How to Download apk files on PC or Android from Play Store ( Apk Downloader, Real APK Leecher)

Download Android Apk files directly on Android or PC form andorid market using Real APK Leecher or Android Apk Downloader.

Have you ever wanted to download an Android app and disappointed to see that the app is not available to your device or for some reason you can’t download. Or you own an andorid device that doesn’t have Google Play store app on it. (For example, one the of most popular andorid tablet device Amazon Kindle Fire comes with only amazon appstore.) In that case you need to download the andorid app apk files on a computer and transfer to your device or just download the apk on deice directly. While there are plenty of website allows to download apk files they might not be secure. The best option would be downloading the official apks from android market.

Well, from now on you will be able to download android apps apk file directly on your Andorid devices. You can also download on PC, then it just a matter of transferring the file to your device and install. There are two tools available to do so. We will show them to you.

APK Downloader

APK Downloader- Download apk files on PC or directly on android

A relatively new tool – APK Downloader allows to Pull APK Files Directly From Google Play. This is a web app where you enter the package name (the part on the URL of the app on the Play Store, after “id=”) or simply enter play store url for the app you want to download. Once you paste the app url or id, hit the generate download link button. In a few moments your app apk will be ready to download. To protect developers from piracy you are only allowed to download apps those are free on Google Play store. Since, this is an web based tool, you can use it from any web browser, no matter which device you are using.
Go to Android Apk Downloader

Real APK Leecher

Developed by xda member whisky_x, Real APK Leecher allows to pull any apk from Google Play Store (former android market) on your PC. This is an older tool and might not work properly for every one. The tool features:

  • Download APK from market to your PC
  • Download apk icon (just for fun )
  • Download multiple files at once
  • Supports to search in:
    – Vendor name
    – Package name. Ex:
    – Custom
How to Download Android App Apk files directly on PC

Follow the instructions below to get your desired apks on the computer but remember:

– Use at your own risk. We will not take responsibility for anything happen to you or your account.
– This tool request Java Runtime Environment(JRE) or JDK.
– Do not delete “lib” folder.

  1. Download the Real APK Leecher tool. Unzip it to the destination folder of your choice on your computer. There is no install process, but the tool does require Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0 to be installed on your computer. If you don’t have it (or are unsure if you do), do not worry, as you’ll be prompted to download it when you run the Real APK Leecher.
  2. At first run of Real APK Leecher, you’ll be asked to fill email address and password referring a Gmail account set as main account on your android smartphone, and the device ID which can be found by pressing *#*#8255#*#* from device dial pad. If it opens “GTalk Service Monitor”, find lines that begin with JID and Device ID. Your account is JID, and your device id is a string that after android- prefix.

How to Download Android App Apk files directly on PC


How to Download Android App Apk files directly on PC        4. Let’s search your desired app by title or developer. Once you see it in the result, right click and select download this app.

Once completed, transfer the downloaded file to your device via usb, bluetooth or using WebSharingLite with wi-fi network. Now install the apk file manually, enjoy! source.

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  1. Tks. Now I know other tools. Are they safe? I used to use extension of known sites like apkpure, apknite as I’m afraid of virus :v.

  2. You can install APK extractor app from play store and extract .apk to phone storage card.
    Behzad ravanbakhsh

  3. Works well but it seems that applications blocked by the provider as “not available in your country” still do not show up in the list so it was unfortunately of little help. Some additional search options would be useful too if the user just wants to browse for fun apps.

  4. hey, m not able to download when i search for app it shows a pop up which states-cannot load the list of apps. plz check ur internet connections. plz tell me the solution

  5. its not downloading…… showing error in downloading due to bad device ID but i saved perfect….

  6. This is great! in my country data plans r sooooooo expensive u need 2 b a wealthy businessman to hav those. this tiny app works well. but thr r some problems like progress bar doesn’t updated at all. And some apps aren’t listed.

    Anyway for me its real worth

  7. Works perfectly for me… thanks for such a lovely tool…
    And can i download paid app from this tool….

    • hi . apk leecher not working for error cannot load the list of apps. plz check ur internet connec………… plz hl me hw to change the problem, r how to install

  8. This doesn’t show most apps…basic ones like iPlayer/ITV Player etc don’t show up – looks like UK apps arent visible?


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