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Want to ensure you never miss a great meme or crazy cat video? These 10 great Reddit apps are here to help…

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If you have owned a smartphone or slate long enough, you can probably remember a time before the official Reddit app. For some reason, it took ages for the minds behind the site to produce their own mobile app, which means we had loads of solid competitors to choose from before it made an official appearance.

When looking for the best Reddit apps for Android, you would certainly want the official app on your list, but there are some great alternatives as well. Actually, there are dozens of them depending on your reading habits and what you are looking for out of a Reddit mobile reader. Keep in mind, all of these news apps serve one purpose, so their basic functionality will remain the same across the board.

That means reliability and funky new features are more likely to play a larger part than usual for savvy users. Those areas along with graphical tweaks and themes could be the difference-maker for most when it comes to finding the perfect app. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best Reddit apps for mobiles…

What is the best Reddit app to access the popular social news network? Check out our’s

1. Reddit is fun (free)

Reddit is Fun or RiF has been one of the more popular Reddit browsers for years. It is lightweight and simple to wrap your head around due to the clean UI and its overall setup. As a bonus, you will also get split-screen tablet support to go along with a widget for your home screen. While the latter may sound minor, it’s not if you want instant access to the site. Everyone loves a good widget…

Want to keep your eyes fresh late into the night? That will not be a problem with Dark Mode, and we know moderators will appreciate their set of built-in tools as well. This one is free to download but does feature a few IAP’s if you want to heighten your browsing experience.

2. Slide for Reddit (free)

And now for something completely different. Slide for Reddit is no slouch when it comes to fun features, but this particular Reddit app is all about the design. Well, that and customization as you can actually set things up any way you would like by assigning specific colors to your subreddits. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, however, considering you are also getting 7 themes, 12 accent colors and 144 primaries to play with.

While Slide for Reddit is easily the most colorful Reddit app on our list, it is also full of fine features and even lets you browse offline. Like most of the picks for our list, this app is free to download, but features like ad-blocking (for sites) and paging Shadowbox are only available in the Pro version.

3. Bacon Reader for Reddit (free)

This one is a fan favorite and almost came away with the top spot on our best Reddit apps list. BaconReader for Reddit has a legion of fans and sports a wide array of features that ensure a pleasant browsing experience day or night. You’re also going to get a very solid app considering it is from the same developers behind TweetCaster, OneLouder Apps.

When it comes to features, there are too many to list but include the ability to upload images in your comments, multiple themes, and a split-screen mode for tablets or extremely large smartphones. Mods and readers alike will find everything they need with BaconReader free, and there is a Pro version available that will kill the ads for $1.99.

4. Reddit: The Official App (free)

We may have had to wait several years to get it, but Reddit: The Official App is the only way to go if you want your news fed straight from the minds behind the site. That said, it performs just like the rest of the apps on our list as it keeps you in the loop on trending topics across any area you can imagine. If you’ve thought about anything, there is probably a subreddit for it.

Whether you want to look at gifs for hours or harass your frienemies about their favorite films, you can do it all from the official Reddit app, and you will do it in style.

5. Splash VR for Reddit ($3.10)

VR is officially a thing, and we are going to see dozens of new handsets launched in 2017 billed as VR beasts. Daydream is one of the newest gateways into those wild virtual worlds, and Splash VR for Reddit is the only way to peruse your subs in on a mobile VR headset.

You won’t find quite as many features in the Splash VR app as you will some of the others on our list simply due to its nature. That said, you can expect Gifv support, two themes, the ability to swipe between posts and content filters. You will also be able to access videos and Imgur albums through their respective apps, so no worries there.

Navigation may take some getting used to, but is fairly simple (and fun) thanks to features like infinite scroll, immersive zoom and pitch angle control. The Splash VR for Reddit app is priced at $2.99 but well worth the price of admission if you own a Daydream-compatible smartphone.

6. Sync for Reddit (free)

Synch for Reddit is a browser with all the usual bells & whistles. It makes use of Google’s Material Design for the UI and is certainly one of the better-looking apps to make the cut. It does not lack in the feature department either with support for all the popular image formats (including gifs), an advanced submissions editor, and a snappy swipe-based setup.

An additional and interesting perk for some is the fact that the Synch for Reddit app is optimized for the /r/soccer sub. That said, if you don’t enjoy football, you will still enjoy the app, and it’s free to check out from the Play Store.

7. Reddit Offline (free)

Some of the Reddit apps on our list offer up a special mode that allows you to browse content offline. If you happen to stay offline more often than not, you’ll want to skip the rest of our choices and opt for Reddit Offline. As the name implies, it exists to keep you connected sans service so you can still stay informed… and look for awesome memes.

The Reddit Offline app doesn’t work through any type of sorcery. Instead, you simply need to download content while you are connected so you can read it when you are not. That includes comments and images as well, so you’ll still be able to giggle at those cat photos and quirky comments.

8. Relay for Reddit (free)

If you want a clean interface that is easy on the eyes and with more options than should legally be allowed, you will appreciate Relay for Reddit. It is another “Material Design” inspired app and sports several smooth themes to go along with features like advanced comment navigation. Ever dig through a thread with 900 comments? If so, you will definitely be thankful for this feature.

Another feature we are fans of is “Spoiler Alert” which is self-explanatory and a must if you are a fan of film of television. Relay for Reddit is free but ad-supported although you can zap those ads with an in-app purchase.

9. Boost for Reddit (free)

Design is a funny thing as what one may feel is stunning; a dozen others may disagree. There are exceptions to the rule, however, and one of them is Boost for Reddit. It has all the usual features you look for from a great Reddit app but with far more themes and tools at your disposal. You should be able to find a look you like right away but can customize things to better fit your needs.

Boost is definitely one of the better-looking Reddit apps on the market with 70 accent colors and a slick AMOLED theme. We would be remiss if we didn’t also mention the split-screen mode, media filters, and mod tools. This one is free with ads, but well worth the $2.99 price tag if you want to remove them and unlock a few new goodies.

10. RedReader (free)

RedReader from QuantumBadger is another app that is simple to use and of particular interest to a certain crowd. It’s actually open source so that you can pick up the code on GitHub for this particular app. Even if developing isn’t your thing, you’ll find plenty of features to appreciate with image pre-caching, advanced cache management, and multiple account support.

RedReader is one of the simpler apps on the best Reddit Android app list but still has everything you need to browse your favorite subs on the site. It’s also 100% free of ads thanks to its open-source nature.

Final thoughts…

While we couldn’t touch on all the awesome Reddit readers available on Google Play, these apps will cover most user’s needs on a day-to-day basis. There are a few that can perform certain “tricks” better than others, but the basic functions like searching and browsing will generally remain the same.

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