Best Period Tracker app for Android to track Periods and Ovulation

These best period tracker apps will help you to keep track of your Period and Ovulation days.

Best Period Tracker app

There can be a scenario where you might have lost the record of your period or ovulation days, and the situation feels worse when you already promised your friends or office colleagues to attend their parties or social gatherings. However, it can be even inflaming if the day your promised is coming near! Luckily, there are some best period tracker apps that can save you from all the hassle of denying your pre-made plans.

What is a Period Tracker App?

In this fast-changing world where everyone is busy succeeding at their schools, colleges, and workplaces, remembering everything could be a daunting task. Also, it’s quite hard to note down everything on paper, which is why people prefer using apps as they say there is an app for anything. Forget drawing a circle on the calendar with a “p” mark and get one of these menstruation period tracking apps. Tracking apps enable users to keep a record of tasks they should perform, or keep a check on an upcoming event in their life.

With a Period Tracker app, Women can keep track of their menstrual cycle (period calendar), and also their fertile days if trying to conceive. Doing this, they can contribute to a successful period flow or a healthy menstrual cycle.

To do this, you need to download the Period Tracker app, enter your details, then leave rest on the app to notify you about your menstrual cycle.

How accurate are Period tracking apps?

It depends on women’s regular cycles. If she is having a regular period cycle, then it’s pretty accurate for her. Otherwise, for women with irregular cycles, this won’t be of much help. The reason is, the app calculates the menstrual cycle (track your period) based on the data given by a user. So wrong data leads to inaccurate results.

10 Best Period Tracker apps

  • CLUE
  • FLO
  • GLOW

Period Tracker – A Complete Package

Price: Free with ads
Period Tracker - Period Calendar Ovulation Tracker app

“Period Tracker (Period Calander)” app is the complete package when it comes to tracking periods and possible fertile days. Apart from this, the app can also keep a record of your temperature, intercourse, mood swings, birth control, weight gain, PMS symptoms, and much more. Also, it has a pill reminder feature that never lets you forget about your dosage. So you can count on this. Many doctors and Gynecologists recommend this app to their patients. Some also use this by themselves.

Clue Period Tracker, Ovulation & Cycle Calendar

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Clue Period Tracker app android

Ranked as the #1 App for Period and Ovulation tracking by American Gynecologists, “Clue” is the smartest among all. The app detects the unique patterns in women’s menstrual cycle based on the data provided. With the ability to link moods, health logs, and exercise routines, the app is attracting millions of users globally. So a must-have app if you are trying to conceive.

Flo – Period, Ovulation & Pregnancy tracker

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

“Flo” uses machine learning algorithms to precisely track your periods and ovulation cycle. Also, it is capable of detecting your mood, sleep, sex drive, physical activity, and water consumption levels. Besides, you can even log about your emotions, like how you are feeling, and later can learn more about your body cycles and more such useful insights.

My Calendar Period Tracker

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

“My Calendar” is one of the most sophisticated and beautifully designed period tracker apps. It is highly customizable and lets users track their irregular cycles. Also, it allows them to take notes, schedule reminders, change background wallpapers, and do a lot more. Besides this, a user can record its temperature, weight gain, and blood flow levels. It is one of the most loved period tracking apps on the play store as well!

GLOW. Ovulation & Period Tracker

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

“Glow” is more of a women’s health app as compared to a Period tracker. You can record your mood swings, sexual activities, symptoms, fertility calendar, and medications. It allows you to take complete control of your reproductive system, and learn accordingly, as it applies machine learning. Many doctors (Gynecologists) worldwide suggest this app too.

Eve Period Tracker – Love, Sex & Relationship

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Eve Period Tracker - Love & Relationships App

“Eve” completely changes the period tracking experience of the user by discovering the latest trends in her menstrual cycle. It works on the same machine learning principles, as other period tracking apps do. But, it offers better reliability, as it provides a community tab for discussions. The community tab has no subject limits, so if you have any queries related to sex, periods, and ovulation. You are free to discuss it there.

Period Tracker Lite Version

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

“Period Tracker Lite” works like a charm when it comes to tracking the period cycle. It asks for inputs (details about your period cycle) and then calculates the next cycle based on the data entered (approximately an average of 3 months). The UI is simple and easy to use. App also asks about your period flow, cramps, bloating, headache, and other symptoms. At last, it serves you with engaging charts to understand better.

Ovia Fertility: Ovulation & Cycle Tracker

Price: Free without ads

“Ovia Fertility” is one of the most promising apps to calculate ovulation chances for those who are trying to get pregnant. It gives you a daily “fertility score,” by which you can track your chances of conceiving better. However, you shouldn’t be using this as birth control. Strictly prohibited! You can keep track of your nutrition, mood, period cycle, and can change the background wallpapers and colors for customization if you want.

Period Diary

Price: Free without ads

“Period Diary” is a free period tracking app that has more than 30 PMS symptoms and over 20 moods to select. It has a pregnancy mode where a woman can keep notes about her weight gain, symptoms, and emotions. At last, the app has a password protection feature that enables women to keep their personal information private.

Maya Period Tracker

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

“Maya” is the most fun and easy to use period tracking app for women. It has a clean interface, engaging charts, and other basic features such as the ability to record mood swings, weight gain, pregnancy, and other health-related symptoms. Many patients use this as their primary health app as well. So if you are looking for the overall best period tracker, Maya is the app you for you.

So these were some of the best period tracking apps for the Android platform. If you find this useful, then please do comment down below. We would love to know your thoughts.

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