How to use Superuser and SuperSU for Android Rooting


Superuser vs SuperSU – Android Root Management at its Best!

How to use Superuser and SuperSU

The process of rooting your android involves getting the rights to advanced system management. When an Android device gets rooted, it simply installs a binary file called “su” in it, which allows higher access rights and resource management. The “su” binary needs to be activated and put into use for the device to run and function other apps that require root access. To make this interface between the binary and user possible, Superuser or SuperSU is the must-have root app to manage access rights to system-level operations.

Any rooted Android devices will not function correctly without one of these two apps. By making use of these apps, any app that requires root privileges will need to ask permission to the user. And in this article, we will show how users can make use of Superuser and SuperSU for Android Rooting.

What is Superuser? 

Superuser is an Android app that allows users to control the root settings of android phone or tablet. This usually acts as the barrier between the SU binary and user to run or install specific apps restricted by the Operating System for security concerns. The user then has the option of allowing or disallowing the function on the device. Superuser manages these access of permissions for different apps that can be set to default. 

What is SuperSU? 

SuperSU is another app that works similarly to the Superuser app. However, it is a Multi-functional app that allows users to obtain administrative access or administrative rights more peculiarly called “root access” on their Android Device. In other words, it is the app that gives access to the system files of the device and allows managing permissions.

How to Use Superuser to Root Android?

Superuser is a root management tool that is not capable of rooting a device; instead, it’s an app that helps in the rooting process to function properly. The superuser app primarily manages permission for granting root access to particular apps. So it’s more like the go-to app after one has completed rooting their device.  

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How to Use SuperSU to Root Android?

How to Use SuperSU to Root Android

Unlike Superuser, SuperSU can help with the whole rooting process. However, it does require the help of TWRP and also the bootloader being unlocked. So to use SuperSU to Root the Android device, the steps below must be followed to their full extent. 

  1. Download the latest version of SuperSU from this link. 
  2. Download file to the computer 
  3. Now plug in the device to the computer and allow USB File access. 
  4. Copy the .zip file to the internal storage of the phone or to the SD card. 
  5. Now, reboot the android device into TWRP recovery mode (Get TWRP app first if you don’t have) – press and hold the Power, Volume Up, and Volume Down button simultaneously.
  6. Once the mode reveals, press the volume keys to boot into Recovery Mode. 
  7. This will lead you to the TWRP home screen. 
  8. Navigate and click the Install Button.
  9. It is wise to create a backup before installing it. 
  10. Next, in the following screen, scroll down and navigate to the SuperSU ZIP file copied on the storage. 
  11. Tap on the SuperSU Zip, and then a new screen will prompt. 
  12. Swipe to confirm the flashing process. 
  13. It might take some time. But as soon as it completed directly ta on “Wipe Cache/Dalvik.” This will clear all unwanted Cache and give a fresh new start to the device.  
  14. Once the cache is cleared, just press the Reboot System and wait for the device to reboot itself. 
  15. If the TWRP prompts up asking to install SuperSU. Remember to Press ‘DO NOT INSTALL” as it will re-begin the whole process.  
  16. So once, this is done. The Whole Rooting Process shall be Over.  
How to install SuperSU on android

After the installation has been completed and the device has been rooted. A new SuperSU icon will appear on the app drawer. This app will pop itself up whenever any app needs root permission on your device. Users can choose the option not to ask again, and the root permission menu will not prompt until the device restarts itself.

Superuser vs SuperSU, which is better  

Well, both of these applications are great, but each comes with their one Pros and Cons. For instance, SuperSU is quite easy to use and grants user-access with one simple click. However, to install and use it, you need to install TWRP first. As for Superuser, it does offer faster notification, but in the end, it cannot help out the whole rooting process. Let’s have a look at what they can offer.


  1. It helps to Root and Unroot the device, which is excellent for people who want to unroot their devices after rooting it quickly.
  2. It offers re-Authentication of apps even after they are updated. 
  3. Offers LOGS to keep track of when any app required root access  
  4. It also offers Default access in the setting menu, so the user does not waste time to grant or deny apps each time they make a request. 

Well, those are the advantages are great, but Superuser also brings a lot to the table. 


  1. Ghost Mode for times when you do not want the device to detect whether your device is rooted. Great for banking apps. 
  2. A very Intuitive and User-Friendly UI. For anyone to master and use. 
  3. Just like SuperSu, it too offers Logs to keep track of the times when an app asked root access. 
  4. It does offer faster updates and also gives off faster notification about any app which needs root access or was recently updated. 

Both SuperUser and SUperSU are amazing

As discussed above, each of these apps has its perks and cons. But in the end, both do their job perfectly. Although it does seem like the SuperSU slightly have the upper hand considering the additional bonus that it delivers. However, on a clear management standpoint, SuperUser feels great. Both of them log and report actions in time and allow the user to experience having the supremacy authority over their rooted Android devices. 

Also, we would love to hear from you on your thoughts about both of these apps. Let us know what do you think? Which one is better? 

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