Top 20 Free Apps for Toddlers to Learn & Explore Stuff

Best apps for toddlers that focus on learning and exploration to help your child grow and learn stuff

Top Free Apps for Toddlers Android

It is not uncommon for parents to give toddlers their smartphones or tablets to play with. Of all the cool things that tandroid devices can do, letting toddlers learn with apps is arguably one of the best ways to let your little one learn things. Here are some of the best toddler apps that will keep your kid entertained and give them all the fun of interacting with the new technology with minimal supervision.

Here are the most popular android educational apps and games for little kids.

Endless Alphabet

Price: Free

The Endless Alphabet is an interactive kids game from Originator Inc. aimed at teaching the alphabet to your kid as well as how to read and write. This app is purely educative rather than competitive and thus does not have high scores or game over. The app will patiently teach your kid the alphabet through several words puzzles for free and many more in the paid version.

There is no time limit for completing tasks in the game and you will have all the time and motivation they need to ace every level on their own. This app may however not be ideal for younger toddlers who cannot tell what the alphabet is and may only work for preschool nerds who are ready to begin the alphabet.

Moo, Baa, La La La!

Price: Free

Moo Baa La La La! is the digital interactive version of the classic board book by Sandra Boynton. This app targets toddler above the age of two years old. They should have the ability to listen and understand narration and better still have reading skills of their own.

In the book, there are tons of interactive hotspots for your kid to discover as they browse the eBook. This book has never come to life more with the accelerometer of the device causing some slight changes in the pages when you tilt the device. This and the creativity and imagination make the Moo Baa La La La! an excellent app to get your child to enhance their reading skills.

Kids Doodle – Color & Draw

Price: Free with ads

Kids Doodle - Color & Draw

The kid’s doodle app is a drawing and coloring app that is quite enjoyable for most preschoolers, and they will most certainly fall in love with it. Featuring neon-style colors on a black background, it takes after the good old Light Brights kids played with back in the day. Nurture that drawing talent in your kid by introducing this app that gives them the to draw and color whatever they want without the need for drawing supplies that sometimes end up on their faces, clothes, your walls, doors, and floors.

Furthermore, they can save their various projects to continue drawing and coloring at a later time when it is not dinner time, so they never lose a creation of theirs. The app is entirely free with no in-app purchases but contains ads by the developer which may be a bit of a nuisance.

Learning Games for 2-5 Year Olds

Price: Free

Toddler Learning Games for 2-5 Year Olds

Toddler Learning Games is one of the better app for children two/three years old that will help them to develop their logical thinking and creativity. There are several themes, memory games, alphabet games, music games, and even coloring games. It is highly recommended for young kids. The app contains more than 40 games.

First Words for Baby

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

First Words for Baby children app

Have you been impatiently waiting for your kid to shout “Daddy”? Well, that may take a while but meanwhile here is a little something that can help you and your baby to learn their first words together. With interactive andeducative games there are over a hundred words for kids to learn new words as they start to speak. This app is available in over 15 languages so you don’t have to worry if English is not the first language.

Kids Brain Trainer

Price: Free

Kids Brain Trainer can help in the processes of developing the memory functions of your children. They will learn to recognize objects and develop a good short-term memory, which is useful in the early stages of growth. This is one of the best brain training game appropriate for children at preschool stage.

Toddler Puzzles

Price: Free

Toddler Puzzles for Kids

This is an educational and entertaining game dedicated to children aged 2 years and above. It allows kids to rearrange shapes corresponding to various objects. The game provides colorful scenarios and many levels to accomplish. Scientific research shows that this type of puzzle game is really helpful in improving children’s cognitive and motor skills.

Piano, Baby Phone

Price: Free

This simple app for making music every time the toddler touches the screen. It will encourage your kid to touch the screen and keep them entertained for a while. The musical reward is accompanied by colorful bursts of stars so your baby will pay attention to the phone all the more. As they learn the app they will start to tap on specific squares on the screen to produce a specific sound. This app may not be ideal for your older kids as it is meant for the little ones.

Fairy Tales

Price: Free

Children’s Books, Stories and Games

The Fairy Tales ~ Children’s Books, Stories, and Games is one of the most popular Android apps for toddlers. It is also a decent audiobook app for kids featuring a beautiful professional narration and audio quality. The art in the storybooks will spark the imagination of your little ones and the character development is exceptional. This is where the art of children’s storytelling meets the genius programming of quality Android applications in harmony.

Furthermore, the Read to Me and Read it Myself modes are great and work as described. Children will love the narration while being able to interact with fully animated characters.

Five Little Monkeys

Price: Free

Five Little Monkeys baby app

When your baby gets to two and above you can get them this humorous app where your child gets to play a funny game with animals. The gameplay is rather silly and will get your kid laughing their socks off with a monkey falling off the bed every time they touch it. The song starts just as stars twirl around the monkey’s head. This app may not be suitable for players under the age of two and may take longer for some to figure out (not a problem at all).

All-In-One Intellijoy App Pack

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Intellijoy App Pack for toddlers

The Intellijoy pack is an all-in-one app from the renowned Intellijoy developer studios with several apps that can help your little ones get busy, learn and have some fun while at it. You will find within this app smaller apps for reading, counting, shapes, music, animals, and puzzles all perfect for preschoolers. The prices vary depending on the apps you need, but the most expensive ones are worth just about 2.99 so you do not have to break the bank to get your little clones busy and enjoying.

This master app is better for you because it will let you browse and get all the apps from the developer as you need them. The only downside to apps from this developer is that they are neither free nor without in-app purchases

Fruit Ninja

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP *Editor’s Choice*

This app is for pure fun. The idea of Fruit Ninja is simple: fruits appear on the screen, and you have to cut them in half with your finger. But be careful, you have to avoid touching the bombs. This game will entertain children for hours as it is one of the most addictive android games that can also be a good way to feel interested in fruit and get used to eating.

First Baby Words

Price: Free

First Baby Words - Learning App for Baby & Infants

First Baby Words is a simple flashcard-type app that aims to teach new words while playing, associating the image and the pronunciation of the word. We fall in love with the app and its concept and it seems a very useful learning App for Baby & Infants. In addition to the main English language, users can also add more languages.

Puzzles for Preschool Kids

Price: Free

A super simple and easy puzzle for toddlers and babies. Toddlers will discover friendly animals and everyday objects in a variety of puzzle games with drag and drop UI. It supports more than 30 languages and pronunciations so babies can learn and build their vocabulary in their mother tongue.

Toca Nature

Price: Free with ads

There is a little likeness of God in every kid evident in love for creating stuff. This app will allow you kid to explore this part of their brains by creating a virtual world o their own with trees and pools as well as mountains. This virtual world is in many ways similar to our real world and therefore this game will nurture the talent and passion for creating things forming the foundations for future careers in engineering and design. If you want your kid to be smart in the future it is simple; let them start to utilize and train that part of the brain that joins blocks to create a new shape.

This game will develop your kid’s creativity and imagination and ability to take responsibility for their actions as they create to ensure that their animals do not go hungry. Teach your kid how to be in charge with this amazing app from Toca Boca

Kids Numbers and Math

Price: Free with ads

Kids Numbers and Math FREE android app

Kid’s Numbers and Math app game is suitable for children in the pre-school stage. It will allow children to name the numbers, learn to count and compare numbers, in addition to basic operations of addition and subtraction.

Kids Connect the Dots

Price: Free

This is a very simple app yet a lot of fun for toddlers. The app features a simple to connect and draw board. As your child becomes skillful in moving his fingers through the screen, the app allows kids to draw and connect objects.

Animals for Kids and Sounds

Price: Free with ads

This flashcard application shows your child all kinds of animals, so they will grow up falling in love with the fauna around them and be responsible citizens who mind animals. This app breaks down the entire kingdom Animalia into just three classes of animals to make it easier for your child to learn them. Every high achiever has humble beginnings, your kid could be the next great discoverer after Charles Darwin; it all starts with learning to know animals by name as a toddler. This app is ideal for you kid aged between 1 and 4 years old. Not only will your child learn many animals by look and name but also the sounds they make. Overall, it’s a great interactive app for toddlers.

Coloring Book

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Coloring Book app let kids play and learn colors, shapes, etc., and develop their imagination and creativity. It offers various illustrations to which the children will give life to fill the different parts with different shades. This app is an excellent option for all kids of different ages.

Toddler Animal Sounds

Price: Free with ads

Toddler Animal Sounds app on android

This app allows your babies to view pictures of animals to recognize and listen to realistic animal noises. A superb app for children, that teaches how to pronounce the name of the animal and to remember them; teases the curiosity even of any pets in your home (especially dogs and cats), increasing the harmony between dog/cat and child.

In conclusion, if you are going to let your kids play with your Android devices then you obviously need to consider age-appropriate games. The above toddler’s apps are simple yet delightful that can keep them interested and enjoy without any harm to their early childhood development.

Khaled Shariar
Khaled Shariar
Khaled is using Android OS since the very first Google Phone. He started to help other Android/ iOS users to find the right Applications/ Games and solving issues with their phone. Khaled also works in Creative Media Design.


  1. I used to have “Toddler Fun” on my phone and my son LOVED it. Unfortunately, Verizon’s not-so-skilled technicians deleted it. ? It doesn’t seem to be available anymore but if anyone has it, and could give it to me i would be SO grateful!!


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