10 Best Face Swap App for Android


These face swap apps will make your photos fun!

Best Face Swap App for Android

Face-changing apps are fun as they make your photos look hilarious. You don’t need o to be a photoshop expert or professional photo editor to swap faces with someone else on a photo. With the advancement in AR technology and the processing power of the newest smartphones, and great face swap apps for android, it becomes easy to swap faces quickly and do other changes.

Which face swap app is best on android?

Face Swapping pictures are now everywhere on social media. Some excellent swap faces app can do the magic in real-time using the phone’s camera, plus some face-changing app can also let you manipulate to look younger or older. Let’s check out some of the best Best Face Swap Apps for Android.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Reface is currently the most popular face changing app that lets you instantly swap faces. It is mostly known for swapping faces with famous and popular celebrities. There are tons of popular memes and GIFs available where you can swap your face. Chose a clip and replace your face, save the final video as a gif file on your phone, or directly share it on social media. The free version of the place a Reface watermark and shows ads. It would help if you bought a subscription to remove them. User can also upload their own GIFs and pay around as a premium feature.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
How to Use Snapchat Face Swap

Snapchat is the pioneer of face swap apps on mobile. When Snapchat messaging app offers users to swap their faces with friends with a simple filter, it becomes wildly popular among users. The app will map a face on an image using AR and quickly swap with another person. The messaging apps also come with plenty of other features, filters, 3D Bitmoji, and lenses to create funny images and videos. In short, Snapchat is the most promising face swap apps.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
FaceApp — Face Editor & Beauty Makeover

This AI photo editing app is best for manipulating the photos with various face-shaped and tone-changing tools. With its aging filter, FaceApp took the mobile users like a storm, and hundreds of millions of people quickly installed it. It’s one of the best selfie editor apps that lets you fix your portrait photos with AI filters, backgrounds, effects, and other stuff. You can add a beard or mustache, change your hair color and hairstyle, add more hair, add makeup, remove spots, smoothing wrinkles, fix your cheekbones, and do lots of other things.

DiffSnap-AI camera

Price: Free
DiffSnap-AI camera,sticker,selfie,deepfake,cutout

The diffSnap-AI camera is a new face changer app that looks very promising. It includes a 3D Realtime Face Swap option in both photos and video selfies. Users can do some plastic surgery with various beauty effects and body reshaping tool. Along with the automatic functions, the app also lets users do some handwork for better results.

Magic Face

Price: Free / Offers IAP
Magic Face:face aging, young camera, fantastic app

Magic Face is another face aging app where you can put a picture and select an age to see how the person will look like at that age. It allows you to make a person look older or younger. Additionally, you can swap the gender and use various expression modes to change the look or apply ghost makeup.


Price: Free
B612 - Beauty & Filter Camera

B612 is primarily a selfie camera app to beauty your photos. But it also has a built-in Face Swap option. Best of all, it works in real-time while taking photos. So, make sure there are multiple faces in the frame. While taking photos, click the smiley icon and enable the face swap option. The app will do the rest to swap faces.


Price: Free with ads

Cupace is an interesting photo editor app that lets you cropping faces into pictures by yourself. You use a cutting tool to select the faces from a photo and collect them in the face gallery. After that, you can swap faces with one another. The zoom mode allows cutting face precisely. Although the process is a bit tricky, it’s one of the best face swap apps with lots of freedom.


Price: Free with ads
Mixbooth face changer app

MixBooth is a newer face swap app that gains popularity quickly. You can swap face with your favorite movie star, singer, or other famous people. The app has a large collection of pre-made templates pictures that you can use to switch yourself. User can import images from the gallery or even use image form Facebook account. Perhaps, the most interesting feature is to shake your phone to mix the face to create a final photo that you can save to the camera roll or share directly.

Face Changer 2

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Face Changer 2 is another popular free face swapper app. You can start by taking a new selfie or import an existing photo, then start swapping faces. Face Changer 2 has many filters and tools such as morph effects like an alien, fat, skinny, monster, and many more. The Smudge tool allows for reshaping and creating a funny cartoon face. Users can also tweak various face parts of the face, add decorations, and change backgrounds.

Face In 3D animations

Price: Free with ads

The result is far from perfection and not as nice as the other face swap apps in this list. However, it is hilariously funny. You can replace your face on small video clips and 3D animations to make fun clips. It has nine different themes and varied backgrounds, including On the Moon, Oscar Gala, Baby Dance, Skydiving, Bodybuilding Contest, Superhero, Christmas, and New Year 2020.

Face swap apps are intended to have some pure fun, and they are a current trend on smartphones and social networks. The best free face swapping app above will let you do the task perfectly. Let us know which face changing app you like most.

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