11 Best Free Android Wear Apps for your new Smartwatch


Get the most out of your smartwatch with the following Best Free Android Wear Apps.

11 Best Free Android Wear Apps

The existence of Android Wear, the operating system for smart watches, will give us much to talk about in the coming weeks, months and years. Smartwatches running Android ecosystem are going to be a very common type of device to professional and as well as ordinary users, who will benefit from their features to make their day more productive.

With a smartwatch you can receive notifications directly on your wrist, reply to messages, to silence the phone and keep count of your daily activity. Getting Android Wear apps on your wrist is as easy as installing the corresponding app on your phone and then syncing your watch with the Android Wear manager app. Some top developers are already offering their support for smartwatches. These smartwatch apps are available within the Android Wear ecosystem and many other developers working to bring their apps to the wrist. Here at GetAndroidStuff, our team has made a list of the best free Android Wear apps, apps for smartwatches, that you need to try.

Got a new Smartwatch? These are the best Android wear apps for free!

Evernote for Android Wear
Evernote app for Android Wear watch
Evernote [famous note taking app] has been the first to appear in the new operating system with different functions and incredible sync with your smartphone. You can use the application from your wrist. This tool allows you to receive notifications, write notes using only your voice, see notes on the screen of smartwatch, check-do, or look for voice notes, among other things.Download Evernote Here

Wear Mini Launcher
Mini Launcher for android smartwatch
Wear Mini Launcher is the first Launcher application for Android Wear. Wear Mini Launcher bring a greater functionality for your Android Wear to help you to keep your applications in smartwatches more organized and allows you to quickly launch other tools in the smartwatch and control certain features of the smartphone. The tool Wear Mini Launcher takes a step beyond the personalization of your watch, allowing several options that are not possible to perform without a third party app.Download Wear Mini Launcher Here (Free)

RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk
RunKeeper app for anndroid wear
With a simple voice action, Runkeeper parameterized start your career on your Android Wear. Runkeeper app is a very useful tool for runners who may know your statistics during and after the tour to do. For this, the only requirement is that you take your mobile phone and GPS.Download RunKeeper Here (Free)

Trello – Organize Anything
Trello - Organize Anything app for android wear
Trello, designed for productivity and teamwork, is one of the first to-do list apps to offer compatibility with Google’s smartwatch, Android Wear. For those who are not familiar with this, Trello is a tool that goes something beyond a shared whiteboard where scoring lists to help, especially to groups of large people, to organize the time to make a particular project or job. With this app, you can access the main functions of the app, create new work cards, update the status of these cards or add new details to a profile already begun earlier, view comments or respond reminders without taking the phone out of your pocket.Download Trello Here (Free)

1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar
1Weather-Widget for android wear
Google provides basic weather functionality on smartwatches via its official app Google now, but if you want something more, you can try 1Weather. You can meet the weather in your area more accurately with 1Weather Android Wear app. With more information than that provided by Google Now and you can read about weather alerts in your position. With a simple and elegant design, the app gives you the forecast and climate worldwide in real time.Download 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar Here (Free)

Level Money
Level Money app for android smartwatch
Instead of having to be connected to your bank account all day, you can control your expenses daily, weekly or monthly basis with Level Money for Android Wear. All your currency movements will be recorded in the app, you can see if you can afford it or not.Download Level Money Here (Free)

Phillips Hue for Android Wear
Hue Control app for watches
Philips also introduces the application Hue Control, which communicates with Philips lamps Hue so you can change the lighting color with just a touch or a voice command. Phillips Hue is the best android wear app to control Philips Hue from the smartwatch.Download Hue Control Here (Free)

IFTTT app for android wear
Just like its mobile and the web-based version, the IFTTT (If This Then That) app on Android Wear allows users to predefine various tasks that quickly triggers on the watch based on conditions. For example, you can quickly mute your phone ringer with just a tap on your watch without taking the phone out of your pocket or use “find my phone” option to know where you left the phone.Download IFTTT Here (Free)

EchoWear Song Search
EchoWear Song Search android wear app
This application is a Shazam for your gear with which you can find out what song is playing right from your smartwatch. Once you have the app installed on your smartwatch, simply ask your smartwatch to identify the song that is playing. Then it will begin to hear the music all around you index the title of the song. No longer need to take the phone out of your pocket.Download EchoWear Song Search Here (Free)

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
Duolingo- Learn Languages Free app for android watch
Language learning in the comfort of your smart watch now becomes a reality, since the popular language teaching system Duolingo has launched a version for Android Wear. The application will help the user of Android Wear to recognize if pronounced properly and help you improve your language skills. Duolingo currently offers courses for 31 languages including English French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.Download Duolingo Here (Free)

Wear Aware – Phone Finder
Wear Aware - Phone Finder app for Android smartwatch
Wear Aware – Phone Finder is a very useful tool that lets you know when you’re leaving your phone behind by buzzing on your wrist when out of range. With the installation of the Wear Aware Application – Phone Finder, you create a sort of link between your smartphone and your smartwatch. That way, you can easily find your smartphone in case you forget to pick it up or do not remember where you put it.Download Wear Aware – Phone Finder Here (Free)

All these best free Android Wear apps will increase the productivity from day one and will add to the basic functions of the core system and the potential connection between smartphone and watch.Want to suggest an app for the best smartwatch apps list? You are welcome to leave the name in the comments section below.


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