10 of the Best Free Android Benchmark app for GPU, Processor speed test and more


The best free Android benchmark apps for Processor speed test and measure performance.

Android Benchmark app for GPU, Processor speed test

We constantly test to compare our smartphone with the others to see if it’s at the best level. If you own an Android device of your own, and then you can compare your device’s performances with the following benchmarking apps. These android benchmarking software can do the processor speed test, benchmark the GPU, and much more. You may not get the hundred percent accurate data from a benchmark app but any of the following apps will provide a pretty close result.

10 Android benchmark app to know how your device doing compared to other smartphones.

1. AnTuTu (Free)

Not all the app can give you better support as the AnTuTu app does. This oldest app will show you overall performance scores through User Experience test. CPU test will test your CPU’s performance. RAM test will measure your RAM’s performance. GPU test will measure the graphics properties. I/O test will provide scores based on the storage and input/output data.

2. Quadrant Standard Edition (free)

If you desire to test different types of your device’s hardware, then you can use Quadrant Standard Edition app.
The app runs smoothly, and it is pretty fast. It ensures the tests of CPU, Memory and I/O within a moment. Though the custom setting isn’t much, it’s still making good measurements. The best thing about this app is that it can support both 2D/3D graphics performance.

3. Base mark OS II (free)

Another great benchmarking app you can use now a day is Base mark OS II. If you require experiencing the different performance score on different hardware, then you must utilize this app. It is a cross-platform based app. To compare with the other devices running the same Base mark app, you only need to connect the power board database.

4. Geekbench 3 (free)

If you want to separate the multiple processor’s performance scores, you may use this app. This unique cross-platform app separates the single core’s score from the multi-core processor easily. The app provides all the tests in detailed results. It may look hard to understand it at first, but it will get over soon.

5. NenaMark2 (free)

You will find it providing a better performance score to compare with the other Android devices. This app support OpenGL|ES 2.0. The past version of this app NenaMark1 was used to measure the 3D graphics properties. NenaMark2 measures the 3D graphics performance too, but better than the last one. It also provides the result in FPS method (Frame per Second).

6. Vellamo Mobile Benchmark (free)

Developed by Qualcomm, Vellamo is another full-featured app to use. Vellamo gives you tests in three different classes. Browser test will provide performance when you use your internet browser. When using multiple tasks, Multicore will measure the performance smoothly. Metal will measure performance when running a single task.

7. 3DMark Sling Shot Benchmark (free)

Developed by Futuremark, this app is one of the innovative apps to check the gaming performance of your device. 3DMark Sling Shot is an advanced app because it supports OpenGL ES 3.1 and can run on Android version 5.0 or later. It evaluates the performance of the GPU and CPU and shows the score graph. The process is so fast that you cannot ignore using this app.

8. GFXBench GL Benchmark 3.0 (free)

GFXBench is usually a gaming benchmarking app running on the latest devices. The app compares and measures gaming performance pretty sharply. It usually runs on the higher versions of Android devices but can be used on the older versions too. It supports OpenGL ES 3.1 tests as well. The interface is suitable for each and every user.

9. Neocore (free)

Originally developed by Qualcomm, this app is great to test the CPU performance. Although it used to get a full score on CPU testing, also supplies a respectable score on 3D graphics properties. It puts down the score in FPS method (Frame per Second) which is easily understandable to the user.

10. Base mark X (free)

Developed by Rightware, this app also lets users check cross-platform comparison. This benchmark measures the gaming performances and provides a suitable score between Windows, Android & IOS devices. It features high-quality graphics contents. You require shutting down all other applications before running it.

Not all of the benchmarking apps are best for your device. That’s why these ten apps have been picked out for you. All other necessary details you can obtain through the given links. Thank you for your valuable time.

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