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Top free wallpaper apps to beautify android home screen

best wallpaper apps for android

In courtesy of Google play store, we have access to various wallpaper apps for beautiful high-quality images and artworks. However, finding the right wallpaper for your android phones can be challenging because you want a beautiful background that won’t get in the way of seeing your icons. On the other hand, having a dedicated android wallpaper app means you can view curated collections based on your preferences. For example, you can find dark, black images gorgeous to look at on an AMOLED display that also saves battery.

What are the best wallpaper app for Android?

We’ve put together a list of wallpaper application that makes it easy to get awesome free wallpaper. Now you don’t have to search through millions of photos on the web with the following cool wallpaper apps for android.


Price: Free with ads

Kappboom stands apart from the crowd due to its large collection of high-resolution images and easy navigation. It is one of the surprisingly good wallpaper apps with more than two hundred thousand collections of photos and artwork of images in various categories. The app contains Cool Wallpapers & Background Wallpapers in easy-to-use navigation for different sections. You can search for HD wallpaper by category, filter with keywords, color, and Tags. Besides, you can send wallpaper directly to Android Wear smartwatches. Best of all, it’s a totally free wallpaper app.

Muzei Live Wallpaper

Price: Free

Muzei Live Wallpaper gets its name from the Russian word meaning ‘museum.’ Even though the name suggests it as a live wallpaper app, the app actually auto-updates periodically to show regular wallpapers of classic pieces of art. Unless you make changes to the settings, Muzei will rotate through famous artwork, giving you a different background on the home screen each day. You can also choose personal images from the gallery as well, either specific or random ones.

Moreover, it goes one step further to give your wallpaper a bokeh (blurred) effect so that the background won’t overwhelm the other elements like app icons or widgets. Just double-tap the screen to see the full image unblurred at any point. This app also supports Android Wear OS, and Dashclock widgets, and awesome Musei extensions.

Backgrounds HD

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Backgrounds HD wallpaper app for android

Backgrounds HD is one of the most popular background apps to download free wallpaper. It offers thousands of high-resolution 4k images and updates its wallpaper database daily. Unlike many android wallpaper apps, the UI laid out very well to search simply for images by category and mood. You can expect some great background as each image is in high-resolution and was handpicked by the staff at OGQ. Another useful feature is sharing images with friends and family, which makes Backgrounds HD stands out from other wallpaper apps. The recent updates also bring quite a few interesting options like a live watch in the background that moves and allows to set a video as Wallpaper.

Wallpapers by Google

Price: Free

Google was decent enough to put together a wallpaper app to give its users a selection of cool background images. It also allows you to set up the separate lock screen and home screen wallpapers with an auto-set function to see new wallpapers every day, so each day, you are greeted with a new background. If you are looking for some high-quality images and artworks, then look no further.

ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
ZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers for android

Zedge is the most known website for Wallpapers & Ringtones since the early days of feature phones and has grown towards the smartphone era in the form of an app. It offers ringtones, notification tones, alarm tones, and beautiful wallpapers. The app has a large selection of obscure images and tones you may not be able to find anywhere else. You can search for wallpapers by category for good tones and stunning HD photos optimized for different screen sizes. You don’t have to worry about adjusting the image to make sure it fits; the app takes care of that for you.

Amoled Wallpapers

Price: Free with ads
Amoled Wallpapers app

Most high-end android smartphones now feature AMOLED display, capable of showing pure black color by simply turning off the tiny LEDs. You can also take advantage of the technology by using dark wallpapers that look gorgeous and saves battery life. AmoledBackgrounds is the wallpaper app where you can find popular AMOLED wallpapers. It basically pulls together user-shared background from Reddit thread r/AmoledBackgrounds and puts them together in a nice way to pick the best one.


Price: Free with ads
Reddit for wallpaper

We are all familiar with the discussion website Reddit where people talk about almost anything. There are many subreddits where users share a ton of decent wallpaper images in various resolutions. Some of them are from independent creators who love to share their works on Reddit. You can do a quick search with your keyword and special features like “galaxy punch hole wallpaper” or “Infinity-O Display” on the app to find related images. Also, we recommend checking out r/ultrahdwallpapers, r/wallpapers+wallpapers, r/wallpaper, and r/WQHD_Wallpaper for some excellent stuff.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Tapet free wallpaper app

Tapet is a relatively new but good wallpaper app that has quickly gained popularity. Instead of just offering wallpapers to choose from, it can generate unique wallpapers images using various forms and shapes. You can select a pattern along with a few colors, and the app generates a wallpaper just for you. Each background is created based on your individual screen resolution and comes with support for Muzei. Each update brings more patterns and effects to choose from, and the app is free to download with some in-app purchases available.

Backdrops – Wallpapers

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

Backdrops Wallpapers app brings thousands of graphic images and abstract arts to use on your home screen for creative-minded persons. This free wallpaper app offers a variety of creative designs, modern and contemporary graphic works. Backdrops also feature Wall of the Day, where the team showcases their new creation. This is an excellent source of different android backgrounds such as material, minimal, patterns, scenery, outer space, earth views, abstract, photography, geometric, dark AMOLED friendly walls, and much more.

500 Firepaper

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
500 Firepaper - Top 5 Android Wallpaper Apps

500 Firepaper is technically a live wallpaper app that shows regular wallpapers. This taps into the 500px website throughout the day and downloads images that you can use as wallpaper. The 500px site is known for its phenomenal photography, providing amazing images for you to choose from on 500 Firepaper. It’s also free to download but offers an optional pro-version to purchase.


Price: Free

Mysplash comes from the popular image-sharing website Unsplash.com where users can get royalty-free or stock photos for free is behind Mysplash. The app brings high-quality images to use as the wallpaper on your mobile. Unlike other apps above, this one mostly a photography wallpaper app featuring amazing photography images. The app comes completely free with no in-app purchases.

pixWalls – 4K Wallpapers

Price: Free with ads

PixWalls is a newer wallpaper app with tons of creative wallpaper images available for quick and easy downloads. You can also search by tags, resolution quality, aspect ratio, and category. The backgrounds are created by many independent artists using photoshop or illustrator. The app is open-source and a completely free wallpaper app.


Price: Free with ads
Wonderwall landscape wallpaper app

Wonderwall is an excellent source of beautiful landscape wallpapers featuring a host of hand-selected nature photography. The content is updated daily, and the app even auto-downloads and sets your wallpaper for you. Wonderwall is easy to use and has excellent design quality. The image selection is small but great if you love nature that should help to calm and relax.


Price: Free with ads
WallMax android app

Wallmax is a lesser-known wallpaper app, but it still provides some good options. The app mostly offers images based on Material Design with various patterns, gradients, and dreamy colors. There are also some good nature, superheroes, and even emoji-based wallpapers. It’s a decent wallpaper app if you want some minimalistic yet gorgeous-looking backgrounds.

Weather Live Wallpaper: Rain, Snow, Accuweather

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

If you prefer to watch something cool yet useful rather than a static image, then Weatherback has something cool in its bag. How about seeing the current weather condition right on your screen. Watch the raindrops fall, see the snow build slowly, and behold, your screen freezes as the weather gets icy. This live wallpaper app is a replacement for your old fashion weather widget.

The app gets the weather forecast from Accuweather using satellite and shows temperature in Celcius. You can also mimic your favorite weather conditions and edit them with different effects instead of displaying the current conditions.

The best Wallpaper Apps listed above provide awesome backgrounds and less battery consumption compared to live wallpaper apps. Alternatively, you can also check out some of the best wallpaper websites that offer free high-quality background images mostly created by some of the best artist photographers. Let us know which android wallpaper app you’d like most. Also, we expect you to share the free android wallpaper app you are currently using. Cheers!

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  1. Wallpaper Mover V2 by syscom is the only android wallpaper engine that I have seen that respects the privacy of the user while providing many triggers to change the wallpaper of my device. It even works with my existing launcher and does not request Internet access permission which gives me assurance that nothing of my private info is transmitted over the Internet. If you haven’t tried it yet you are missing something. I really like the real time of day trigger cause I can have a different wallpaper when the sunrises and when the sunsets and at twilight times of my location. The preset interval is good too which transitions to the next wallpaper smoothly at specific intervals settable from 10 seconds to a day. Changing the wallpaper on a fixed time is also possible. Very slick!


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