10 best Bass booster apps for Android that also improves Sound


A music equalizer app will improve bass output and overall sound quality to hype your music experience on speaker or headphones

best bass booster app for android

Are you tired of the high-frequency tweeting sound of your Android device when you play music? Ever wondered if there is an app out there that can improve the bass output as well as boost the volume and quality of sound from your Android device? What you need is a good bass booster equalizer before you get the best music players. Well, it turns out there are plenty of apps in the store that have the ability to optimize your music enjoyment experience on your phone or tablet.

Not every Android phone comes with a built-in amp and DAC for high-quality sound output. Still, you can enhance the listening quality with a third party equalizer fx app.

How a sound booster app improves your phone’s audio output and music experience?

– Bass boosting
– Frequency adjustment with an equalizer
– Volume-boosting and control
– Virtualization technology
– Visualizing the music with bars and waves
– Reverb
– Presets

We have made you a list of ten of the best of the sound/bass booster apps for Android that can also help improve the sound of the system as well as the audio output of music playback of your device.

What are the best bass booster app for Android?

1. Bass booster pro

Bass Booster Pro app

This premium base booster app takes auto equalization to a whole new level with the latest in equalization technology on Android to go with all your favorite music including techno, dubstep, and metal among other presets that you will not find in any other equalizer apps. The best part is that you can try the app for free the when you like it you can upgrade to the pro version for just


  • Customizable presets
  • Preset auto detection
  • Virtualization and visualization enhancement
  • Ads free
  • 20 built in presets
  • Reverb (beta feature)

2. Bass equalizer pod music

This is an iPod style music player with one of the most reliable bass boosting equalizers that will improve the quality of your Android device’s sound quality and music experience. With a customizable user interface, you can fine-tune sound effects to bring out the best quality of sound as per the genre of music you are playing to make ensure that you enjoy the maximum.


  • real iPod themed music player
  • bass boost effect
  • virtualization enhancement
  • Comes with a Five bands equalizer
  • Over 10 presets
  • Control Media volume
  • Auto detection of lyrics.

3. Equalizer& bass booster

With over million downloads this app is reliable to enhance our music experience and sound quality of your Android device. This app gives you more accurate control on your device with ten equalizer bands and an embedded music player. In addition to the over a dozen presets that are available when you download the app, you can save your own presets as you please.


  • Bass booster
  • Treble boosting
  • Volume boosting
  • Custom presets
  • Mono L/R
  • Compatibility with other players
  • In built music player

4. Bass booster

It is amazing how such a tiny app can do so much in the way of improving the output of your Android devices player sound. Within just 3mb of download size, you get to hype your base effect on your speaker or headphones and make your music experience a lot more enjoyable. This cool app is actually free the downside to that being the Ads that can be annoying at times, but if you are using it off-line, then they will interfere less with your experience.

5. Bass Booster – Music Equalizer

This ten band equalization music player will go a long way to giving you a quality playback with the customizable option for frequency adjustment, a strong bass booster and balancing output options L/R and mono.


  • Nine presets
  • Ten band equalizer
  • Frequency adjustment
  • Balanced L/R and Mono
  • Custom themes available
  • Instant bass boost
  • Vocal filter
  • Search tool for locating your music quickly.

6. Super bass booster

Super Bass Booster

The ultimate app for 3d surround, the Super bass booster is must-have for all Android users. At no charges for the app, you can do the following with the app on your Android device to make it sound the best it as ever

  • Tune system sound effects
  • Control the volume of the output
  • Powerful bass boost
  • Enjoy virtualized music playback
  • Get notifications
  • Equalize for optimum acoustics

7. Equalizer music player booster

With a user rating of 4.2 in the Google Play Store, this app is a great way to go out of your way to get the best out of your device regarding the quality of music output. With an easy to use five-band equalizer.


  • Compatibility with android TV
  • 5 bands equalizer
  • Virtualization and visualization options
  • Preset customization
  • Strong Volume and bass boosting ability

8. Subwoofer bass vibrator

Do you want to actually feel the music experience on your Android phone vibrate? This is the app you want to try out, this app incorporates clever programming that detects the music you are playing and causes your device to vibrate rhythmically to the bass output of the device so that it sounds and feels just like a subwoofer system! This app is unbeatable when it comes to turning your device into a subwoofer just for you to have the most enjoyment of your bass music.

9. Music volume equalizer

This free app enables you to do the following cool stuff to improve your sound output of the Android based device and boost the bass.


  • Visualize and equalize your music with a five band equalizer
  • Use over five presets
  • Control the volume of your device
  • Place widgets on your home screen
  • Create and save custom presets according to your interests

10. Dj bass booster

This easy to use app has the unique advantage of being straightforward and easy to use while still incorporating several useful features that will tune your phone for an optimum audio output just like real life Disk jockey equipment. It also includes several presets for common music that you might find useful if you do not know where to start. The bass volume, as well as the master volume eq, can be varied on this app which is pretty cool.

If the functionality of the bass booster app is anything to go by, the bass booster pro is the ultimate overall best app in this list. The downside being that is only partly free and to unlock full functionality you will need to invest a little more than your carrier data charges. That said you could be looking for something different perhaps not even on this app since every app is unique in its own way. Please leave your thoughts on these and any other bass boost apps you have come across.

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