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Be swift with gestures! These best android gesture and navigation app helps sort out your things easily

best gesture app for android

Gestures are always considered as an important form of communication, as it makes things easy to understand. Similarly, gesture controls in smartphones or tablets make things a lot better for the User’s experience point of view. Using Gestures can save a lot of time, effort, energy, and also contributes to the multi-tasking capabilities of users. Most of the manufacturers add some built-in gesture navigation in their devices. But you can always add more features or even brings iPhone style gesture navigation with third party Android Gesture Apps for your convenience.

What is a Gesture Control feature?

Gesture control is an innovative feature that enables users to get things done on their smartphones with simple gestures. Using this, a user can swiftly switch between apps, launch a particular application, take a screenshot, turn on the flashlight, make or ignore a call, check on the reminder app, and can even download movies and games simultaneously while chatting.

How to use Gestures on Android?

It’s fairly simple. Some android phones have built-in gestures. Whereas, in some, you have to download apps separately to enjoy more gestures. Most of the devices now have some kind of built-in gesture for android such as Google Pixels, One Plus, and Samsung users can enjoy some gestures right out of the box. For instance, in Google Pixel 4, you can set a timer, and then by just waving over it, it can shut off the timer. Likewise, in One Plus, you can take a screenshot using your three fingers. Just swipe down until you reach the half of the screen.

So this way, you can use their built-in gesture features. To be able to enjoy more features or iPhone style quick controls download the free android gestures app from the list below.

10 Best gesture app for Android devices

Navigation Gestures – Swipe Gesture Controls!

Price: Free

Navigation Gestures is a perfect substitute for the Navigation bar. It actually hides the navigation bar replaces the actions to get done by gestures. The app works pretty well on rooted devices however with non-rooted you need to run the following adb commandadb shell settings delete global policy_control. Once done with the installation, open the app, enable the gesture mode. And done! Watch the video overview to know how it works and all the features you can use. You can also unlock premium features with IAP.

Sidebar, Edge Screen, Shortcuts – Swiftly Switch

Price: Free

The next powerful gesture app on our list is the “Sidebar Gesture app.” It enables you to use the phone with one hand. Meaning you can perform a lot of tasks using the sidebar options. The app offers features like recent app switcher, grid favorites, quick actions, and much more. It also has a very good rating on the play store and the developer promised to keep it free and no ads.

3. Control Center – A Control Center like iOS 13

Price: Free
iPhone control center for android.jpg

There is a high chance that at some point, you wish to have a control center like the iPhone. Here is your chance. It’s fast, responsive, smooth, and gets the work done. Also, It has all the features that the original iOS 13 control center possesses. For example, from the screen recording feature to do not disturb mode and normal screen rotation button, alarms, and timer button. The control center has all. So an app worth download and use.

4. Fluid Navigation Gestures

Price: Free with ads

The next app is “Fluid Navigation Gestures.” There are mainly two simple gestures, ‘Quick swipe’ and ‘Swipe & Hold’ that can be applied from the bottom or side edges of the screen to perform various tasks. It has a beautiful UI and allows the user to perform tasks easily. The only downside so far is, it requires you to root the device or setting up the permission with ADB commandadb shell pm grant com.fb.fluid android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS.

Shake Light – Bright Torch

Price: Free

Shake your phone and convert it into a torch! As the name suggests, this app lets you use torch without opening any app, or even turning your phone on. Just download the app, then open it, turn on the “Shake enable” feature, and done. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about its shut off when you keep your phone inside your pocket. It will automatically detect the surroundings and will turn off the torch. Rest, you can play with its proximity sensor, vibration, and sensitivity. This is a very handy flashlight app!

Quickify – A powerful Gesture shortcuts app

Price: Free with ads

Feeling lazy to dial numbers and going through to app drawer to launch an app? Then “Quickify” is for you. This app is among the most powerful gesture shortcuts apps. It allows the user to open frequently visited websites, dial favorite contact, or start an app using gestures. SMS favorite contacts and do much more with just one click or gesture.

User can add custom patterns a gesture shortcut and configured them to different tasks. The places a small circular floating icon on your screen, simply tap the icon to draw the gesture.

X Home Bar

Price: Free with ads
iphone x style home bar for android

The next on the list is “X Home Bar.” It is one of the most adored gesture apps, allowing users to enjoy the iPhone X alike home button without having an actual iPhone. Its actions include – moving to the home screen, recent apps, going back, and pull down the notification panel to illustrate the iPhone X home bar experience. The best part is it doesn’t require to root your device.

Gesture Control – Next level navigation

Price: Free

Gesture Control is an ultimate gesture app, allowing users to enjoy a wide variety of gestures. In this, users can explore 20 different gestures. An immense number of actions including pre-prepared templates, configuration sharing capabilities, highly customizable UI, and much more. Also, the app has a fair rating and we believe it will get better by time.

MIUI 10 Navigation Gestures

Price: Free

“MIUI 10 Navigation Gestures” app allows the user to experience Xiaomi’s gestures on their smartphones. It is for those who love Xiaomi’s user interface. The app has numerous gestures, enabling users to perform actions such as going back from an app, checking recent apps, launching google assistant, moving back on the home screen, and much more.

Also, the app doesn’t require the device’s rooting. It even consumes fewer resources while operating, contributing to better battery life. So, overall a complete package to experience a new form of gestures.

Nova Launcher Prime – Best Launcher app with gesture

Price: $1.31

Nova Launcher is the most popular home replacement app. It is the well-renowned launcher app serving millions on the globe. But, the gestures offer by the app are also amazing. With Nova Launcher Prime you can Swipe, pinch, double-tap, and more on the home screen to execute many custom commands. The app also lets you customized every corner of the Android UI. One interesting thing is you can assign custom swipe gestures directly to icons or folders on the home screen.

Gestures have become something of a trend since developers have started realizing their potential and the unlimited possibilities they offer. If you find these apps to enable gesture for android useful then share it with others, and if you have any suggestions then the comment box is below.

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