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The best Android keyboard app alternatives to enhance typing experience

best keybord app alternatives

A keyboard is the most used feature on our Phone or Tablet. Whether sending out a quick SMS, E-mail or just browsing the internet, we must have to type a lot of devices. Most of the manufacturer either includes the default Keyboard app or sometimes add their keyboard solution or use third-party keyboards such as Swype or SwiftKey.

The default Android Keyboard is almost perfect, but there are many other Keyboards available on Google play store to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Each of these keyboards for Android has its unique features and drawbacks. Some of them vastly improvised typing with its prediction technology and continuously learning a method to suggest words, even a whole sentence to skip typing more. Others offer great theming options to match your interest in colors.

For a whole new level of composing experience, we filtered out some excellent keyboards app. You can download these Keyboard App for FREE, but some of them required you to pay a few dollars to unlock the full potential.

Here is our focus on the top free android keyboard apps

1. Google Keyboard

Google has decided to pull the latest version of the Stock Keyboard from the OS and make it available for all devices. This is certainly the most beautiful and straight-forward input method. Google has made it look simple but focused on the performance area to make one of the best typing methods with both speed and accuracy.

There are not so many features available, but a few useful features such as Text Expander were added to save your time. While adding your words in the dictionary, you can add word shortcut which will later expand when you type. Such as typing “brb” can be turned into “be right back”.

The recent updates also introduce a large of number new emojis which are welcomed by many users. Also, the advanced voice recognition from Google is way top of the competition.

2. TouchPal Keyboard – Cute Emoji

TouchPal Keyboard was initially targeted to save your time while typing but gradually includes many more features in every update. The app combines contextual prediction and sliding input perfectly which allows minimizing the need of swiping to enter a word. With multi-languages support, the keyboard also highly customizable with various skins.

The app also frequently updates with the new supply of words which make sure you get the most of suggestions and auto-completes. The latest version brings over 1000 cute emojis.

There is some cool and very useful gesture option available such as swiping from the backspace will erase the last word, and swiping the space bar will open the emoji drawer. This award-winning keyboard is very fast and available at no cost which makes it more attractive.

3. GO Keyboard – Emoji, Wallpaper

GO Keyboard - android keyboard app

GO Keyboard comes from the same developer of the most popular Go Launcher App. If you are the type of person who wants to customize every corner of Android, then this is for you. Along with some great typing features, Go Keyboard got huge numbers of themes to choose from. There is a variety of keyboard layouts available to use on Tablets and each week more theme get released. Switching between different keyboard layouts is very accessible by swiping left or right. The keyboard also can be hidden by just sliding it down.

Competing with other developers, GO Keyboard takes it one step further by providing Emoji, hundreds of beautiful fonts and custom keyboard Wallpaper.

4. Kii Keyboard 2

This keyboard solution combines all the features from the most popular third-party keyboard apps. Features were taken from Swiftkey, Swype, GO keyboard, Thumb keyboard, Jelly Bean keyboard, and a Better keyboard and had been put together into a single package. It is a great keyboard app, an all-in-one keyboard solution. Next word prediction, gesture-based control, Swype like input method, many keyboard layouts, different HD themes, and many more features.

The app lets you use all the premium features for free, but they expire every hour unless you show some love to the developer through in-app-purchase. Fortunately, the latest version is still in beta, and all the features are free for the time being.

5. Siine Shortcut Keyboard

sine Best NEW Software Keyboards

This developer has brought lots of features and motors alters features. Yout lots of shortcuts for greetings, personalized emoticons, a built-in clock and calendar and lots more. The interface can be adjusted, plus you will get access to many important features such as the dialer, calendar, Watsapp and more.

6. Dynamic Keyboard

dynamic Best Keyboard

A great app that most likely to enjoy typing on any mobile device you own. Not only it has a great interface but also very easy to use and no struggling to adjust extra settings. It offers:

# Predictive Characters to aid your accuracy and speed change size
# Smooth Animations
# The Pro version offers Full Customization and Colors or presets to choose from
# Many Shortcuts (e.g., swipe left = delete last word, double-tap space or shift)
# The keyboard also Tablet Optimized for better typing experience and lots more…

7. YouType – Flat Keyboard

awesomeime new keyboard app

A Keyboard that you don’t have to miss. It looks great and can be customized in many faces. It includes swipe gestures and is designed for different fir many screen sizes. There are also the AwesomeIME features -that improve the readability and keystrokes while dramatically reducing the margin of error. It is “to make typing and legibility easy and convenient, limiting as much as possible the margin of error.”

8. KALQ Keyboard


This keyboard is first appreciated for its simplicity. The buttons are large enough and very easy to use while the design tested on many including the Galaxy S or HTC One devices. This new version has several extra features which are not available in much-acclaimed other KALQ keyboard application.
1. There are different layouts for portrait and landscape modes.
2. Currency signs for several countries such as India, China, Korea, Philippines, Kuwait, etc.
3. Pop up keys for phonetics.
4. Swipe facilities to change keyboard mode.
5. Extra smiley.

9. A beautiful android keyboard idea: Minuum Keyboard

Now, let me show you a unique keyboard under development. Its called Minuum keyboard. Just watch the video demo below and add your comments below.

Minuum Keyboard is available on google play store for $2.98

minuum Best NEW Software Keyboards

Though it needs some getting used to Minutum can prove to be one of the keys you will learn to enjoy. It is made so that does not take and space and based on predictions. The interface is very well designed and offers some much-needed customizing options. Like I said, learning to use it will not be an easy task but it is surely worth giving it a try. Besides that, the developers are promising constant improvements and new features as soon as possible soon.

Download and try the above keyboard apps and keep the best one you prefer. Try these alternative keyboards for Android and see which one you think got the best typing performance. Share your thoughts in the comment section and recommend your favorite keyboard app for other readers.

Add your thoughts in the comments below and let us know which of the keyboard app you’d like most and use every day. Which one will you vote for the Best App?

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Khaled Shariar
Khaled is using Android OS since the very first Google Phone. Back in 2008, he started to help other Android users to find the right Applications/ Games and solving issues with their phone. Khaled also works in Creative Media Design.


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