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How to get free ringtones for android? Check out the best ringtone apps!

best Ringtone downloading apps

Being able to customize every corner of Android is a great thing every owner loves. Ringtones have always been the most personalized feature of mobile phones. Rather than using a general tone, add your favorite tunes as free ringtones or grab some soundtrack to assign with your favorite contacts.

How to create Ringtone on Android?

Creating a ringtone on your smartphone is pretty easy. You can use an app to cut the best part of your favorite song to use as a music ringtone. Download the app, open it, and import an MP3 file you have on your phone. Using the beginning and ending slider, you can choose the portion of your liking of the song. Then simply save it as a new clip. Using a file explorer app to locate the newly created mp3 file and form option, you can use it as the ringtone. Check out these best free ringtone maker for android.


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Ringdroid- RingMaker

Ringdroid is a free Ringtone Maker or MP3Cutter app that lets you cut the best part of your favorite song or music file and save it as a ringtone, alarm, or notification sound. It supports almost every file format, including MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, to make a new sound. Simply import a music file from your device storage and select the start & end points of your desire part of the audio clip. Hit the play button to preview, and if you are satisfied, save it as a new clip.

You can rename the file while saving and chose as default ringtone or assign it with a contact. Ringdroid also has an Audio Recorder built-in in case you want to capture a sound and make a new tone from it.

MP3 Cutter

Best for
Price: Free with ads
MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

MP3 Cutter is a popular Ringtone Maker app that works as it sounds. Load a song, chose the best the part you need, cut it and save as the new file to use as ringtone later. With just a few taps, you get a custom sound.

It supports many popular music formats and also comes with an audio recorder in case you need it. Besides, it has a friendly, clean UI for loading a song, browse created ringtones, or managing them to assign with different contacts.

Pi Music Player

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player is an excellent audio player with some distinctive features, such as being able to search for music online and directly play music from youtube. However, the punch here is the ringtone cutter. You can use the songs in your library to create a notification tone or a ringtone. It works similarly to other music trimming app.

How do I download a ringtone to my phone?

The alternative to trimming a clip with these standard ringtone maker apps you can also use apps to download ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones available for free online. There are many apps available that offer thousands of tracks and sounds in many categories. Let’s check out some of the best ringtone apps.

What is the best free ringtone app?

ZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers

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ZEDGE Free Ringtones for Android & Wallpapers

Zedge is one of the most visited and aged online services that offer free content to personalize mobile devices. The Zedge ringtone downloads app will provide you thousands of custom ringtones. From theme music to electro sounds, pop, rock, jazz, and much more, categorize selections are available.

In addition to free ringtone files, Zedge also provides HD wallpapers, thousands of beautiful themes, ebooks, live wallpapers, app icons, and smartwatch faces for Android Wear, etc. The app also allows assigning a ringtone directly from the app’s downloaded files section.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Audiko ringtones app

Check out the Audiko app to get some fantastic tones, notification sounds, and alarm tones. Ringtones are available in many genres such as pop, party, hip-hop, classical, rock, rap, etc. Apart from downloading ringtones, users can also use the app to create ringtones from the existing music files in the library with the built-in ringtone editor.

Furthermore, users can connect to Play Music to create custom tones from the Google Music library. In recent updates, the developer added a subscription model ($2.99 per month) that allows downloading an unlimited number of Higher quality ringtones.

Z Ringtones Premium 2020

Price: Free with ads
Z Ringtones Premium

Z Ringtones is a simple app with straightforward navigation that primarily lists ringtones by categories for quick downloading. It’s a free app supported by ads, which might be a little annoying as there are too many of them. However, it has a pretty good selection of song’s ringtones, including Classics, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Pop, R&B/Soul, Rock, and more genre. There are also many theme songs and sounds available for shows, Games, Christmas and Pet & Animals.

Users can browse the most popular tones or search for particular songs. Another thing you should keep in mind that there are many duplicate sounds with different names. So, make sure to preview an item before downloading it.

Top 100 Best Ringtones

Price: Free with ads

Expect a wide variety of ringtones in the Top 100 Best Ringtones app. It has a collection of hand-picked tones from different genres and regions. You will find funny ringtones, Arabic, Turkish melodies, classics, love, and romantic ringtones, as well as Islamic ringtones, sounds from Hollywood & Bollywood movies, Chinese, Korean and Japanese films.

Funny SMS Ringtones

Price: Free with ads
Funny Notification Sounds

Everybody wants to assign some hilarious sound clips for some contacts at certain times. The teens often use funny SMS Ringtones for friends. This free app is all about downloading unusual notification sounds that put a smile on your face or laughter out loud. Moreover, you will also find a bunch of funny wallpapers to add touches of humor on your screen.

Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

The developer of “Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me” promised to serve for all moods and tastes, even funny ringtones! The sounds are well organized into categories so users can find the desired sound conveniently. New and unique sounds are regularly updated so you will not bore with the same old ringer.

The app also lets you download high-quality images to use as wallpaper. The “Dynamic Wallpapers” option allows you to changes backgrounds automatically at your choice of interval. A neat feature is the ability to share your favorite ringtones with friends and family on social networks.

Bird Calls, Sounds

Price: Free with ads

Bird Calls is a unique tone app that aims to bring hundreds of bird sounds to your phone, including songbirds such as kookaburra, skylark, blue jay and warbler or nightingales, cardinals, and sparrows. Bird chirping could be an excellent addition to the standard notification tones. Imagine waking up to hearing bird sounds for alarm in the morning.

Interestingly, you will also get an elegant collection of birds wallpapers. Another impressive feature is that you can also set a timer to play bird sounds that helps you relax and sleep better.

Are ringtones free to download?

Yes, you can use an app to download free ringtones for android without paying any money. We would love to hear your experiences with these best ringtone app. Furthermore, feel free to share your favorite ringtone apps in the comments below.

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