The Best Root Apps to install on Rooted Android Phone/Tablet

Boost the capability of your rooted android device unlocking its fullest potential with these top root apps.

Best Root Apps to install on Rooted Android

In this article, we do not intend to convince you to root your android phone. We will not even try to show you how it is done, at least not for today. This is the impartial view of facts as they have unfolded in the recent past and the advantages as well as the downside to rooting your android phone. Facts are just that; facts. There are a great number of Android users root their devices as soon as after purchasing the device even if they don’t realize the full benefits of rooting. Here, we plan on helping you get the best out of your rooted android device by downloading the top most popular android root apps.

We have prepared a list of powerful root apps for all of you that have already rooted their Android phones or tablet devices. It will also give those who are still sitting on the fence a glimpse of what they can enjoy by rooting their phone.

What are the Advantages of rooting Android?

Administrator privileges
When you root your phone, it is akin to running your Windows PC as an admin; you can do more with your newly acquired rights. Talk about accessing hidden files, powerful uninstalling, and boot options.

Remote control your phone
If you need to access your phone remotely, then rooting will do the trick as this is not allowed on out of the box android.

Ad blocking software
You can block known Ad servers to get rid of annoying Ads contained in most free apps.

Custom ROMs
After rooting, you can install hundreds of ROMs to make your android device functional as you like. Some of these can even speed up your processors boosting your gaming and general user experience.

Free up memoryYou can move apps that would otherwise not function well to the SD card to free up space on your android device’s internal storage.

What are the Disadvantages of rooting Android?

Warranty is void
Once you tamper with your OS in this manner, the manufacturer’s warranty becomes void.

Risk of bricking your phone
By carrying out this operation, you risk rendering your phone permanently inoperable just like having a brick in your pocket.

Reduced performance
Some users claim that their devices become significantly slower after being rooted. This depends on the kind of changes you make to your stock operating system.

Susceptibility to malware
Being to able install various mod or aftermarket apps mean you are opening your device to more malware threats.

So, To root or not to root your phone/ tablet?

However much this is not an attempt to convince anyone to root their phones, it is self-evident that rooting your device could potentially come with many benefits. You get to enjoy faster speeds and more control over your device, but it is not without risks. Downloading all your apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store can minimize the risks of infecting your android with viruses. You should go ahead only after you have read and understood the consequences of doing so and have decided you can live with them.

Let’s talk about the must-have root apps to get the full potential usage out of the phone or tablet.

Root apps are powerful and have almost unlimited access to your device’s resources, and that should be a reason to be concerned. That said, rooting your android phone is not the worst idea you have ever had. As with most risk ventures, the spoils are also great. Below are ten best root apps every rooted android device should have. If you are among those who have already rooted their device, then you must download them.

Titanium backup

Price: Free


Now that you have rooted your android device, you most certainly need this God app so you can be on top of things always. First, it will help you install the much longed-for bloatware which most people cannot do without. It will also help you backup your stuff and apps but what is perhaps the coolest feature is the ability to freeze apps. It is akin to just pausing them, so they remain installed but never run unless you say so. This can help you control useful apps that have annoying background processes. This app is very popular because it is arguably the most useful root app ever made.

The latest versions have been greatly improved in terms of usability and interface and added lots of functions. Among these worth mentioning is the ability to convert user apps to the system, integrate system apps updates into ROM to save storage space, clean the Dalvik cache and much, much more.

Superuser – SuperSU – Superuser (ClockworkMod)

Price: Free


For a long time, we only had one option in terms of Superuser apps – the one that grants root rights for those apps that require it. Now we have three. No matter which you choose I personally recommend the one from ClockworkMod. It offers all the features for free that the other two provide by purchasing the Pro versions. Plus it has a great interface and is very intuitive in terms of usage. Still, you can’t go wrong with either. Plus the one by ClockworkMod is OPEN SOURCE ( SuperSU has also gained increased popularity.

One of these apps is practically your only option when it comes to managing the front door of your rooted android device. These app helps to captain the ship, so no cranky old app decides to go rogue and attempt mutiny. If you have rooted your android in the most conventional ways, you probably already have this app installed. The cool thing is that you can even completely unroot your phone if you want to. Among the most useful features of the app is the list of all root apps where you can also deny access thus be in control always.

Rom manager

Price: Free with ads


The ROM manager is yet another must-have for every rooted device. This will help you carry out just about every advanced task you can imagine. You can flash your latest recovery, backup your stuff and install your favorite custom ROMs either from your storage or the web. We are not done; that is just the free version. The premium version is loaded with tons of other cool features that will make you wonder why the app runs smoothly if it has that many features. The modern easy-to-use interface makes this app incredibly easy to use and besides, the good looks it runs smoothly on most Android versions.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP


This app is useful for other apps mentioned on this list to execute advanced tasks. This is only advisable for the rooted android experts though because some of the tasks are a bit sophisticated. In a nutshell, this app grants you access to some all-powerful LINUX/UNIX based commands that you normally cannot use ordinarily. Even though you are not in a position to use its interface to key in advanced commands, you can still install it to aid you in other root apps to do the same.

Dumpster Photo & Video Restore

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Are you still on an Android version that does not come with the “recycle bin“ app installed in the factory settings? Well, consider this app your Redeemer. It will be dumpster dive for files you accidentally deleted and restore them for you, so you don’t have to suffer the inconveniences of having to download or create them again. And now you are probably wondering what makes this different for all the tons of other apps that can do similar actions. Root access does give this and other root apps somewhat of an edge over regular apps; so yeah, this is on point!

Flashify (for root users)

Price: Free with ads

With this app, you have the ability to queue up stuff and flash from recovery without having to restart your phone first. This alone makes Flashify one of the most useful apps a rooted device should not be without. It is easy to use and often popular among beginners of rooted android and people who are not be fans of ADB commands and Fastboot commands. Oh, perhaps it is not fair to talk about this app and fail to mention that besides having a modern feel and a beautiful interface for that matter, it is also one of those apps that actually work. However, it is not entirely free on the Google play store so you might have to pay a few bucks to get full functionality.


Price: Free


Would you like to gain more control over the malicious often useless background processes that are responsible for draining much of your battery? Greenify is one of the most coveted root apps because of the power it gives the user over their own android device. We are not talking about the regular task manager kind of app here. This one will give detailed information about the individual apps and processes that have been waking your device and how frequently. All features of Greenify are totally free, so you don’t have anything to lose by checking it out. Be sure to make an optional donation to support the developers of the app in their quest to develop better apps.

Root explorer

Price: Free/ $3.12

The root explorer is the hyped version of your regular android file explorer. With this app, you can access all files on your device including your system files which will normally stay hidden in the unrooted android device. This app will come in handy when you want to change file permission. You can also organize your apks manually on the system partition. This app is extremely light and will run smoothly without any foreseeable bugs. Now the only downside to the app is that it is not- free which means you have to pay for it. There is other free software that can do the same as ES File Explorer File Manager

If you are not willing to pay then try ES File Explorer File Manager.


Price: Free

Link2SD allows you to move apps over to your SD card without compatibility issues with the apps that have no App2SD support. This is really effective if your phone keeps slowing down or freezing because it has little space left on its internal storage. This will also help you to fix that ‘not enough space’ error message when you are downloading from the Google Play Store. Marshmallow’s adaptable storage is much better but again not all of us can get our hands on it and so this works a great alternative too. The spoiler is that even though you may move your apps, they are still likely to run slower than usual. Don’t forget this app is supposed to help you salvage space for something else on your device internal and not to boost your lazy apps!


Price: Free

Have you ever been so annoyed with developer Ads appearing all over your screen while you use the free apps that you wanted to throw your phone into a wall? Well, this is yet another good reason why you should root your phone. With root privilege, Adaway will block ads showing up by modifying the host file of your android device. This app is a very effective ad blocker and needless to say it doesn’t contain ads itself.

The Best Apps for Rooted Android mentioned above will surely boost the capability of your rooted android device. Let us know your favorite root apps for android by mentioning them in the comments section below.

Khaled Shariar
Khaled Shariar
Khaled is using Android OS since the very first Google Phone. He started to help other Android/ iOS users to find the right Applications/ Games and solving issues with their phone. Khaled also works in Creative Media Design.


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