway Rider is a great motorbike game for android, with which you drive your bike speeding down the road, the more speed, the higher the risk to drive and therefore the greater will be the score you get. The nearer you come from cars and trucks, the higher the score you will achieve. Customize your bike, choose your clothes and hit the road with Highway Rider.

Download Highway Rider (Free)

Redline Rush

Redline Rush android racing game

Redline Rush is a super fun racing game that puts the player to escape from the police, in the style of Need for Speed and Burnout. In fact, the game has many elements of these two titles, complete with tuned vehicles, turbo to run faster and impressive beats. Test your driving skills and speed through traffic to escape the police. Avoid epic crashes, pick up power-ups and race your way to the leaderboard!

Download Redline Rush (Free)

These are the games we think will give the fun of racing cars on android. We would also like to know what are your favorite Top Free Racing Games for Android? Please recommend your favourite andorid racing titles in the comment section below.

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