The Best Lyrics Apps for Android when you want to sing along

These lyric apps will display lyrics on any music player

best lyrics apps for android

Lyric is the heart of a song, and singing along can be extremely enjoyable and help us express ourselves. Sometimes it can take quite a few times of listening to a new song before the words sink in. There are also occasions when hearing a song on the radio that it’s difficult to make out parts of the lyrics, either due to poor sound quality or the singer’s pronunciation. Interestingly, it’s quite normal that many of us have been singing the wrong song lyric for years. Let’s not embarrass us anymore. With the lyric apps, it’s now effortless to read lyrics while listening right from your smartphone. Some lyric apps also doubled as good music players, while others let you integrate with your music player’s choice to display the lyric automatically. You can also search with the title, artist, album, or use an app like shazam to know the song’s name.

What are the best song lyrics apps for android?

Lyric apps are handy when you hear an old favorite song and want to find out what that one annoying phrase was that you couldn’t catch. Let’s check out our favorite best lyrics apps for andorid.


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Musixmatch app - Lyrics for your music

Musixmatch is the most popular lyrics finder app use by millions of people. It is rich in features and claims to have the largest collection of lyrics globally with synchronized lyrics for music apps such as Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, and more. It features a Floating Lyrics widget, and tapping on it will show the lyrics of the current track and identify songs playing nearby to show the lyrics. You can also search for specific lyrics by title or artist or just one line of the words. The LyricsCard feature allows sharing song lyrics, receiving notifications about new lyrics from your preferred artists, and much more.

The app also offers information and cover art for different songs and lets you edit songs metadata with built-in tag editor. It is also able to display lyrics on the lock screen along with controls for the music player. Perhaps the most useful function is translating lyrics into other languages in teal time while playing the song. This really is one of the very best lyrics apps that supports android wear smartwatches and casting local music and lyrics to your TV with Chromecast.

Genius — Song Lyrics

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Genius — Song Lyrics app for android

Genius is a well-known song lyrics app loved by many users. It offers crowd-sourced musical knowledge and can provide you with lyrics for more than 1.7 million songs! You can engage with the Genius community to share your knowledge or learn from others and find verified content from producers and artists about the tracks. What’s hot on Genius shows the current popular songs, and there are also artists’ pages and a music catalog.

Users can also discover the lyrics for songs being played on the phone through music streaming apps like Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora, and more. Alternatively, if the song isn’t actually being played on your phone, you can tap the Soundwave button to get the annotated lyrics instantly.

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SoundHound is the famous music discovery app that lets you identify songs playing nearby or just by humming a few words. The recent version of the app added a lyrics feature with an interesting interface. You get real-time karaoke-style lyrics for songs as well as videos and a hands-free search simply by saying the magic words, “OK Hound, what’s that song?”. Other hands-free features include access to playlists, music history, news of emerging artists, popular tracks worldwide, new titles, playback controls, and more. However, you can still access those via the usual modes, tapping, swiping, or typing.

Lyrics Mania

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Lyrics Mania - Music Player app

Lyrics Mania is one of the best music players with lyrics. It has an extensive database of song lyrics that you can search by artist or song title and features an integrated music player offering lyrics in real-time. Like many other apps of this type, it can display lyrics of songs being played on an external player such as Spotify. It can identify a song being played in your vicinity and quickly give you the lyrics. The app is nicely designed with an intuitive interface and support displaying lyrics on android smartwatches as well.


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Shazam- Discover songs & lyrics on android phones

If you love to listen to music, you’re sure to have already heard of Shazam. It’s one of the most known music identifying apps used by millions of people. Apart from recognizing music, it also provides song lyrics for free. You find new music, follow favorite artists, get one-touch access to video clips and streaming services and more, preview songs, check out real-time charts, and launch Pandora radio.

Shazam is also a good offline lyric app that identifies and displays lyrics offline. The social aspects of the app allow you to share Shazam discoveries through social channels and see what your family and friends are Shazaming.


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Lyrix - Find Song Lyrics and Save Offline

Lyrix is one of the recent song lyrics apps that makes it easy to find Song Lyrics and save offline. Lyrix is a crowdsourcing platform so that anyone can upload lyrics, and other users can download them. It uses song id to display lyrics instantly on other music players. The interface is quite nice, and you can adjust the font size and use voice search.


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QuickLyric has a nice, intuitive, clean interface that’s easy on the eye, and it can monitor the music you’re playing to display the lyrics as soon as you open the app. When the song changes, you tap once to refresh the lyrics. You can manually search for lyrics and store them for offline music access. QuickLyric also works as a great karaoke app as it can synchronize lyrics and display them along with the singer’s voice. It supports Android Beam and more than 15 languages, including English, Hindi, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian.

Lyrics Training

Price: Frees/ Offers IAP

Lyrics Training is an interesting lyric app that helps you to learn languages with music. Play a song, and the app will ask to choose correct words to fill the gaps in lyrics. It’s a fun, addictive game that helps you improve your listening comprehension and expands your vocabulary, and improves reading capacity and grammar skills.


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Beatpulse - Free Beats Instrumental Lyrics writing app

Beatpulse is an excellent music-making app that helps to write lyrics and create new songs. It contains tons of high-quality studio files for instrumental beats, which you can use to make new songs. The app lets you buy the license for beats you used and allows you to download the finished song to release them on apple music, Spotify, or other music streaming apps. Additionally, you can listen to unlimited free music and follow your favorite music creators. The downloaded sounds also effect fully compatible with popular music maker apps like FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro, Reason, PreSonus Studio One, Garageband, and more.

Crimson Music Player

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Crimson is an all-in-one music player with lyrics. With its dark theme, the app looks very modern. In addition to music lyrics, the app also has a smart Equalizer, sleep timer, tag editor, support gesture controls, and music widgets.

When looking for a good music player for android you can’t have all the features in one place. PowerAmp sounds great but has to rely on a third-party app for lyrics support. MusiXmatch offers great lyrics support but lacks an equalizer. Such is the case with other players, offering one feature in favor of another. The majority of the best lyrics apps on this list are free to download, and though some have in-app purchases.

If you want to know the words of a song on a commercial or in a club, want to check if you’ve been singing the lyrics correctly, feel like a singsong, or simply want to browse the lyrics of some of the most famous songs ever written, one or more of these apps will help you to do this.

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