Best Android Quiz Games and Trivia Apps for Free

Quiz and trivia apps are fun way to tease you brain and see how it works

Best Quiz and Trivia Games for android

Trivia games are, by far, the most straightforward kind of play yet can be very challenging at times. These are great games to play with friends and prove your knowledge, memory, and reasoning skills. However, because it’s a simple format, it can get challenging to find a trivia game that really stands out from the hundreds of others.

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What are the best trivia and quiz games?

The good news is we’ve found ten quiz games and trivia games for Android! All of these have online support, multiplayer capabilities, and a host of unique other functions. They’re all free, too, but none of them will feel like it.

Who Becomes Rich (Trivia Quiz)

Price: Free with ads
Who Becomes Rich Trivia Quiz game for android

Let’s start the list with a classic multiple-choice trivia quiz game, in the tradition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. This game has a wide variety of questions and the option to upload your own quizzes and questions, so you’ll never get the same questions again and again.

There are quizzes covering general knowledge, Sports, Movies, Politics, Geography, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, and more. Similar to all the millionaire quiz programs on TVs and Radios you get three lifelines.

94% – Quiz, Trivia & Logic

Price: Free with ads

94% require you to guess 94 percent of the answers for any given plot. To illustrate, think you have been asked to imagine all the things people do when they go on a date. The game has hundreds of similar questions based on many different topics, expressions, images, and new content is added regularly.

It’s a pretty fun game for the family parties and get-togethers. There is an in-game currency system to able to unlock hints.

Guess The Song – Music Quiz

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Guess The Song android game

Guess the song is a simple game like what is this song? (guessing the song, oddly enough). The game nevertheless boasts an impressive list of music from pop to rap and everything in between. In addition to multiple challenging play modes, it’s a great way to find a few new bands to listen to music.

The vast collection of songs in many genres and listed by decades makes it is an excellent way to remember all those old songs you used to listen to always. A few glitches here and there, but the users seem to love it.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

When a trivia game comes from one of the big-name developers in the mobile gaming industry, you should expect quality. Glu makes it easy to compete against players online worldwide. Simply choose a category, and you will instantly put up with the players in similar interests and start answering a series of multiple-choice trivia questions.

QuizUp successfully integrates all the online gaming elements such as challenge your friends online, chat with other players, and discuss questions and categories.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
SongPop Best Quiz Games For Android

This is another song guessing game with all the benefits of social media. With a continuous updating library, weekly tournaments, and integrated chat, SongPop is not only a great song trivia games but an excellent place to earn bragging rights. A new version of songPop2 came out but got many complaints from the users, so we thought you should try this one.

Trivia Crack

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Trivia Crack has been successfully kept its top position in quiz genre for the last few years. The game includes trivia in six different categories represented by six characters each section offering hundreds of mini-games. Players are also motivated to submit new questions.

A new sequel for the game has been released with some extra features like social elements and a little more ads. But the first one is still as good as it should be.

Quiz World: Play and Win Everyday!

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP
Quiz app to make real money

Another to be the millionaire genre game featuring more than 5000 questions on various categories including logo quiz, animal quiz, word connect, and more. A twist in the app is users can actually win money or gift cards by winning the game. However, many users noticed that after making some money, it gets harder to reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

Our main concern was having fun with an excellent quiz app. So, take the money wining bit with a grain of salt and use it to motivate yourself.

Quizoid – Best General Knowledge offline Trivia Quiz

Price: Free with ads
Quizoid (Quiz and Trivia) android game for free

Despite a minimalist approach to graphics, Quizoid offers something most other trivia games don’t; get one question wrong, and it’s over. A genuinely distinctive challenge for quiz aficionados.

More than 7000 thousand questions are waiting for you to answer whenever you got some idle time to spare or wherever you want in courtesy of the offline game mode.

Picture Quiz: Logos

Price: Free with ads

Nothing gets better than to test your ability to recognize international brands. Plenty of logo guessing games made their way on the play store; however, this one comes with the most features and thousands of brands from the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and more countries.

The game also integrated with Google Play Games services providing achievement to unlock, online high score leaderboard to see your name on top of the friends, and ability sync game progress across multiple devices.

Newsmeister – News Quiz

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

If you are the kind of person who keeps himself updated with the current issues, then this current affairs quiz is for you. Newsminister aggregate questions form Daily and Weekly headlines covering sports, business, politics, tech, and more.

Also, the questions are fact-based meaning once the answer revealed the user also provided with the link of source of the question. This doubles it as an interesting news reader app as well.

Download any or all of these phenomenal quiz games for a coffee break, an entire afternoon, and everything in between. These trivia apps are also great for family dinners.

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