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Check out these best third party app stores for Android

Android App store Alternative

Google play store has millions of apps for almost anything you need. However, for some reason, many apps get removed from the android app store, or some particular apps are not allowed within it. Also, you might be looking for a wider variety of free apps to download. In either case, you do not need to look hard to find as we have a list of the best third-party app stores.

What are the best Google Play alternative app stores?

These Android app stores offer many free apps paid apps for free or give a discount on premium apps and other rewards. But keep in mind not every app from these sources are as safe as form google play. So, take precautions before installing an app, and we are not responsible for any circumstance.

Amazon Appstore

Amaozn appstore for android

Amazon provides a stellar app store with all Fire devices that include libraries of books, movies, apps, games, and much more. However, you can also install amazon appstore apk as an actual app on other android devices and get access to all the contents it offers. Simply download the Amazon_App.apk in install on your phone. It is one of the most reliable and secure sources for apps outside the google play store. Besides, it’s a fantastic way to spend those gift cards you find in your stockings on games and apps.



Aptoide is a popular third party app-store among the users who are desperate to check out all kinds of apps, including the shady ones. It even allows to use the service without creating an account. It is has a fairly large library of all the modern apps and games. However, Aptoide is also known for its lesser regulations for content that allows NSFW apps and games. In addition, there are some questionable apps as well that would enable to watch free movies and Tv show or browse illegitimate content. We suggest you to occasionally run an antivirus app to know all is going well.

Huawei AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery

AppGallery was only available to Huawei and Honor devices. However, the company decided to release it for everyone after the US sanctions that bans using google services on its devices. Huawei took some initiatives for developers to brings their APKs to its platform. Since then, the number of apps dramatically increases, and AppGallery now has more than a million apps and games form all the famous publishers. New users also get exclusive content and free welcome gifts.


APKMirror app store

APKMirror isn’t an actual app store app that you can install on your phone. Instead, it works as an app repository where developers upload their app files, including the half-baked ones. The good thing is the beta apps installed from this source can still get updates from the Play Store if a newer version comes out, which is convenient. Occasionally some apps malfunction with an update on some devices, and you need to roll back to a previous version. That is where APKMirror is a relief as it also lets you download the older apks of an app.


Appbrain app market

Appbrain is another app market that allows developers to promote apps by uploading free and premium apps on their website. It is an excellent place to find premium apps for free as often developers offer paid apps for free for a limited time as part of the promotion. This App Store alternative allows you access to extensive details of apps that you will not find in any other place. Users can browse through the trending apps and all-time popular apps to see some of the best android apps of all time.

Getjar Apps

getjar apps apk

Getjar is the biggest open appstore appealing to the indy developer or user with this inclination. It has some features that set it apart from other similar app stores. First, a large portion of the money made through the distribution of the app goes to the developers. GetJar has a loyalty program that rewards with virtual currency to spend on in-app purchases or premium apps. The site also gives you updates on apps you have already downloaded from other sources.



SlideME is the perfect choice if you want to get into the community of the app. It offers a comments section on the main page of the app that also passes the feedback directly to the developers and helps other users decide on whether they should download the app or not. It is also much easier to navigate than some other marketplaces. Although SlideME offers a good selection of productivity apps like OfficeSuite or WPS Office their gaming section is somewhat limited.


Download F-Droid App apk

F-Droid is a bit like an app within an app. Download this, and you will have access to a huge variety of open source applications for your phone or tablet. The app allows you to keep track of all the apps you have downloaded, organize them to your liking, and provides a fast and straightforward way to remove them if necessary. The best part is, all of the apps available on F-Droid are entirely free!

Samsung GalaxyApps

Samsung galaxy app store

Samsung Galaxy Apps is the perfect choice for galaxy smartphone owners, where users can find optimized apps for Samsung phones and tablets. You can find some of the most popular apps and games, along with top quality galaxy apps to take advantage of S-Pen technology and other features that come from the manufacturer. There is also a great selection of theming apps to personalize the look of your phone. It has a clean UI that makes navigating around much more accessible.

Browse Samsung GalaxyApps



APKUpdater isn’t technically an app store, but it keeps track of your existing apps and gets new updates without using another AppStore. Since it monitors multiple sources for apps, users are guaranteed to get the latest features as soon as it becomes available. Users get notified of a new version of an app whenever it can find a link to download the apk file. APKUpdater also allows to search for other apps, but the results are extensive like other app stores.

Download APKUpdater apk

Each of the app stores above has its advantages; some of them also offer free paid apps, reward systems to download premium apps, and more. Try these play store alternatives and let us know your experience. You can also get access to many geo-restricted apps by following our guide to download apk file directly and sideload to your device.

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