The Best Chromecast local media content streaming apps for Android

LAST UPDATED: September 1, 2019

A list of the 6 best Chromecast apps to stream local content from Android to tv.

Best casting apps for android
One of the most useful functions of Google’s Chromecast device is to play local content directly on your TV. Chromecast is a multimedia player that allows you to send content from your PC, your tablet or your mobile phone to a TV with HDMI input. With open to the public SDK, developers started making their applications compatible with Chromecast, and the trickle of supported applications has been constant, and it appears that there will be even more.

6 best casting apps for android devices to stream local content to Chromecast

1. AllCast

Price: Free with ads/ $4.99

AllCast Android app to stream local content to chromecast
AllCast, bringing streaming to another level, allows you to stream media from your mobile device to the TV, as well as play local content of your device (videos, pictures, and music) in Chromecast. It is one of the most popular chrome cast apps to play everything you have on your Android device. The good thing is that it also connects to other systems such as Roku, Apple TV or Xbox with the same functionality. Allcast is simple to use, with an intuitive interface.

AllCast Android app has a free version, but limited to 60 seconds of video playback and start screens with advertising. To eliminate these drawbacks you have to pay $4.99.

2. BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA / Chromecast / Smart TV

Price: Free with ads

BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA android chromecast app
BubbleUPnP (Chromecast/DLNA) allows you to control devices that use communication protocols UPnP / DLNA access and stored in other devices that are connected to your home network files. You can stream all your local contents (music, videos, and photos) to various devices in your house. If the format is not one of the supported Chromecast default, you can install an application for the computer to perform the conversion.

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3. LocalCast for Chromecast/DLNA

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

LocalCast for Chromecast local media streamingLocalCast is much more versatile than AllCast and allows you to share the contents (movies, videos, pictures and PDFs) you have not only on your Android device but on any DLNA device in the house. You can send content from your PC, from Google Drive, Dropbox or phone to Chromecast. Also, you can add subtitles. It has an excellent design and very easy to use.

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4. Dayframe (Chromecast Photos)

Price: Free

Dayframe - Chromecast Photos from android to tvTurn your Android phone or tablet into an innovative photo frame- like device with Dayframe and share your photos on your TV as this software allows image transmission to the TV. Dayframe provides careful implementation and an intuitive environment that will serve to show all kinds of images to your family, guests or just for yourselves.

This application is tightly integrated into social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Dropbox, Flickr, Twitter, among others, to share photos and presentations uninterrupted images of friends and family.

5. DSub for Subsonic

Price: $3.99

DSub android chromecast appDSub is a streaming application for Chromecast. This application allows you to stream music to Chromecast, whether it is stored on the server itself that you have created with Subsonic or from your phone. It simply requires you to connect with your Subsonic server application and begin to enjoy your music.

At the moment, this is limited to only music files, but more features are said to be coming to the DSub beta.

6. Chrome Beta

Price: Free

Chrome Beta to chromecast local content from androidYou can share videos from the browser Chrome Beta, but the feature is still in testing phase. To activate this feature you will need to write this command in the URL bar: “chrome: flags // / # enable-cast”. Re-launch the application again and you will have activated the feature. Now from the Chrome browser you can go simply to Youtube to test the functionality for streaming videos on your TV.

With the help of any of these apps mentioned above you can cast local media files such as photos, videos and music from an Android device to any tv connected with a chrome cast device. Enjoy!


  1. there is a great new app called megacast, you can play any video format that you want, it does the transcoding on the fly and on the device, with no delay or anything…


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