Best Portrait apps/bokeh effect apps for Android to get iPhone Portrait Mode or Blur images

Take iPhone portrait mode like photo with bokeh effects

how to get iPhone X Portrait Mode on Android

Photography apps are the most used and popular among smartphone users. They can help with many different photography aspects, including bokeh or blur images where some of the scenes are out of focus using the depth of field.

How do you get bokeh effect on android?

Bokeh (aka Boke) derives from the Japanese language and translates as blur, and put basically, it pertains to the out-of-focus (or blurred) parts of a photograph, although it’s more than just the background blur itself. Instead, it’s the quality of all of those parts of the image, particularly how the lens renders the out-of-focus points of light and reflections. It’s a complex process, but the Google Play Store is awash with photography apps for Android that can help you to produce beautiful bokeh effects for your images. These apps use computational photography with machine learning and sometimes AI technology to produce excellent bokeh images.

What are the best Bokeh Effect Camera App for Android to get DSLR like photo?

We’ve delved into many portrait mode apps that remove photo backgrounds or soften them to get bokeh/blur images. Some of these concentrate purely on bokeh, while others include bokeh effects, among many other photography areas.

Bokeh Effects Photo

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
DSLR Image Blur Background , Bokeh Effects Photo

Bokeh Effects Photo called itself the “ultimate Blur effect app,” and it certainly has plenty to offer. It will bring DSLR Image Blur Background to your images as it includes various bokeh tools for photo blurring. Start by taking a photo or import an image from the gallery. Then easily select parts of the photo that you want to blur simply by touching with your finger. The Blur picture editor has both manual point blur and auto blur filter effects. The blurriness seek bar enables you to adjust the blur’s level, and the brush size can also be adjusted.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Adobe Photoshop Camera with portrait mode

Adobe Photoshop Camera is the newer addition of its mobile apps that lets social media fans to take great images. It’s a free photo editor and camera app that lets you apply tons of filters and effects in realtime, from blurring the background to add new scenes and artistic filters, it’s a whole new way to take photos. The AI-powered portrait mode camera app allows for studio-like portraits by adjusting the levels of blurriness in real-time or tweaking it later in the editor. Another interesting feature is the more professional content-aware that can automatically replace part of the image to fix focus and light, besides the app continuously adding new filters and lenses that you can download to your library.


Price: Free
Snapseed bokeh app for android

Owned by Google, Snapseed is one of the best photo editing app provides a plethora of tools that will make the best of your photographic pursuits and improve your technique. The app opens JPG and supports RAW file frames and 29 more tools and filters to enhance images. Lens Blur is just one of the features available that lets you soften your photographs’ background for good bokeh.

As we already how Google uses software to produce portrait mode photography on Pixel phones with just a single camera. So, expect some great results from Snapseed and consider it as one of the best bokeh apps. A few of the other features available are Tune Image to adjust color and exposure either automatically or manually, Crop, Rotate, Perspective, White Balance, Brush, Vignette, Glamour Glow, HDR Scape, Vintage, and Face Enhance.

Google Camera

Price: Free
Google Camera app for portrait photo

Google’s standalone camera app on Pixel phones with portrait mode dramatically changes smartphone photography. You can install the google camera app on other smartphones as well, but features are somewhat limited. However, we are talking about Lens Blur, and it seems to work very well. From the shoot mode screen, you’ll see the Lens Blur option, which offers a brief tutorial on how to capture bokeh effect photos. Other creative picture modes available are Photo Sphere offering a 360-degree field of vision for your pictures, while the Panorama mode enables high definition panoramic shots.


Price: Free with ads
After focus portrait camera app

AfterFocus is a very famous portrait app for bokeh photo effects. It offers many filter effects and enables you to produce natural DSLR-style images and background blurred photos. You select focus areas simply by marking the desired area with your finger, and the AfterFocus background blur effect can then be applied. The best thing is you can take a photo first and adjust the background later. There’s also a Motion blur effect that will emphasize movement. The Bokeh effect feature emphasizes the spotlight in the background, and you can share the results via SNS and email.

Insta Bokeh

Price: Free with ads

Bokeh, bokeh, and more bokeh! Also known as Blend Camera Photo Editor, the Insta Bokeh app works differently by applying virtual layers to your images. It doesn’t have as many features as the most popular photo editing apps, but it’s worth a whirl. Insta Bokeh offers four categories of bokeh effects, Dream World, Favorite Text, Romantic Sky, and Tender Night, and each selection offers various filters and bokeh and light effects. You can adjust the transparency, drag, and drop or rotate, and share the results on social networks such as Snapchat.

Real Bokeh

Price: Free

Real Bokeh is a comprehensive app to add light effects and filters for good bokeh looks. It includes 36 bokeh shapes, 33 light leak effects, 28 bokeh colors with a color picker, the ability to change bokeh size and opacity, and much more. It’s easy to undo and clear all, and you can swipe to draw bokeh, save as full resolution, and share results to apps that include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Auto blur background

Price: Free with ads

Auto Blur Background is a great bokeh effect app that claims to blur images like DSLR. It offers Smart focus tools for automated blurred images for portrait phots or brush tools to blur the smallest area with the selective blur via rotating the finger. On top of that, you can add more filters and overlay like snow and feathers.

Blur Photo Editor

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Blur Photo Editor is a newer portrait app to make background blurry. Use can use the one-click method for autoprocessing or manually adjust different settings for the look you want. Furthermore, it has some amazing photo filters, like adding nature backgrounds or Drip Art effects with a trendy background.

Point Blur

Price: Free with ads
Although some users complain about excessive ads, the Point Blur app seems to work pretty well to add depth effects similar to Android’s iPhone. Select an image and trace the part of the photo you want to apply the blur. It has a few different airbrushes and tools to precisely select the part of an image and can shallow focus.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

PhotoDirector is a wide-ranging photography app that will help you to get the very best out of your images and more professional results. Among its wide array of tools are a feature-rich photo editor, photo filters, an advanced camera module with life effects, and a collage maker. The app offers one-click overlays and photo effects such as bokeh, using linear and radial blur tools.

Many of the features are entirely free to use, but you can opt to upgrade to the app’s premium version. In-app purchases will add additional features, including removing ads, unlimited object removal, and the ability to save images in Ultra HD 4K resolution (dependent on device).

Photographers are always looking for good bokeh that makes these parts more aesthetically pleasing, with background blur appearing soft and smooth, rather than bad bokeh that results in off-putting harder edges. For us, regular wee can use any of these apps to experiment with the world of bokeh and learn how to make the very best out of the images you capture. All are currently available in the Google Play Store, and most are free, although some include in-app purchases. As well as improving the bokeh technique, they may encourage you to delve further into many other aspects of photography to widen your experience even more.

If you enjoy using any of these apps, do let us know by sending a comment. Then again, you might want to recommend another app to other readers that we haven’t included in our choice of best Android apps to remove photo backgrounds to get Bokeh/Blur images.

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