10 Best Equalizer for Android phones to Improve Sound

A list of the 10 best Equalizer apps to improve sound on your phone or tablet. Enjoy enhanced sound with a good equalizer for android devices.

10 Best Equalizer App for Android

If you are not satisfied with the sound of your Android phone or tablet then should try out installing some app to improve the sound or enhance the quality of sound with an equalizer for android phone.

There’s an app for that. The catchphrase is true for just about everything. Thanks to wireless speakers and headphones, you need an app that can equalize the sound entering your ears when you listen to music.

Here are ten of the best equalizer apps for Android to help you get the most enjoyment out of your music listening experience. Keep in mind your smartphone probably already comes with an equalizer, so these apps supplement your phone’s programming.

Let’s check out 10 best free equalizers for Android to enhance audio quality and boost bass/sound.

1. Equalizer & Bass Booster

Once installed, you will see an app named Bass EQ on the phone, but the app does so much more than regulate your bass levels. This sleek-looking app lets you adjust the volume to 15 different levels; You get to boost the bass along 12 settings and alter the sound virtualization with 12 settings. There are five channels you can equalize, from 60 Hz up to 14 KHz. The basic controls look like dials on a physical control pad for an equalizer.

You even get spiffy graphics that move along to the music. The free version has advertisements, so if you don’t mind those this is a good choice. The pro version has the added feature of letting you store presets for later.

2. AnEQ

AnEQ is a basic app that gives you slider controls across five channels. A button in the upper-left corner lets you turn this app on and off, and you get ten presets that let you dive right into your music. If you just want basic controls without something fancy, this app is for you. The free version has ads, while the paid version doesn’t.

3. Music Volume EQ


Music Volume EQ looks like a professional soundboard you find in a studio thanks to the sliders that look like real buttons. This app adds a master gain control with a meter that changes from green to red when it lights up, just as a real one would on a professional equalizer. This app also comes with the standard five-channel equalizer, bass boost, and virtualizer settings.

Some impressive settings overlay the controls onto music or video apps, and you can set the volume levels of other apps without having to go back in and change things. This equalizer stops the app in which you’re playing music or videos when you mute the sound, so that’s a handy feature when you don’t want to miss any content.

4. Floating Equalizer

Floating Equalizer has a basic and advanced mode. Basic mode allows you to change the five channels, and it has a floating icon that stays on your screen after you minimize it. You can put this icon anywhere you want on your screen once it’s there.

The advanced settings are worth it thanks to 13 presets, access to 10 bands instead of five, a bass boost and a virtualizer. The controls are a tad inconsistent, so you may have to get used to them. However, this is a good app due to the floating icon thingy.

5. Equalizer

Google Play’s standard Equalizer has everything else that equalizer apps have, including five-channel controls and presets. What sets this app apart is the compatibility with other Google products. This app overlays into Google Play Music and Omich Player, among others, for added convenience.

6. Audio DSP and EQ Plugin

Audio DSP gives you control over 10 bands over a range of slider buttons. You also get a bass boost and treble boost. This app also comes with a stereo width slider for a bit more control with your headphones or earbuds. The paid version adds cross-fade and tempo control for songs you play on your smartphone.

7. PowerAmp

PowerAmp is a bit more serious for true music aficionados. This app delivers 10-band sliders, built-in tone controls and a lot of presets. Along the bottom of the screen, two circular dials control the bass and treble.

PowerAmp has a timer that automatically shuts off the music if you’re trying to sleep. It can also go from one song right into another without the silence between tracks. It’s these little things that set PowerAmp apart from other Android equalizer apps.

8. Sound Booster

Sound Booster is the easiest way to amplify up the volume of your device and it also works as a bass booster. It is for those of you who love to take your smartphone with the volume of your voice in the streets; please try not to disturb anyone, or partying with friends. When you activate the application, the phone ring louder, play music or video at maximum volume. And when you no longer need, just if you restore the volume to the previous state.

9. Speaker Booster

Speaker Booster is a simple and lightweight application with an excellent user interface that allows you to boost the volume of your speakers and headphones. Speaker Booster claims to be able to increase the sound system between 15% and 30%, depending on your device. Unlike other volume boosters, the Speaker Booster adjusts equalizer through a sophisticated algorithm in order to enhance the sound. You can also individually modify the volume of different types of sounds, such as notifications or system sounds.

10. Music Equalizer

Another good equalizer to enhance the music quality of your phone. It has nine preset EQ types depending on the type of sound you like and your preferred style of music and also offers a five-band equalizer to create your own sound system favorite. And with its desktop widget, you can have on hand at all times the main controls to adjust the volume and EQ on your Android while you listen.

Final Thoughts

You can find a simple app for basic volume controls, or you can download a tricked-out version that gives you precise settings for every kind of listening experience. As with anything, you get what you pay for. Splurge on paid versions to get rid of those pesky ads.

PowerAmp is one of the best equalizer apps for Android out there, simply because it delivers some nifty tools that other apps lack. Audio DSP also contains features that music lovers want. You can always download free versions of each equalizer app, play around with it and then send it back if you don’t like. So really, your choices are pretty much limitless based on your preferences.

Hopefully, any of the apps listed above will improve the sound on your smartphone or tablet and enhance the listening experience. Still, if you are not happy with the sound, you can try flashing some custom kernel or mod to boost sound which requires advanced knowledge.

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