Best Free iPhone apps to train brain and improve memory

These apps help training mind, do brain exercises, improve analysis, calculation, and quick decision capabilities.

Free iPhone apps for brain training

Our brain is just like a muscle that needs regular exercise and challenge to grow to its full potential. Research shows that brain stimulation can help prevent age-related cognitive decline, reverse behavioral assessment declines in dementia and Alzheimer’s. Here are some of the best free iPhone apps and games to train your brain a little while having fun.

What is the best free brain training app?

Let’s get to know some of the best iOS brain training apps to start your daily brain workout today! Stimulate and improve your brain health, memory, and learning capacity in a fun and enjoyable way.

Lumosity: Brain Trainin‪g

Price: Free/ $9.99

Lumosity Brain Trainer is one of the best brain training apps for iPhone and iPad devices. It includes 10 brain games scientifically designed to enhance your memory, attention, processing speed, mental flexibility, and problem-solving. Playing these brain games for a few minutes every day will help you achieve the best results. The app also offers a personalized brain training program according to your needs based on your answered questions during the initial setup. It has a great selection of mini-games designed by scientists and researchers from top universities. You can also track your improvement over time and learn about your weakness and strength.

Peak – Brain Trainin‪g

Price: Free/ $4.99

The peak is a beneficial app for brain training using a smartphone. Similar to Lumosity, it comes with a decent collection of mini-games for improving your cognitive skills. They are six categories of games covering memory function, attention, problem-solving, mental Agility, language skills, coordination, and emotion Control. You can even play quick games at any time right from your apple watch. The free version of the app is vast, but a paid subscription unlocks all the games whenever you want and personalized training program with analytics.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
BrainHQ Brain Training app

BrainH‪Q is one of the better iPhone apps to train brain that has been mentioned in several scientific studies. The app combines a series of brain exercises and brain game along with a brain training program. The brain boosting app was designed to improve cognitive function, better brain performance, and faster processing speed, leading to a better daily life. The free version lets you do a free exercise each day to challenge your working memory. A monthly or yearly subscription will give you full access.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
NeuroNation - Brain Training app iphone

NeuroNation is a newer brain trainer app that helps to sharpen your thinking capacities for faster brain reflex. The app has been awarded a health prize from the German Federal Ministry of Health for its effort. It comes with 25 brain exercises in 250 levels that accelerate your brain function for mental skills, increase thinking speed and concentration to improve memory. These exercises also help to relieve stress and reduce depression. Users can get a personalized brain workout plan by doing a comprehensive analysis of their ability and also get along with friends and family in group exercises. Neuronation app also offers detailed insights into the progress and lets you compare the result with others.

Eidetic – Spaced Repetitio‪n

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Eidetic - Spaced Repetition memory app

Eidetic is a memory training app for developing emotional intelligence. It uses a ‘spaced repetition’ technique that lets users practice memorizing important information like phone numbers, addresses, credit card details, or passwords. It also a good app for students to enhance short term memory with the ability to retain information in the long term and remember terms and facts. From time to time, the app will popup tests to check your performance.


Price: Free
ReliefLink iphone app for mental health

A good brain training app should also focus on mental wellbeing. ReliefLin‪k is a vital app developed by Emory University aims for suicide prevention. It can track a person’s mood and improving mental health. It offers a host of relaxation exercises, cheerful music, and mindfulness voice recordings for meditation and supportive suggestions through expert therapists or support groups to boost mental agility. Additionally, a user can create a profile to track mood and thoughts, create a safety plan, add medical information, set reminders for appointments or medication, etc.

Brilliant – solve, learn, gro‪w‬

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Brilliant – solve, learn, grow brain trainer app

Brilliant is a superb educational app that has a fair amount of brain teasers and exercises. It offers amazing interactive learning experiences suitable for brain age. There are tons of puzzle games and math problems to solve. This is definitely a good app to sharpen mathematical skill with critical thinking rather than memorizing formulas. Every week there are new challenges added.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Memorize Slowly is a decent language learning app that helps to memorize word lists. The app displays a group of related words in an interesting way that makes it easier to grasp them. Particularly the animation of correlated words around the keyword does the trick. The app also offers quizzes, word games, lessons, and goals. Users can also let you create custom quizzes linked to personal interests. It is suitable for people of all ages to strengthen their language skills.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Impulse - Brain Training game for iPad

Impulse is also an interesting app that gives you 30 days of challenges with personalized workout plans that stimulate different parts of brain for cognitive functioning. You will also get memory game to increase brain activity and IQ tests to check intelligence. The app is free to use but shows a few ads after the initial trial period.

GEIST (Memorado): Brain & Min‪d

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
GEIST (Memorado)- Brain & Mind app

GEIST is another popular iOS app to boost brain power and soothing your mind. It has hundreds of interesting riddles with different difficulty levels. Additonally, the app recently adds audiobook functionality with various audio sessions and stories. You can also play many meditative games for doing brain yoga.

These best free brain training apps have been developed based on proper research and offer methods confirmed by many neuroscientists with proper knowledge in the field. So, we are certain that these apps will help you to become a sharp person.

Danica Simic
Danica Simic
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