15 Free Best Wear OS apps for Android Smartwatch

These wear OS apps (android wear apps) helps to get the most out of your smartwatch

11 Best Free Android Wear Apps

Android Wear OS is the operating system for most smartwatches available on the market. Watches running the Android ecosystem make our day more productive.

With a smartwatch, you can receive notifications directly on your wrist, reply to messages, silence the phone, and keep count of your daily activity. Getting Android Wear apps on your wrist is as easy as installing the corresponding app on your phone and then syncing your watch with the Android Wear OS app.

What are the best smartwatch apps for android wear OS?

Many top developers already offer a companion app for smartwatches, and others are working to bring their apps to the wrist. We made a list of the best free wear apps for a smartwatch that you need to try.

Launcher for Wear OS

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

The first thing you need a Launcher app for an android smartwatch for easy app navigation. Launcher for Wear OS brings a greater functionality for android wear to keep applications more organized and quickly launch them. It also makes other tools and smartwatch settings accessible. The app takes a step beyond the personalization of your watch with various gesture-based control and more effortless switch between apps. Launcher for Wear OS supports most of the current models in the market and works with all type of watch face.

Bubble Cloud

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Bubble Cloud is a hybrid app for Android OS and Wear OS that works as a tile Launcher or watch face. On smartwatch, you can use it as watch face launch or with other regular watch faces, which allows you to pull app drawer over the screen. Bubble Cloud offers tons of customizations, including themes and icons. Some of the features have limitations on the free app.

Watch Faces

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

The next thing you would have wanted a watchMaker app that lets you download or create new watch faces. This app has the most extensive collection of best wear os watch faces for both Android Wear & Tizen OS for Samsung Galaxy Watches. The users also share their creations. It works with almost any smartwatch and allows to integrate a whole range of functionality, tasks, and shortcuts right into the new faces.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Health and Fitness is the primary reason people buy a smartwatch as it can keep track of your workouts and monitor heart rate and even track sleep. Runkeeper is the most popular fitness apps that is a very useful tool for runners to know the statistics during or after the exercise. It is one of the best Wear OS apps as with a simple voice action, Runkeeper can start doing most of its job from your watch and synchronize all the information with the main app on the phone. Users can set goals for weight loss, running pace, track via GPS, and other stuff.

The free app has almost all the basic features anyone would need. However, a subscription will provide extra features including, Prescribed Workouts and insights for your current program. Alternatively, you can also check out the free Google Fit as it is still the best free fitness app for Wear OS. Strava and Lifesum are also excellent Wear OS apps for health-conscious users.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Trello, designed for productivity and teamwork, offers compatibility with Wear OS. For those who are not familiar with this, Trello is a tool that goes something beyond a shared whiteboard where scoring lists to help, especially to groups of large people, to organize the time to make a particular project or job. With this app, you can access the main functions of the app, create new work cards, update the status of these cards or add further details to a profile already begun earlier, view comments or respond reminders without taking the phone out of your pocket.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Google provides basic weather functionality on smartwatches via its official app Google now, but if you want something more, you can try 1Weather. You can view the weather forecast in your area more accurately with the 1Weather Wear app for watch. It offers more information including current temperature, forecast, radar, humidity, wind speed and provides weather alerts for your location. With a simple and elegant design, the app gives you the forecast in real-time.

Phillips Hue

Price: Free

Phillips Hue for Android Wear is an awesome app that communicates with Philips lamps Hue so you can change the lighting color with just a touch or a voice command. It works well for controlling Philips Hue Bulbs from the smartwatch. Unlike other smartwatch apps, Phillips Hue is a standalone app that works without any companion app on your smartphone. However, for the first time, you need the mobile version of the app to authenticate. After that, the wear app on your smartwatch will automatically connect to the bridge without the phone.


Price: Free

Just like its mobile and the web-based version, IFTTT (If This Then That) app on android wear OS allows users to predefine various tasks that quickly trigger on smartwatch based on multiple conditions. For example, you can quickly mute your phone ringer with just a tap on your watch without taking the phone out of your pocket or use “find my phone” option to start a ringer to know where you left the phone.


Price: Free

Shazam is an excellent music recognition app to discover songs & lyrics in seconds from surrounding sound or humming a few words. Shazam for wear OS can find out what song is playing right from your smartwatch. So, next time when you go out to the coffee shop, gyms, or running in the neighborhood, you can quickly identify a song, and the info will be synchronized on your account across devices for later reference.

Once you have the app installed on your smartwatch, just ask your smartwatch to identify the song that is playing. Then it will begin to hear the music all around you index the title of the song. No longer need to take the phone out of your pocket.


Price: Free/ Monthly subscription

Audiobooks.com is one of the most popular apps for listening audiobook and podcasts. It features a massive selection of hundreds of thousands of free audiobooks and premium contents with adjustable read speeds and other settings. The app has an offline mode to save your books for listening without the internet. With Android Auto and Wear OS support, you can listen to your content from anywhere.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Language learning in the comfort of your smartwatch now becomes a reality, since the popular language teaching system Duolingo has launched a version for wear OS. The application helps Android Wear to recognize if a word pronounced adequately and enables you to improve your language skills. Duolingo currently offers courses for 31 languages, including English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish.

Find My Phone

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Find My Phone (Android Wear)

Find My Phone for Android Wear is a nifty tool that lets you know when you’re leaving your phone behind by buzzing on your wrist when out of range. The app works both ways, so you can easily find your smartphone or smartwatch if you forget to pick it up or do not remember where you put it. It has quite a few settings to control alarm volume, select ringtone, set screen brightness, or even turn on Flashlight. The basic functionality is free, but the pro version offers extra-alarm customizations.

Wear OS by Google

Price: Free
Wear OS by Google Smartwatch (was Android Wear)

Wear OS is the official app from Google, which formerly known as Android Wear. It essentially bridges your smartphone and smartwatch. However, the app offers more stuff like settings for google assistant, google fit, watch faces, and useful information. You can expect all things Google Assistant can do right form your watch on the wrist. Furthermore, it can do stuff like take notes, control smart home gadgets, and more.

Wear Codes for Wear OS

Price: Free

Wear Codes is another handy android wear app that can contain all sorts of barcodes for loyalty cards, boarding passes, subway tickets, etc. Users can quickly raise hands to scan barcodes without taking out their phone. It is also able to share contact details, web sites, WiFi connection details, Bitcoin addresses or texts, and URLs. Also, import and edit any screenshot with barcodes from other apps as well.

Sleep as Android

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Sleep as Android is a practical smart alarm clock app that also capable of tracking your noise, snore, and movement during sleep. This is an extension of the regular android app for wear OS that connects to your smartwatch. It uses advanced sleeping technology to track sleeping patterns without leaving your smartphone on the bed. This way, your Android smartwatch serves as a sleep monitor and transfer all the data to the main app for analysis, insights, and advice for better sleeping.

All these best free Android Wear apps will increase the productivity from day one and will add to the basic functions of the core system and the potential connection between smartphone and watch. Want to suggest an app for the best smartwatch apps list? You are welcome to leave the name in the comments section below.

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