Share photos/music between Android & iOS without WiFI Network using SHAREit

Leran how to send files between android and iPhone, iPad devices using SHAREit app without being connected on the same WiFi network.

Share files between Android & iOS without WiFI

Ever wanted to send or receive a photo/song to your friend’s iOS device from your Android? Then, you’ve already found out that it’s not as easy as we share files wirelessly between android devices using a simple app called “SHAREit”. The app availableAndroidious platforms including both Android and iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad & iPod.

On Android devices, the app works by enabling a Wifi direct connection which allows transferring files. To be able to share files between cross-platform devices such as sending a photo or song from an android device to the iPhone will require you to connect both devices on the same local area WiFI network. Unfortunately, WIFI networks are not always available or it is difficult to find an open network near us. So, what’s the quick solution to share photos and music between android and ios?

Well, we’re about to share a trick which will let you share files using ShareIT without a WiFi zone. Just follow the steps below.

Oh, Wait! Before you proceed start sharing, make sure you’ve already installed SHAREit app otherwise follow the links first to download the app.

Download SHAREit – Connect & Transfer for Android (FREE)

SHAREit – The fastest cross-platform transfer tool for iOS (FREE)

  1. First open the ShareIt app on the sender device then tap on send and select the files (media files only such as photos, music or videos) you want to send.
  2. On the Android device enable mobile hotspot (remember to Keep SHAREit running in the background on both devices)enable hotspot on android to send files to iOS
  3. On the other hand, connect the iPhone or iPad to the just created hotspot using the provided password.
  4. switch between apps on android and iOS

  5. Once connected to the hotspot you should now switch to SHAREit app using multitasking mode and start sending or receiving files as normal SHAREit normal procedure.

Sounds good? Try yourself and see how easily you can share your photos, music videos or any media files between iPhone (or any iOs devices) and Android devices.

Didn’t got it to work? No problem, we’re here to help. Just leave your comments and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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5 thoughts on “Share photos/music between Android & iOS without WiFI Network using SHAREit”

  1. I have downloaded shareit in my PC as well as my Android phone, same version. I have connected too. i sent some videos from my phone to my laptop and it was okay but when i take application like whatsapp, teamviewer from my phone to my system, it showing window APK file, not opening, please what will i do to get it solve. Have been battling with this thing for weeks. Please reply urgently

  2. Thanks for sharing useful info Khaled,If we transfer files using these apps. Do the transferred files gets stored in the default apps.Lets suppose i have transferred videos from my android and they got stored in the photos app not in the default videos.Any lines on these would be of great help.

  3. Seems a nice software to transfer files. And I also want to recommend another software called FonePaw Mobile Transfer which you might hear about. It’s a popular data manage tool. You can transfer files between iPhone to Android. Of course, it supports many kinds of files like songs, photos, contacts, messages and so on. People use it to backup files on Android phone and iPhone. However, it has to use USB to connect the phone to computer. It’s still a nice experience to use.
    You can google that how to transfer photos from Android to iPhone. And there is a tutorial of FonePaw.

  4. doesnt work. Please help. My Iphone is already connected to the hotspot created by my Android but still, the Android cannot find my Iphone. Please assist. Thanks. Grateful if you can respond thru my FB, as I rarely open my email


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