15 Insanely Addictive & Most Fun Games for Android Free


Our favorite most fun games you are missing on mobile!

Fun games are supposed to glue people to mobiles for hours. They are great to pass odd times. Looking for some free fun games for your Android Smartphone? Here you go, download these fantastic and addictive games listed below to have unlimited Fun! These are also very addictive games and available at no cost. From puzzle games to RPGs or running/jumping games to simple word games, you will get a taste of varieties fun play from the titles below. We’ve created the list to enjoy gaming on mobile devices anywhere anytime. Only install them and launch one whenever you are bored.

10 Free Fun Games for Android that are incredibly addictive to play.:

1. Doodle Jump

Free Addictive Android Games- Doodle Jump Christmas Special android game

The goal of Doodle Jump is seemingly simple. You have to get your character to jump up to a series of platforms and see how high up you can travel. As you jump between platforms, you have power-ups that you want to hit as they will help give you power boosts and make your job easier. There are also obstacles such as black holes that you need to stay away from. For added entertainment, some of the platforms will shift, disappear, or be broken.

2. Temple Run

Temple Run has been around for several years now and is just as addictive as ever. Your goal is to continue running endlessly, jumping over obstacles for as long as you can. Your character has stolen an idol, and the monkeys from the temple it was in are chasing you. As you run, you need to follow the curves and turns of the path as well as jump over obstacles. You will also collect coins as you go and later on that can be used to purchase power-ups to help avoid the monkeys.

3. Dots: A Game about Connecting

Dots is a simple yet addictive game that requires quick movements as well as a bit of planning. You start with a series of dots on a grid, and you connect dots of the same color with lines. The dots you connect will disappear, the rest will fall, and new ones will drop in at the top. Your goal is to score as many points as possible in 60 seconds of gameplay. As with any other Android game, there are also power-ups to help you get a higher score while playing.

4. Alchemy Classic

Alchemy Classic seems simple at first but takes a lot of thought and guesswork to succeed. You start with the basic elements: air, fire, water, and earth and have to combine them to create all of the items you see around you in the world today. As you create new items, you then have the option of combining those, and it is these combinations that let you create elements such as homes or solar power. You can play this game for hours on end as there are hundreds of different combinations and it is regularly updated.

5. Bouncy Bit – Hat Quest

Bouncy Bit is a seemingly simple modern variation of the classic game Pong, but it can actually be very challenging. You are in control of a ball and have to tap the screen to get the ball to bounce up and move towards one of the walls on the side of the screen.

To make it harder, there are spikes on the top and bottom of the screen as well as occasional ones that appear on the sides that you have to avoid. This game is particularly addictive for those who love simple concepts that are challenging to carry out.

6. Agent, Run!

Agent, Run! android fun games

Agent Run is an endless runner game where you become a secret agent in the style of James Bond, and your mission is to save planet Earth from the clutches of Professor E., who wants to destroy the world. Step into the role of a secret agent and run through different levels while collecting crystals and defeating evil.

Enjoy fun gadgets and weapons such as jetpacks and bazookas on your way to fight different levels. This fast-paced action game with great gesture control is fantastic.

Get Agent, Run! Here

7. Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga - android games of the week

Candy Crush Soda Saga is a new game in the franchise Candy Crush. The game allows you to enjoy the same mechanics to which you are accustomed, but with some exciting new features that will give more life to the game. In this game, you’ll find 75 new levels and a lot of bonuses to those who get gifts. Also, you’ll have a lot more excitement for its improved graphics and has endless surprises you’ll love.

8. Buff Knight! – RPG Runner

Buff Knight! Free Android RPG is a simple and addictive endless runner game where you become a gallant knight to slay the dragon and saves the princess. It is an RPG pixelated 2D where you have to be on moving without stopping, killing monsters with your sword and spells handing left and right. Collect artifacts and become the most handsome and thrown knight of all time. Choose how you want to play the adventure story or endless.

9. Heroes of Camelot

Heroes of Camelot is a multiplayer RPG card game, in which you have to take charge of a group of adventurers in the land of Camelot, in order to free our people from the tyranny of the Black Knight. Go straight to the Middle Ages and fight dragons or mythological creatures. Fight for survival in a hostile world where you have to gather powerful heroes, represented by letters, each with their abilities.

10. Two Dots

TwoDots android puzzle game

TwoDots is a puzzle type game for Android that comes with the premise to challenge your intellect and mental agility. The game includes two thematic characters, which navigate a complex world with many difficulties to pass each level. On each level, you will find several tracks to spend a much faster level. As they move, the game becomes more challenging.

11. The Hunger Games: Panem Rising

The Hunger Games for android

The official game of the movie The Hunger Games where you will help the heroine of the story to unify all districts of Panem to fight the Capitol. Help her get recruiting rebels and the rebels succeed against President Snow and recover the country. Each character has its specific order to raise hundreds of objects in the world of The Hunger Games skills. Immerse yourself in this engrossing story.


MONZO for Android is a game of entertainment that gives you everything you need to build, paint, place stickers, photographing and sharing across networks the picture of the model you’ve built. With this game, you can build your own models either an aircraft, weapons, animals, motorcycles, and automobiles, etc. The game has well-crafted graphics and simple controls to use.

13. Rally Point 4

Just choose your favorite car and live an extreme driving experience. There are 9 different vehicles, 9 different landscapes to run in the snow, the jungle or desert. Test all your driving skills with this exciting game.

14. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is another classic in endless race style with intense gameplay and great graphics. Its goal is to run between train tracks and cars, collecting coins and some special items that increase the power of the main character. Several characters can lead the endless race of Subway Surfers, and items that can be purchased in the game store. The running speed gradually increases and can be up to 8 times faster than at the start of the game.

15. NinJump

NinJump is not a typical endless runner game, like a real-life ninja you need to jump from wall to wall in a continuous attempt to climb as high as possible. The gameplay is very simple: your character will start climbing up one side of the building automatically, and every time you press the screen to jump to the other side hitting in the air. In this way, you have to go dodging various obstacles that appear on each wall and blocking the attacks of your enemies.

There are thousands of different applications available, and a large number of these are games. Sometimes names seem to fade in and out of popularity, but certain games are more than just popular; they are addictive. The games mentioned above chosen and tested carefully by the editors. The aim of the collection is to provide a list of titles that can guarantee many hours of entertainment.

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