The Best free Christmas Live wallpaper for Android

LAST UPDATED: October 11, 2017

Download these Top free Christmas live wallpapers to get inspired with holiday spirit.

It will soon be the holiday season, and you can anticipate the big day by using Christmas live wallpapers on your Android device. Ho Ho Ho! Top free Christmaslive wallpaper for android

It seems hardly any time since we were celebrating last Christmas and now another one will soon be upon us. For many of us, Christmas is the best of all of the holidays, bringing to mind time spent with families, Christmas food, gifts, and that general feeling of bonhomie and goodwill to all men. We can’t wait for Santa Claus to come to town, and if you’re keenly anticipating the holiday season too, why not get yourself even more in the mood with a Christmas live wallpaper for your Android smartphone or tablet.

We’ve been busy downloading a ton of Christmas wallpaper apps from the Google Play Store and have created our list of the top choices. Whether you want to be reminded of snow scenes as you look forward to the big day, a jolly Santa Claus, Christmas trees, gifts, see a Christmas countdown or a whole lot more, there’s a wallpaper for everyone to enjoy. It’s worth noting that although the majority of these apps are free, they often include ads. Take a look through our selection of the 10 best Christmas live wallpaper for Android, and you’re sure to find something that will really evoke the spirit of Christmas for you.

10 Best Christmas Live Wallpaper to enhance the holidays

3D Christmas Wallpapers Free


Price: Free with Ads

While our list is in no particular order, we have to say that this dynamic app is among our very favorites. It offers an impressive 3D perspective when you move your phone by using the gyroscope of your device or uses the accelerometer as a mock gyroscope for a 3D look. It has some really beautiful scenes, among them churches in the snow, Christmas trees, Santa in his sleigh high up in the night sky on the way from the North Pole, and gently falling snowflakes.

This app will really make your Android device stand out, and it can be used as a foreground app with customizable settings, or as a live wallpaper background. Features include HD options, control of the amount of snow and the speed it falls, being able to select a rotating combination of scenes and support for horizontal orientation. Something that many of us worry about is how using live wallpapers will impact on the battery life of a device, but we found it wasn’t too draining as this free app sleeps when your phone is not being used.

Christmas Countdown


Price: Free with Ads

If you simply can’t wait for Christmas and want to count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to December 25, this could be the one for you. This live wallpaper app from Agreed Studios now features music in the form of Christmas carols, and it was recently updated for 2017 with further improvements. It features a lit up Christmas tree with a choice of six trees available, and the app is interactive, so you can rotate the tree and countdown timer to get a 3D effect. We particularly like the particle eruption that was triggered by tapping on the countdown itself, and there’s also a snowfall mode, day and night settings, the ability to customize the background colors and much more.

Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper


Price: Free with Ads

If you particularly love the thought of days gone by, this app offers a really traditional Victorian Christmas feel. The app is fairly basic but still, includes settings options. For example, you can turn the effects on and off, touch effect, 2D or 3D snowfall, the option of sparkling lights and more. The Christmassy scenes include a child on a sled in front of a Christmas tree, animated ladies and gentlemen ice skating, and snow scenes, and we especially like the old-fashioned feel of this app.

Cute Christmas Live Wallpaper


Price: Free with Ads

This app from Live Wallpapers 3D is cute to bursting and features a very appealing woolly sheep and Christmas HD backgrounds. It supports screen rotation and a choice of backgrounds, and the sheep/lamb appears on a Christmas tree bauble, in cozy pajamas, smiling as snowflakes fall, as an ornament on a tree, and more. There’s just something so cute about this one that we think plenty of people will enjoy it, and some of the effects and animations include lights, water, and sparkles. We loved the frozen window effect, as when you wipe the screen with your finger it appears to clear the condensation from the window.

Christmas Live Wallpaper Free


Price: Free with Ads

This app from Jetblack Software comes as a free version or you can a pay a little to splash out on the full version. The free app has loads to offer including 3D live wallpaper with a Christmas tree or countdown clock to Christmas or New Year, and features include animated camera motions, sparkle mode, a Happy New Year scene with fireworks and more. A combination of any scenes can be chosen for rotation, and you can select your preferred camera angles, snowfall amount, extra tree lights, and a whole ton of additional options. If you want to support the work of the developer of this app you might choose to spend a little cash to upgrade to the full version with some more features. The full version has a whopping user rating of 4.8/5 stars on the Google Play Store, and we think it’s worth every penny.

Christmas HD


Price: $1.99/ Offers IAP

Christmas HD from DualBoot Games is another highly rated live wallpapers app, and we really recommend it for those who enjoy a high level of customization. The interactive 3D live wallpapers are highly detailed, so this app can feel like it really applies to you and your family. For instance, you can add your own names to the stocking hanging from the mantelpiece, and even your own photos to the frames above the fireplace. You can customize the tree, gifts and even the weather, and our favorite touch is being able to personalize a note for Santa to go with the cookies.

The app allows you to hide or show certain items in the scene and also includes a Christmas countdown. Although this is a paid app, there are still additional in-app purchases available for add-on packs, such as an outdoor pack where you can add your family name and house number to the mailbox and other great ideas.



Price: Free with Ads

We still get a great amount of pleasure when getting out the family snow globe each Christmas, and this app from Appspundit Infotech prompted that tingle of enjoyment again. It has a colorful snow globe theme with 5 animated views including a teddy bear, snowman, and snowy outdoor scene, and features include a choice of 17 backgrounds, customizable options for the speed and amount of snowfall, and rotation combinations. This app can be used as a background or as a fully interactive foreground.

Google play music


Price: Free

This is a charming app, and although the free version will get you the basics, we’d urge you to go for the full paid version for much more. The wallpaper focuses on the outside of a cozy looking house in the snow, and the full version includes some beautiful animations and interactive features. One example of this is a cat that appears in an upstairs window, while another is a bunny that hops around and then eats a carrot (the snowman’s fallen nose).

The fine detail is great, such as the wispy smoke coming from the chimney, the sparkling firework held by the snowman in the yard, the glowing Christmas lights, and the weather vane on the roof of the house that shows the direction of the wind. This is an enchanting app with a slew of customizations available, and you can even change the size of the moon and enable the house lights.

Christmas Live Wallpaper HD


Price: Free with Ads

This Christmas wallpaper app for Android has some beautiful winter images with HD graphics and 3D parallax effect. It uses as little battery as possible as it sleeps when your device is inactive, and it also features a social share button so you can easily share the images with your family and friends. There is a nice choice of wallpapers available including Christmas decorations, candles, a nativity scene, polar bear, gingerbread man, Santa, golden star and more. A recent update added more live wallpapers and backgrounds.

Christmas Animals LWP


Price: Free with Ads

The last of our choices is for all you animal lovers out there as it has some very delightful live wallpapers of cats and dogs. It’s not as packed with features as some of the others in our selection, but we just couldn’t resist the sweet animals and themes, including a cat wearing a Christmas hat and a poodle with a gift. The social share button comes in handy for showing the high-resolution images to your pet loving friends.


There is a vast amount of Christmas wallpaper apps to choose from on the Google Play Store, and we enjoyed looking through many of them. We believe our choice of the best Christmas live wallpaper for Android apps has something to appeal to all tastes, whether you’re a traditionalist, smitten by animals, love a cute theme, or just want a touch of Christmas magic. Downloading and installing a Christmas live wallpaper app will enhance the spirit of the holiday season in the run-up to and throughout Christmas and the New Year, so get your jingle bells out, deck your halls with boughs of holly, and ding dong merrily on high. Christmas is coming!


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