looking for Best Android Anti Theft App? Any of the the following best Anti theft Apps will maximize the protection for your Android device.

It’s an unfortunate fact that, despite all the wonderful things you can do on your Android, it is still a small device that is easy for someone to steal. Whether they simply steal your phone or worse, your sensitive data, you can lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You owe it to yourself to protect your Android with some of these ten free highly-rated security apps.

Let’s see what is the best anti theft app for your android device.

avast! Anti-Theft app for android

avast! Anti-Theft

A remote-access app that allows you to track your Android via GPS, as well as send messages to the screen. In a real emergency, you can also remotely wipe your Android’s memory, so thieves can’t steal your sensitive data.

Download Avast! Anti-Theft

Anti theft alarm android app

Anti theft alarm

RaLok’s alarm program can be set to make noise whenever your phone is moved or unplugged. Great for people who work in high-traffic business areas.

Download Anti-Theft Alarm

Anti Theft Free app for android

Anti Theft Free

Comodo is a complete, easy-to-use security program that has a host of useful features. This handy app can even remote-access your phone’s camera and take a picture of your thief.

Download Comodo Anti-Theft

Secret Control - Anti-theft app for android

Secret Control – Anti-theft

In addition to helping you track a missing Android, Secret Control really excels at telling you what has happened with your phone. Rather than changing all the sensitive data on your recovered Android, you can simply change what was accessed.

Download Secret Control

Antitheft Droid SMS - Security android app

Antitheft Droid SMS – Security

If you’re worried about a crafty thief trying to uninstall your security program, Maceda’s app is the tool for you. Completely invisible on an app list and only uninstallable through the program, a thief won’t be able to unlock your Android without the right codes.

Download Antitheft Droid SMS

Norton Anti-Theft app for android

Norton Anti-Theft

Just like the name suggests, this is Norton’s anti-theft app for your Android. The perfect tool if you want a solid app from the household name in computer security.

Download Norton Anti-Theft

AppLock for android


If you only want to secure your data, AppLock is perfect for you. With this little app, you can password protect any app, photos, videos and any other files you want to keep unwanted guests out of.

Download Applock

Keep Secrets (Encrypter) for android

Keep Secrets (Encrypter)

Another app for protecting only certain files, Keep Secrets can encrypt files so that only your password makes them readable. This app is perfect for people who don’t want to use up a lot of hard drive space.

Download Keep Secrets

Android Device Manager app

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is a completely free app that tracks the location of your phone, as well as gives you the option to erase all your data remotely. Normally a feature reserved for paying customers, this app is a rare find.

Download Android Device Manager

Automatic Anti Theft Alarm app for android

Automatic Anti Theft Alarm

This little gem of an app takes your regular security and gives it a mind of its own. After a period of no movement, it will automatically arm itself and trip an alarm if it is disturbed.

Download Automatic Anti-Theft Alarm

While your Android already has a handful of standard protections in place, a crafty smartphone thief will already know their way around these factory settings. Having at least one of these ten free highly-rated apps will be something they don’t expect, and that will give you the peace of mind you deserve with your Android.


  1. Unfortunately if thief flashes the phone there is no way to track it. Similarly disable GPS… Factory reset etc. Manufacturers need to boot system security


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