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Grab an audiobook app! Read 10 times as fast with the breakthrough of this generation – Audio Books!

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There are too many good books out there, aren’t there? Each of them is as delightful as useful they can be. Our time is short; we never have enough time to do all those reading no matter how much we want to. Hence the 21st century itself came up with this wonderful solution – audio books. Yes, audiobooks can give you nearly the same output as if you read it all by yourself on an eBook reader app.

The advantage is, in audio books, the narrator goes fast enough to keep you from getting distracted, and that saves up your time. So grab your list of books today and play them in audio.

10+ amazing android audiobook apps that have gigantic collection of books that comes for Free!


This has a massive library of books to choose from, in fact, more than 180,000, as well as Audible Channels and podcasts. Although the app is free to download, you’ll begin a 30-day free trial, and then you can purchase a subscription within the app at a monthly cost of $14.95 or buy individual titles. It offers contemporary best-selling books, with both fiction and non-fiction, and award-winning celebrity narrators to read to you. Playback features are good, with multitasking support, variable speed, chapter navigation and more.

This app features syncing across devices, offline downloads, the ability to send any of your books to someone you know (they receive the first item free), and integration with Amazon Prime membership for access to exclusive content


LibriVox AudioBooks Free

LibriVox makes listening to spoken books a pleasure with a choice of over 24,000 free audiobooks and unlimited access. As well as bestsellers and classics, this app also offers some books that are out of print for those who have been seeking something out. The books can be Internet-streamed or downloaded for offline use later, and users can search by title, keyword, or genre. If you like listening to one particular narrator, you can even narrow the choice down further.

Further features include unlimited bookmarks, a sleep timer, and support for Android Auto, Google Cast, and Bluetooth controls. In-app-purchases apply to some new releases, bestsellers, and professional works, and a premium version is also available.


Smart AudioBook Player

This reader app is designed primarily for playing audiobooks that you already have. It includes features such as bookmarking, control widgets (for the home page and notification tray), variable playback speed, automatic pause, and progress saving. Although it’s free to download, this means you’ll get a 30-day free trial. Following this, the full version will set you back $2, or you can continue with a basic version.


Audio Books by Audiobooks

This is a popular app that offers unlimited access to more than 6000 titles completely free. However, you’ll need to pay extra to access premium catalog with a choice of over 1000,000 to choose from. Audiobooks can be streamed over mobile data or Wi-Fi or downloaded to your mobile device. Users can create custom bookmarks including comments and notes, rate and review the titles, and sync listening across devices.


Material Audiobook Player

This is a basic but free and open-source audiobook app for Android. It has no ads and a clean and streamlined look based on Material Design. You simply add a folder containing files and away you go! Material Audiobook Player can remember your last position and adjust playback speed and includes a sleep timer and bookmarks among other features.


Highly rated on the Google Play Store, this app offers more than 10,000 free audiobooks to listen to via streaming over the Internet. You can listen and read the books at the same time, and the app offers only titles in the public domain, so this is a great choice if you like classic works of literature such as Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare works and more, rather than today’s bestsellers.


Audiobook Player for tablet

This app will play the audiobooks that you already have stored on your smartphone or tablet, and it’s another entirely free option. Users can manually specify a root folder or the app can automatically scan for books. It has many of the usual features of audiobook players, and settings include adjustable rewind and fast forward skip amount, total and remaining duration time, rewind after a pause, and lock screen book cover art. It’s a lightweight and basic app but good nevertheless, and there are no bothersome ads.


Although you’ll have to pay for this app from the outset, it does have a good reputation as a player for DRM-free books, and there are no further in-app purchases or ads to deal with. It includes a host of configurable options including skip times, headset button shortcuts, and UI colors, and features include a built-in equalizer, lock screen controls, widgets, variable playback speed, syncing position and bookmarks across devices, and more.

9. Adventure Audiobook Collection Audible (Free)

Adventure Audiobook Collection

If you are adventure seeking, here is a great library of adventure audiobooks. The app provides good reading for adventure and also for children. You can easily stream, download and play the audiobooks that are available in their database. All the audiobooks here are in the public domain and therefore absolutely free!

10. AudioBooks Free (Free)

Here is another app with more than 21000 audio books in its search database that are offered absolutely free. It mostly contains a great collection of classics such as Edgar Allen Poe, Martin Luther King Jr., Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Leo Tolstoy, William Shakespeare, Horatio Alger Jr. and also children books. The 10 most popular audio book charts are regularly updated in the app database which can be downloaded for free.

11. OVERDRIVE (Free)

Overdrive app has a rather different idea as users can sign up with or without a library card from a participating library, institution, or school. That means that instead of visiting the library, it comes to you! The benefit of using a library card is that over 30,000 libraries across the world have collaborated with OverDrive to offer audiobooks and eBooks, and because of this you can avoid late fees as the titles are returned on time from your smartphone or tablet.

12. DOWNPOUR (Free)

Our final choice is Downpour. This app has select audiobooks on offer that can be rented for either 30 or 60 days, or a library of audiobooks for sale. Users can access their entire library with offline playback available via Wi-Fi or cellular networks for when you’re out and about. It will also playback while supporting background downloading, and further features include track advance, automatic place saving, and easy syncing.

10 Sites for Free AudioBooks Download


We have, to begin with, this long-established website as it’s one of the largest available and partners with both LibriVox and AudioBooksfor free. Many thousands of books in the public domain are available to read, and you can browse listings arranged by title, author, and language. Users can choose to listen to works either read by computer-generated voices or with human narration. Of course, the latter is a far superior option so you might want to bear this in mind before you make your selection.


This site has a clean design and offers convenient navigation through the many titles available by top rating, trending, or latest release date, as well as providing a search bar. There are more than 100,000 audiobooks and eBooks available. It’s a good option for those who like the classics, and novels can be downloaded to your personal bookshelf for offline listening on a mobile device or desktop or played directly in the browser.

3. MIND WEBS (Free)

It’s always good to mix things up a bit, and this site is perfect for those who want radio dramatizations, particularly those looking for classic science fiction. It covers content from 169 half-hour radio shows from the 1970’s to the 1990’s, and although some of the recordings are low-quality because of their age, the site really benefits from the nostalgia and niche factor of these hidden gems.


Open Culture offers educational and cultural media, and there are 900 free titles to listen to in a variety of formats. The majority of these are classics, and you can download them to your computer or to your MP3 player. Find fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, and cover a whole host of genres and authors such as Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury, Virginia Woolf, George Orwell, William Shakespeare, and H. G. Wells.


This site features a huge section of audio book downloads, with more than 10,000 educational and inspirational works to choose from. They can be played on Android devices, iPhone, or iPod, or with MP3 downloads to a portable audio player. We should point out that while many of the audiobooks are free, there are charges for some of the others. It features a Download Library and dedicated sections for new and notable audiobooks, as well as the top 10 bestsellers. You can browse easily through the many categories, and just a few of these are arts and entertainment, literature, social sciences, politics, self-development, and philosophy.

6. SYNC (Free)

This is a rather niche suggestion and certainly not for everyone. However, if you are a teenager or have a teenager in the family, this could be the perfect site to look at, as users can receive two complete downloads every week. The free summer project is aimed at those aged over 13, and this year’s program opens on April 27. Powered by OverDrive and sponsored by AudioFile Magazine, the program is partnered with many others including Brilliance Audio, Dreamscape, HarperAudio, and Listening Library to name just a few.


Storynory is another great choice for those with kids, but this time it focuses on the younger members of the family. It’s a great resource for bedtime stories, particularly if you just don’t have a chance to read a story to the children yourself. It provides free audiobooks covering original stories, classics and fairytales, and even poems and music. There are hundreds of choices available and further stories being added each week. Probably the highlight of Storynory is the energetic narration that should certainly keep kids interested.


Unlike others, sites Thought Audio only provides free streaming online. However, if you do want to download and listen offline you can opt for a $10 yearly “Zip Pass.” If you don’t want a complete book as a single audio file, this site could be a good option as it breaks down into smaller segments. The site is powered by WordPress and Portfolio and contains an impressive selection of titles in the realms of literature and philosophy.


Scribl has free audiobooks as well as Ebooks and podcasts and prides itself on that much of its content is unique. It does include recent works, and rare documents offered on other sites, there are some very interesting works available. Books are available in an episodic format, and an unusual aspect of Scribe is that users can make a financial donation to any of the authors on the site if they wish.

10. LIT2GO (Free)

Now we get to the last of our chosen sites for free audio download, and a feature of this educational site is that some of the audiobooks come with an accompanying PDF. That’s a good idea as it enables users to read the text at the same time as listening, useful for those learning English or who don’t use it as their first language. Content includes short stories, plays, and poems, and they can be downloaded to your computer, CD, or MP3 player. An interesting point with this site is that you can browse by reading level as well as the usual author, title, and genre.


Each of these best audiobook apps noted here has its own unique features that have made it famous. We all enjoy the free things (free sites above), but do note that the audio books prices asked in some apps are really very cheap compared to their rarity and quality. While the world is running towards freeing knowledge, audiobook apps have set out to help humanity gain twice as much knowledge within the same period. Make the best use of it, read more than ever, dance like nobody is watching and live like it’s heaven on Earth!

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  1. I like PROJECT GUTENBERG very much, and it has become a very simple thing to download the audio book. Of course, I think some audio downloaders are also useful, such as the free hd video converter factory.

  2. Ayisha, thanks for listing Scribl. To let your readers know, we don’t actually accept donations though. Instead we encourage people who enjoy our large selection of free audiobooks to support authors by buying some of the CrowdPriced titles on our site. Prices are set by the download and purchase choices of fans of similar titles, so they are always fair. The lion’s share of every purchase price goes immediately straight to the author’s account so fans know the right party is getting their money.

    Not only that, every paid audiobook includes the ebook edition at no additional charge. And yes, there’s a plenty of free content too (both ebooks and audiobooks). 🙂


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