A list of the app that allows to transfer files wirelessly between android devices.

wirelessly share files between android devices

One thing is certain, you always at one time or another need to transfer one or more files between Android devices. The simplest solution is to use the Bluetooth connectivity packed with your device and it is relatively easy and comfortable if it does not involve a large file. Transferring large files between Android devices through Bluetooth is not a good solution, because the process time is long, very long.

In this sense, we want to talk a little about 4 Android applications which will help you to transfer files instantly and wirelessly.

1. Fast File Transfer

Fast File Transfer is one of the best solutions to exchange files wirelessly between Android devices. You can easily and quickly transfer large files such as a video of several minutes or an audio file. Indeed, this is an application that allows you to send files to any Android device. To achieve this, it uses Wi-Fi Hotspot and Tethering function as a gateway. You do not need a common Wi-Fi or even the Internet is not used because it just uses the Wi-Fi antenna built into your device to send the file. The principle is simple, it allows you to combine the efficiency of the direct Wi-Fi without the need of Wi-Fi. It is ideal especially for large file transfers.

2. SuperBeam

Superbeam is another great solution to transfer large files over WiFi at high speed. This application adds a QR code scanner for pairing between Android devices and allows you to transfer one or several files simultaneously, including photos, videos, music, any type of files and apk applications. You can also share files with users who do not use the application through the web interface and content is saved directly transferred to external memory of the phone.

3. WifiDroid – Wifi File Transfer

Another Android app to share / transfer files between Android devices wirelessly. Using the WiFi connectivity you can transfer various file types such as audio, video and images, among others. WiFiDroid uses a web-based interface to manage and view files. Also offers: preview images, ability to set a password, change the port settings and run in the background.

4. WiFi File Transfer for Phone

This app also allows you to share content with other phones connected to the same wireless network. The process is to obtain a 6-digit code generated by the application itself and shown in the device with which you want to transfer files. Once done you can share photos, videos, music, documents or any type of content stored on the phone.

Hopefully any of the app listed above will come very handy when you look to share files between android devices wirelessly, If you use a different then let us know the title in comments section below.


  1. Pushbullet is by far the easiest. Works across multiple devices and your computer as well. Lots of other options to, like answering text messages, Facebook messages and so on.


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