Learn how to manage music on android and transfer songs to your android device without iTunes.

learn How To Manage Music On Android Without iTunes

I used to have an iPod Touch long before the G1 came out. Android changed everything for me, made everything better ! The only thing I thought was better on iOS was iTunes because it allows you to organize and tag your music really easily. So here is a piece of advice on how you can manage your music on your android without iTunes.


DoubleTwist is probably the closest application to a true iTunes for Android. The desktop app and mobile app make a great pair that gives you control over your playlists, music, and media. The app is free and available for Windows and Mac, and gives you a single app to use to manage the music you sync to your device, playlists you’ve created, podcasts you’ve downloaded, photos and videos you have on your Android phone, and even the apps you have installed. You can also use DoubleTwisty on your desktop as a jukebox app, just like iTunes if you’re looking for an app that will manage your media on your computer and your phone.

The beauty of doubleTwist is that it supports every Android device and works on virtually any computer.
The free version of doubleTwist enables full synchronization of as much music that will fit on your phone, via a wired USB connection. If you want over-the-air synchronization, you will need to pay an additional $4.99 to obtain the AirSync add-on for doubleTwist.

doubleTwist is super easy to use ! Simply connect your Android 2.2 and up device via USB and select “Mount as disk drive”. You can also decide to sync on the internal or external storage of your device.
The desktop app borrows its looks from iTunes so you will get the same sidebar with every category as well as the current devices which are ready to sync.

For purchases, you will have access to the Android Market for applications and games and you can also access the Amazon MP3 store and download music so yeah, it’s pretty much an iTunes for Android app.
If you want to try it out now, get the mobile app as well as the desktop app below!

Download DoubleTwist Client for PC or MAC:

doubleTwist Client

Download doubleTwist Music Player App

Download AirSync: iTunes Sync & AirPlay ($4.99)


Even though it’s Windows-only, Winamp has come a long way from the days when it was pretty much the only viable media player for Windows. Winamp’s development team behind it has embraced Android in a big way. While the Winamp desktop app will be familiar to anyone who’s used it in the past 5 years, combine it with Winamp for Android, and you have an easy and painless way to sync your music and playlists with your Android device, even wirelessly. Wireless syncing for Android is free with Winamp, and while it can be bumpy to set up, when it works, it works really well.

Like DoubleTwist, Winamp for Android doesn’t need the desktop app to be a good media player. The app can live on your Android phone and serve as a music player without much help, but to unlock its real potential, you’ll want Winamp installed on your desktop as well. Then, once the mobile app is set up to sync with its desktop companion, your playlists, music, podcasts, favorite ShoutCast stations, and other media will move seamlessly between your Android device and your Windows desktop. Winamp for Android even supports iTunes syncing, so your old iTunes library can easily be moved to your Android device. Winamp for Android doesn’t support app syncing, but that’s about the only feature it’s missing.

Download Winamp Android App


iSyncr lets you transfer the songs (or podcasts or videos) in any iTunes playlist  from your iTunes onto your Android phone. Songs come across as *.mp4 files. Now you can safely buy more music via iTunes and be able to listen to them when you want or do something as simple as just delete them from the device anywhere, anytime.

The iSyncr app is two things: a tutorial and a Windows program. You step through the app and  connect your phone to your Windows PC. The app places a Windows program called “iSyncr.exe” in the root of your sdcard. When your sdcard is then mounted on Windows, you run this program on your Windows PC from the sdcard.

iSyncr.exe starts up iTunes and presents you with a window allowing you to select which playlist(s) you want to copy to your phone. It also offers you the option of deleting all songs not on the playlist(s) from your phone, so you can use it exactly like iTunes if you want to. I just used it to add the iTunes songs to the ones already there, so I didn’t choose that option.
It worked as advertised. The four songs I have reluctantly bought via iTunes since iTunes ate my music were transferred to my Galaxy Note (as *.mp4 files) and they play properly and sound great on my phone. The songs I sync’d over came with the artwork they picked up from iTunes, so that’s another plus.

For anyone with an android phone who has bought music through the Apple Store, iSyncr is a must-have app !

Here is the Lite version :

Download iSyncr for PC (Trial)

But in my opinion the paid version is worth every penny so in case you want it, here it is :

Download iSyncr for iTunes – PC App

Do it the Android way :

Another awesome thing with Android is that you can plug your device in any computer through USB and simply drag & drop the music files you like ! No need to bring your laptop wit you everywhere because your library is only synced on this particular PC.

Personally, I used to do this a lot before looking for an iTunes replacement which did the work for me. When I used this method, I would create a folder for every artist and every featuring in the Music folder on my sdcard and then inside those folders I would create more folders for every album the artist had made and then put my mp3s in these. it must have taken me about 1 day to organize all my music files but it was worth it !

For those of you who do not want to do things the easy way but are not loco like me and just want to throw all their files in the music folder, you will need every file to be tagged perfectly in order to find them on your Android music player so I suggest you to Download Mp3tag. This is a little simple software that will allow you not to use Windows shitty file explorer to tag your music through the file’s properties.


So here it is, you know everything about organizing your music files on your Android devices so putting this incredible knowledge to use could be a good way to start the week don’t you think ?


  1. So…none of these help being able to manage music on an Android via a desktop.

    Does anyone know of a program that allows one to open a desktop program and add, delete and make playlists THERE that AUTOMATICALLY gets reflected on the phone….you know, like iTunes. I hate iTunes, but at least I can manage my music 100% from my desktop….

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    I only wanted to let you know that even though I stopped publishing on your website, removing my name from the articles I wrote is really really mean. Being a part of the website for a moment was a kind of achievement and you ruined it, thank you very much

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