Best Brain Training Games for Android


Train your brain and get smarter with these mind games on android

best brain games for android

Mind games can be a great way to brain exercise and sharpen your thinking ability. Similar to keep your body fit, the brain also needs its own workout to maintain healthy thinking and quick problem-solving ability. Many brain development games use the mind for strategical decisions to solve a puzzle or an escape plan from an awkward stage of the game. These challenges are quite fun to stimulate brain cells, which is vital for good mental health.

10 brain exercise games to increase your IQ level

But what are the best choices for this brain training sessions? We have looked into some of the best Android brain games for keeping your mind sharp and alert.

Chess Free

Chess Free for android

Chess is a powerfully strategic game, with many nuances and levels of thought. Planning and knowing where your opponent will react ten steps ahead are the hallmarks of a great chess player. It is no surprise that this app makes it up there for one of the best ways to train your brain. This is probably the best available free android chess app.

Sudoku Free – Classic Brain Puzzle Game

Sudoku is probably the most ancient brain game people playing since the late nineteenth century. It is a game of math and logic that helps train the brain. If you are just beginning to invest your time in solving sudoku puzzles, the game offers a hint system with step by step guide through animations that will teach you all the skills you need.

Many variants of sudoku, such as Squiggly, X, and Color, are available. Users can also update the puzzle library with new ones by connecting to the server and then keep playing them offline.

Brain Dots

Brain Dots is a fun physics-based puzzler with simple yet challenging gameplay. There are two balls and you need to make them bump to each other by drawing lines, shape, or whatever you can imagine to move and roll the balls. Brain Dots will test your logical thinking and skill for solving tricky riddles as the solution are sometimes so obvious that you simply couldn’t think of it.

A variety of pencils, crayons, and other tools available in different sizes and colors. The game even lets the player create their own stages and share them for other players.

Elevate – Brain Training Games

Elevate is an educational app that improves attention, speaking skills, expand vocabulary, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more in a fun way. There are more than 35 games that also work in a personalized daily workout for the skills need to improve first. The game also adapts the challenging levels based on the performance.

Many proven educational techniques and recommended suggestions from education experts have been implemented to improve cognitive skills. Elevate has a 7-day trial and offers a free version when you sign up for an account.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test is the most addictive free tricky puzzle game with riddles and brain teasers. This is one of the best trivia games featuring hundreds of quizzes and tricky tests. The game earned a lot of love from users but there are complaints about too many ads. We hope the developer listens and reduces the number of annoying ads.

Left vs Rights

There are 51 games in six different categories to train your brain. The game mainly focused on developing your awareness, memory, reflexes, and thinking. For example, in one of the mini-games, you need to watch the neighborhood and memorize the paths of individuals moving from point to point.

The free version of the game lets users play 3 regular games from 3 categories each day. Watching a short video will give access to the remaining groups, including VIP games. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the VIP membership for unlimited brain training every day.

Unblock Me FREE

Unblock Me FREE brain game

This simple game of unlocking the red block requires logic and critical thinking. It is an addictive and free way to train your brain. Even though the game seems very simple and there are only a few elements soon you start solving the puzzles it gets very addictive.


Peak – Brain Games & Training

Peak brings a random collection of games every day that test users problem solving, and creativity skills. The game was created in collaboration with many academic experts from universities like Cambridge and NYU and more.

Peak lets you create a brain map to compare your skills against others in areas of memory, attention, math, and problem solving, and more. Then you can choose the categories you need to improve and track your progress.


best free Reversi game on Android

Also known as Othello, reversi is a strategy board game. This game of conquering tiles requires critical thinking and planning. This classic game is a fun way of keeping your mind in shape. Users can compete against the computer in single-player mode or challenge a friend on two-player game mode.

MatchUp : Exercise your Memory

The matchup is the classic memory tile game, with many customizable features. It is a great way to train the memory centers of your brain. This is a free version of the game available to anyone who wants to train memory skills.

The excitement of playing these fun games will increase the release of Dopamine – a hormone that plays an important role in better mental health. All these mind games will improve your memory, thinking, and problem-solving skills. Let us know what is your favorite brain game?

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  1. I just want a fun hidden object or Ballon pop game that doesn’t want access to all of my contacts, photos, etc –do they exist?


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