The Best Chrome Extensions for Android – How to install them on any Browser

Step by Step guide to install Chrome Browser Extensions on Android devices. Also, check out top 10 Chrome Extensions you should get

Chrome Extensions for Android

What is a Chrome Extension for browser?

Browser Extensions are one of the most commonly used tools. Each browser has there own set of plug-ins. But Chrome takes Extension to a whole different level.

Being one of the most popular over the world has a large set of Extensions that can be installed on it. These Additional plugins help browsing more user-oriented and help in achieving perks of the functionality on different webpages.

Basically A Chrome Extension is created to make a user’s experience more pleasant or somewhat more ease. Created with web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS that include multiple components that work together to contribute towards a single goal. These are mainly zipped into a single .crx package which can be downloaded and then installed on the web browser.

Advantages of Browser Extensions or Plug-ins

Also known as an add-on or plug-in, a web browser extension provides more advanced features. It also allows you to further customize and control the way you see data or use a webpage. These are independent apps/programs designed to work with web browsing apps to bring additional features such as filling the forms, saving passwords, collecting various data and more. Be it for simple video downloading to a highly secure VPN setup, the possibilities of using chrome plug-ins are endless.

Can you add extensions to Chrome Android?

Unlike the desktop PC, you cannot directly add extensions to Chrome mobile as it is not natively supported by the OS. However, it is possible to enjoy many of your favorite desktop Chrome Extensions on your Android device. How Come? Well, two popular browsers Yandex and Kiwi, allow us to install Chrome Extension on any android device and rip the benefit of that same desktop features on the mobile and tablet.

Before installing Chrome Extension on Android, you need to install any of the two browsers available on the play store and then continue to the next step of installing the extensions. Before we head into the step by step guide lets get familiar with the two apps and the benefits of each of them.

Installing Kiwi browser for Android

Kiwi Browser is based on Chromium and WebKit engine. This gives the user a Chrome-like feel and due to this, it offers a fast and silent browsing experience on the Android Device. Apart from being able to support all sorts of Google Chrome Extensions, the Kiwi browser also has some additional features as follows.

  • Ad Blocker: Helps by blocking annoying ads that pop up on different webpages.
  • Night Mode: Offers a dark screen that helps in easy night browsing experience (this feature can be turned on/ off).
  • Private Mode: An incognito mode does not allow websites to track any kind of browsing activity by the user.
  • Crypto jacking Protection: The 1st app to offer Crypto-jacking protection for mobile devices.
  • Facebook: It has its own Facebook Messenger app.
  • Translation: Offers translation of up to 60 different languages.

Installing Yandex browser for Android

Yandex Browser with extension

Created by the Russians, Yandex is another great browser that offers installation of all kinds of Chrome extensions. Yandex mobile offers many advanced features such as Ad-blocking: A great Ad blocker that can help to block any unwanted ads on any website.

  • Latest Updates: This shows up all the latest news, videos from major news portals
  • Low Data usage: This feature saves mobile data by compressing the data while browsing.
  • Security: This is a great feature that protects user data from leaking over public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Private browsing: A simple yet effective Incognito Mode for private web browsing
  • Customization: Apart from all the above features, Yandex also allows the user to customize the background wallpaper of the browsers with its wide range of backgrounds available in its library.

How to Install Chrome Extensions on Android?

Once you are done installing one of the mentioned web browsers follow the guidelines described below.

install Chrome Extensions on Android
  • Go to the link
  • Type the name or terms of the extension you want. For eg, type “Music Downloader” on the Search bar if you want to get free songs. (See our list of best chrome add-ons below).
  • Once you find an interesting item on the screen, just press add to Chrome
  • A message will pop up, just click Add
  • And that’s it. It will be added to your Android browser.
  • Even managing extensions on the browsers is quite easy.
  • Press the three-dot menu on the upper corner of the screen and choose Extensions.
  • All the installed Add-ons will be showcased on the screen.

10 Best Chrome Extensions for Android in 2020

Google Hangouts (For Online Conversations)

Google Hangouts

Google hangouts is an all-in-one communication app that allows users to message, do voice calls, video calls. Do group video chat and much more. This is a great plug-in to have as the native app eats up a lot of space on storage.

Grammarly (For writing/ Grammer checking)

Grammerly plug-in for android

One of the most beloved free to use Grammar app on the internet, Grammarly helps out on fixing grammar on whatever you type on your browser. From composing emails to writing posts on any Social Media Website. Grammarly helps out in correcting your grammar and spelling for you and that too for free.

Honey (Find Coupon code)

Coupon finder

The most trusted Coupon Code Finder on the internet. Honey loves to help Shopper in saving money. The Plugin does the searching for the user and finds the best coupon available on a product on any shopping website. Best to be used while shopping on Amazon.

Bitmoji (Create Emoji)

Bitmoji add-on for android

BitMoji is a cool plugin that lets the user create their own Cartoon avatar and use it as a personal emoji over, social media, email or anywhere where emoji are supported. It’s a cool plug-in to have for anyone who loves being active on Social media.

Evernote Web Clipper (Take note/ Capture ideas)

Evernote android extension

Evernote Web Clipper is a creative web clipping tool that can help one to make notes by highlighting key information with text or visual callouts. The user can save an entire page and use it on the separate notebook to share it as a project in emails or can also choose to create a URL of it.

FoxClocks (World Time)

World clock

Want to know the current time of the USA while browsing on your mobile in another country.
FoxClocks is the plugin for you. One can easily check different time zones across the globe
directly at the bottom of the browser.

Save to Pocket (Save articles)

Save to pocket

Save to Pocket is a great reader app that lets you web pages and allows you to view it whenever you want that too in all of your devices. Also, it is free to use and it recommends content similar to one
one you saved.

LastPass (Manage Passwords)

Last pass extension android

LastPass is the best option for anyone who wants a strong and secure password for themselves. It not only helps the user to create a secure password by also stores it along with the username and auto-syncs it all the devices of the user. It’s a great password vault for people that want assisted security for themselves.

Pablo (Create Quote Meme)

Pablo browser add-on for mobile

The perfect browser add-on that allows one to create beautiful quoted backgrounds to share with the
world. Just paste a quote and select a background from Pablo. The best part about this plug-in is no
prior design experience is required.

TL;DR (Summarise webpages)

Summarise anything

The last but not the least is a great add-on that reads a full web article for you and gives you
a perfect summary of it. It automatically gathers the key points of a web article and then
summarises it in according to the length of the user. So this saves up a lot of time reading the
whole thing.


So that’s all to it. With the help of Kiwi and Yandex, one can easily download and install all their favorite Chrome extensions on their Android Devices and rip all the benefits out it. These browsers not only help download the extra add-ons but also help out in managing them with ease. Also, we would like you to give these browsers a try and have fun checking some of the cool add-ons mentioned above.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding any information provided here, feel free to drop and comment and we will help you solve that in a jiffy.

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