12 Best Video Player Apps for Android Free


A list of the Best Video Player Apps for Android for a good viewing experience.

top free video player apps

When it comes to watching movies or video playback on Android, we want the best viewing experience. What we need is a high-quality android video player app can play a wide variety of video file format, offers great support for subtitles, good sound and able to handle high-resolution videos.

Many of us are looking for a decent video player, and there are plenty of factors to consider when making your choice.

Mobile devices are used for a growing number of purposes, and many people now delight in watching videos and movies on their smartphones and tablets. This is especially the case with the increasing amount of high-end devices packing superior specifications, which means that viewing a video on a portable device is a much more enjoyable experience than ever before. This has led more and more of us to look for a decent player.

While it may seem an easy task to grab a great video player for android from playstore, choosing a good media player app for Android devices is harder than it seems. It doesn’t all come down to the number of video formats it supports (If you are only looking to be able to play wide variety of video formats then Download VLC Media Player). However, for the best video player is the app that has to offer optimizations and hardware acceleration for smooth playback and excellent battery performance and wouldn’t it be great if you can just download it for free.

What are the best video player on Android?

It’s obvious that most want a video player app that enables the viewing of high-quality content but there are many factors to consider. For example, ease of use, smooth playback, reliability and efficiency, and sound quality are just some of the aspects you might want to take into account. A further important factor is support for a wide range of video file formats so you can watch what you like, when you want, and where you want.

Below you’ll find our selection of some of the best video player apps for Android that offer a decent viewing experience, and at least one or two of these are likely to be just what you’re looking for.


Price: Free

This is a popular and solid app developed by Videolabs that has received very favorable user ratings on the Play Store, and as it’s totally free with no in-app purchases or ads, it’s definitely one worth checking out. It has a nice clean user interface, and the app offers support for the majority of multimedia files and can play local video and audio files, network streams, DVD ISOs, and network shares and drives.

Just some of the formats supported are MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, AAC, M2TS, and FLAC, with no separate downloads necessary for all built-in codecs. Closed captions, subtitles, and Teletext are also features of the app, as well as a full audio player offering equalizer and filters, and a comprehensive database. VLC for Android also supports audio headset control, provides a widget for audio control, and much more.


Price: Free with Ads

MX Player 5 Best Video Player app for Android

If you mainly want a video player app with advanced hardware acceleration the very well known MX Player could be a good choice, as it features a new HW+ decoder and multi-core decoding for better performance. This one features kids lock through the use of a plugin, so that little fingers can’t interfere with other apps or make calls, as well as pinch and swipe gestures such as pinch to zoom, and zoom and pan. To unlock the screen you simply press each corner clockwise, and there’s also support for text styling and color.

Numerous subtitle formats include DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS, MicroDVD (.sub), SubViewer2.0 (.sub), SubRip (.srt), MPL2 (.mpl), WebVTT (.vtt) to name just a few, which is good if you enjoy foreign cinema, and the app also supports subtitle gestures. For example, you can change the text size by zooming in or out, move the text up or down, or move to the next or previous text. This free version of the app includes ads, but there is no limitation to the functions. However, if you really can’t stand the ads you can opt to pay for MX Player Pro for a no-ads version.


Price: Free with Ads

This is one of the more recent video players and is an excellent app that has gathered an extremely high rating on the Google Play Store of 4.7/5 stars, which will be no surprise to its many fans. A good option for those who want to play high-quality video and MP3 and music files, it’s simple to use and supports an abundance of video and audio formats. Playback is seamless, even for ultra high definition (HD) video files, and like many of these apps, it also includes subtitle support. Further features include an audio equalizer, easy management files, and advanced hardware acceleration, and there’s also play in the background, so there’s nothing to stop you using other apps while you’re listening to your favorite sounds.


Price: Free

Kodi is a well-established media player and entertainment hub that needs little introduction. It’s more suitable for larger screens such as tablets and Android TVs, though is also worth trying out on smartphones. The standard skin is Estuary, but XMBC now advises that the app can work better with displays of 5-inches or more using the Estouchi skin. The award-winning entirely free app is attractively laid out featuring a graphical user interface and provides convenient access to free movies, videos, music, podcasts, photos, and more from the Internet, local network, hard drive, or optical disc.


Price: Free With Ads


This well-known ad-supported app has plenty of features to get your teeth stuck into, with extra support available through the use of additional plugins. The hardware accelerated video player offers improved speeds with less battery consumption, and features streaming from network devices, multi-core (dual and quad-core) hardware decoding, subtitle support, multiple audio streams, and a child lock, and it also supports USB On-the-Go. Further benefits include background playback in a pop-up window, playlist support, and the ability to playback files from uncompressed RAR files. An ad-free version of the app is also available that includes additional functionality such as experimental support for Chromecast, support for audio headsets and external Bluetooth keyboards, and customizable gestures.


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

Video Player All Format from InShot Inc. has a very impressive 4.8/5 star rating on Google Play and has the bonus of being completely free with no ads, as well as being simple enough to use. As its name suggests, it supports all video formats and also includes 4K Ultra HD video file support. Features include a private folder to keep videos protected, Chromecast support, subtitle downloader, night mode, automatic identification of all video files on a device as well as the SD card, and multi playback option. The most recent update earlier this month included an equalizer, video preview, and further improvements, and this app is highly rated for a very good reason.


Price: Free with Ads

Mobo Video Player pro

MoboPlayer has been around for an age, and if subtitle support is particularly important to you in an Android video player app, this one has a good reputation on that score. It’s a solid all-around choice with wide-ranging video format support and software decoding mode, and it supports playlists, continuous playback, location and organization of videos, video thumbnail display, multiple audio streams, and video streaming through HTTP and RTSP protocols. The app also has a very nicely designed interface that makes it a pleasure to use.


Price: Free with Ads

This app does exactly what it says on the tin, providing native support for the AC3 codec without the use of additional downloads or plugins for smooth playback. Numerous readers will have encountered the “Audio format ac3 not supported” message at some point, and this free app means that no longer has to be encountered. AC3 Player also supports some other video codecs as well as audio codecs and includes playback speed control, a play history list, support for multiple subtitle formats, automatic synchronization, and a sleep timer too. It features graphics optimization for high fps, automatic search for mobile video and music files, and a whole lot more.


Price: Free with Ads

AllCast from ClockworkMod is a video player and video editor app that enables you to cast locally stored content to Chromecast, WDTV, Amazon FireTV, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Roku, Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony Smart TVs, and other DLNA compliant devices. Unfortunately, the free version of the app will only give you five minutes of viewing time, and if you want more you’ll need to upgrade to the paid premium version of the app.


Price: Free with Ads

This is a reliable video player app for Android devices that supports Google Drive and is used by more than 300 million people across the globe. KMPlayer supports HD videos, video playback speed, subtitles, playlists, and support for 30 different languages. Features include a floating screen enabling users to multitask while watching video content, and one finger control for playback, volume, brightness, skip, and start and stop. Those considering this app may want to know that the last update removed the banner ads, which was a nice touch.

11. VPLAYER Video Player

Price: Free with Ads

VPlayer - Best Video Player App

VPlayer is one of the few video players available on the google app store with true Hardware Playback option. VPlayer can be found on a trial basis to test it for a week; then you have to buy the unlocker. Although it’s not supported by many devices and the basic features are more or less the same as other software mentioned above, VPlayer is an alternative to be considered because it consumes very little battery and hardware acceleration is really good. Not to mention that the graphics treated in detail. It can play all kinds of popular video formats, like MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, TS, M4V, 3GP. It also can browse the file system or stream video content. It has the ability to playback Full HD video on the latest dual/quad-core devices. It also has a beautiful, clean UI with the latest ICS element in place.

12. QQPlayer

Price: Free

qqplayer for Andorid

The most interesting feature of QQPlayer is that it has a Private locker, where you can easily hide your private videos with password. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? QQPlayer can play almost any video format, support subtitle, and gesture, as well as multiple audio tracks, switching. Download QQPlayer Android app for free from the widget below.

Final Thoughts

Whether you aim to watch TV shows, movies, animations, homemade videos from your mobile device, or video files, using one or more of the above best video player apps for Android will help you in that pursuit. All of these apps are free, so it’s worth spending some time to download several to see which you prefer and which is best for your needs. When you’ve worked that out, do send a comment to tell us which you think is the best, and to share your thoughts with other readers.

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  1. Can any one please tell me that which player can help me access the data on my phone from other devices like Sandisk, PC, Laptop etc. by using local network???

    • Hi, you can download PlayerXtreme app. It is really good and it has this feature that you need. My Friend downloaded this app, and it has local area networking. You can easily use it and transfer data using it. I also downloaded it afterwards. Just download PlayerXtreme transfer your data easily.

      • Thank you so much David for guiding me about the most handy media player app “PlayerXtreme”. I have used a lot of applications but this app is a full package. It contains many features that I haven’t used before in any other media player app. Thanks Again!!!


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