Superuser vs SuperSU – Android Root Management at its Best!

The process of rooting your android involves getting the rights to advanced system management. Every Rooted Android device gets Superuser (must have root app) which allows higher access rights and resource management. SuperSU Android app as the only alternative, to manage access rights to system-level operations.

Just Rooted your Android Phone or Tablet? Decide which one will you use to manage root permission on your Android,  Superuser or SuperSU?

SuperUser vs SuperSU - Root Management at its Best

The Superuser  the app was developed by ChainsDD which is the most popular variant of superuser app. The free version, available on the Store, is sufficient for a normal user who wants only to set which applications should be granted additional rights. There is also a paid version called superuser Elite, which provides a set of advanced features. You get Ghost mode for when you do not want to the root to be detected, password protection for managing rights, log and notification settings for each application. Notification settings are welcome for those who are tired of the message “X has Been granted superuser permissions”.

And the logs helps us discover if an application called as the root user except when required times their grant. Other functions will be available later. Download SuperUser Android app from the Playstore:

Download SuperUser APP

SuperSU has also been available for some time and is developed by Chainfire, well-known for advanced Android tools offered through his applications. SuperSU improves everything about Superuser and adds more options. The free version offers faster notifications, there is a possibility of disabling them for each app and a new interface, attractive and easy to handle. In addition, according to developer claims by using SuperSU you’ll enjoy higher speed from the apps that require root rights, especially on Android 4.0+.

The paid version called SuperSU Pro provides the opportunity to keep root rights after a system update, which usually cancels these rights. Although the method is not guaranteed the option is very useful. We have password protection and advanced log configuration settings for each application.

SuperUser vs SuperSU - Root Management at its Best(2)

Download SuperSU Android App from the playstore

Download SuperSU APP

Replacing Superuser with SuperSU is simple enough for advanced users. Install SuperSU from the store and give it rights for the first superuser access. Allow the application to update the library. Later move SuperSU in the system directory (System / App) with a file manager that has root capabilities. You can use ES File Explorer or X-plore to set the permissions as follows: RW-R-R. You can then delete Superuser from system directory, or you can keep if you want to return. There is also a CWM Recovery flashable SuperSU zip in a dedicated post on XDA Developers.

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  1. Thank you for the usefull information but I want to ask if I choose super su instead of super user and of course I delete super user, can I unrooted my device o I need to keep super user for undo root access on my device?. Hope you can write me back as soon as you can. Thank you very much.


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