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Check out the best apps to customize phone and tips to personalize Android phone/tablet.

As soon as we get our hands on a new phone or tablet, we all want to customize the device, so it resembled everyone’s personal preference. From clock screen to the home screen, app shortcuts, widgets and every little tweak of personalization make an android phone/tablet just look better and make it quickly accessible for a user.

Apps to customize android quickly

Here we will focus on some of the android customization apps which will not only change the look of your android screen but also significantly improved user experience. And you may already realize that our site always looks for the best free apps. Below you will find the best tips to customize phone the way you want.

Customizing Android Lockscreen:

Personalizing your android device starts from setting up lock screen. Stock android lockscreen is simple and great but if you want to make it more elegant and get access to more items then try the following apps.

GO Locker : One of the best apps to personalize Android lockscreen with a huge collection of themes to match your style. Allows defining shortcuts and various widgets.

Go locker android app

Holo Locker : Another Simple and fast lock screen replacement based on stock jelly bean OS. Add up to four shortcuts for apps. There is also a Holo Locker Plus version available.

Holo Locker Android App

Customizing Android HomeScreen:

This is the second part of customizing Android. As soon as you unlock the device it should impress with great wallpaper and fresh app drawer to access apps quickly. We recommend the following apps.

Photosphere Live Wallpaper for android

Photosphere Live Wallpaper: As the name suggests this app allows to set up a Photosphere (360-degree panoramic photo) as your live wallpaper. Use your own images or download a gorgeous image from the internet.

Apex Launcher for android

Apex Launcher : One of the most popular Android launcher comes with a big list of features including customizable icon grids, scrollable dock, fancy transition effects, folder preview styles, multiple drawer styles, customizable icons for apps and folders, home screen gestures and more.

GO Launcher EX : The most simple and flexible Android launcher with great customization options and a huge number of themes to download. Customize your Android home screen any way you can imagine. The latest version of Go Launcher also allows adding custom gesture.

Customizing Notification & Best Android Widgets:

The great notification system in Android is the real winner against other smartphone operating systems. The notification bar and widgets in Android keep users up to date with everything. Let’s make it better.

Light Flow Lite – LED Control: Many Android smartphones come with an LED. If you have one, then Light Flow Lite can take control over the led and allows you to assign different patterns for almost any notifications.

Light Flow Lite - LED Control

AppKicker : A simple Android widget that makes a list of your frequently used apps so you can access them quickly next time you want to open the app. The app also predicts the app you may want to open next and put it in front of the list.

AppKicker android widget
Beautiful Widgets Free for android

Beautiful Widgets Free: The huge successful android widget app has been a paid app and now we rejoice as the developer decided to make a version available for free. There is no better android widget set than this.

Adding Custom Ringtone on Android

Adding custom ringtone on andorid is a fantastic thing to be able to use your favorite songs or sound as ringtone or assign them with your favorite contacts. Check out the best ringtone downloading apps for android in the link below.

10 best Ringtone downloading apps

Custom ROM – Ultimate Solution:

The apps we listed above met the basic need to customize Android for anyone. But if you are an advanced user and had some knowledge to experiment with the system then there is a range of Custom ROM available with al sort of custom tweaks and modification for a better look and user experience. Among them, the most popular are CyanogenMod (known as CM), ASOP, AKOP, and MIUI.

CM : The most popular Android ROM

CM ROM for Android

This is the most popular and most downloaded after-market firmware for Android-based on stock android. It’s very sleek and all the bloatware removed. Follow the link below to see which version of CM is available for your device.

MIUI : The most simple, minimal and elegant Android ROM

MIUI Android Rom

The most simplest Android ROM you can get on your device. Very Light-weight and flat designed MIUI ROM is also another popular solution. Give it a try.

AKOP : The most feature-rich Android ROM

AKOP is the ROM for Android that offers many unique features copied from different manufacturers in one package. Almost every element in akop rom is customizable. Floating menu, customizable app shortcuts (ribbons), double-tap to sleep, tap to wake, custom notification LED rules, and many more features are available at your fingertips. Head over to the link below and see if the AKOP ROM is available to download for your device.

Share your favorite apps to customize Android in the comment section so other readers can personalize their Android Smartphone and Tablet.

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  1. You need to add some more.Material status bar, fancy switcher,nova launcher and eas switcher.totally changed my boring Nokia x into a real android.

  2. please does anyone knows how to rebrush android machine and depot. my Gowin M7 android is Showing. “Android successfully Reburned and modified please depot and Rebrush machine, shutting down

  3. Just a question, why CM has this popularity. Apart from being supported over more than 300 devices?


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