The Best Android Weather Widgets for FREE to be suitably equipped


A good weather widget will let you know whether you need an umbrella or sunglasses!.

Best weather widget for android

Are you a weather aficionado? Do you like to keep tabs on the weather in your area on your Android device? If so, then you need these weather apps with widgets on your device. Install them on your Android device, and always stay up-to-date about the weather in your area! A forecast widget is must have on every Android device’s home screen.

Android widgets are an increasingly popular addition to smartphones and tablets as they can bring the latest information directly to the home screen of your device. If you’re about to head out of the door and want to know whether to be equipped with an umbrella or an extra sweater or whether to get your shorts and sunglasses out, a weather app on your device could be exactly what you need. Weather conditions can be difficult to predict on occasion, but the services have been vastly improved over the last few years and their app shows the most recent conditions right on your smartphone.

Weather widgets offer a quick and easy way to access the latest weather developments, with detailed and accurate information at your fingertips about the climate wherever you happen to be. They can also enhance whichever theme you’re using on your device. There are masses of Android weather apps available on the Google Play Store, and many of them come with dedicated widgets as an additional feature. Some of these are much better than others, so we’ve compiled a list to save you having to scour through the Play Store yourself.

13 best Android weather widgets


This is one of the top-rated weather apps on the Google Play Store and offers an excellent and useful choice of widgets for both the weather and the time, as the title suggests. The app is completely free, and you can pick different widgets at different periods according to your requirements, in both portrait and landscape modes. The widgets for your home screen are very nicely styled with a minimalist touch design-wise but are nevertheless full of necessary features and information. They show many different aspects including current conditions, wind speed and direction, humidity, pressure, sunrise and sunset times, UV index, and even calendar events, all without having to open the app.

The app covers the weather for all world locations with an option for the current temperature to be shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It will also enable you to follow the weather for up to 10 locations with automatic update intervals. Do note that all of the widgets offered by this app are customizable and configurable.


If you live in a climate that’s very changeable, this might be the right choice for you. This app provides users with very precise and specific information, with down- to-the-minute rain predictions. There are plenty of features on offer although some are only attainable with in-app purchases. However, the free version does offer a 24-hour forecast, 7-day forecast, current conditions, and weather maps.

Unfortunately, there are no widgets included in the free version, so instead you’ll have to pay $2.99 per year to be able to see infos on homescreen. Including options for a ‘feels-like’ temperature, current conditions, daily summary, and the week ahead, as well as next hour rain forecasts. It’s worth noting that you can try out the premium version for free on a two-week trial basis before you splash your cash.

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10 Best Weather Apps for Android


This Android weather app offers everything you need to track the weather where you are. As well as providing all of the features you’d expect in a good weather app, this one also provides live wallpapers as well as widgets, so you can be truly tooled up as far as the weather is concerned. Highlights of the GO Weather app include a selection of weather info boxes in various sizes, with more than 100 personalized themes, weather-reflecting dynamic backgrounds.

The available widgets will allow you to get details of the latest weather conditions easily, and the real-time weather status can also be displayed through the use of the dynamic wallpapers that can be applied to either the app or your home screen. Another bonus with this app is that it has an easy-to-use streamlined interface. In-app purchases will get you an ad-free version.

4. ACCUWEATHER MinuteCast (free)

AccuWeather is a popular go-to app for anything weather-related. We have been using the app for a long time and found it to be accurate for the majority of the time. Features are plentiful, and it offers a choice of weather widgets for your home screen, with a status bar that shows the current temperature, either for your home area or for anywhere else that you are. The app’s wealth of features is overwhelming, and it includes minute-by-minute precipitation predictions for your location with AccuWeather MinuteCast. This feature is available for global locations including the US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Ireland, Japan, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, and many more countries.

Further features include graphs, radar, maps, video forecasts, and current weather news, to name just a few. Forecasts cover every latitude/longitude on the planet and are updated every 15 minutes for the latest accuracy in a choice of 33 languages. Like many free apps, this one is funded by ads.


This offers one of the nicest set of widgets we have seen in the form of a 3D Digital Weather Clock. The 3D effect is stylish and appealing on the home screen of your device, and it offers plenty of information on various configurations available and a 2-forecast layout. Details can include a 12 or 24-hour clock, sunrise/sunset times in the forecast screen, day length and hours left in the forecast display, and a comprehensive four-day weather forecast screen that includes daily temperatures and conditions. Users can also choose a clock face showing current temperatures and high/low temperatures for the day.


This is a recent addition to the weather app selection on Google Play and includes an excellent variety of benefits. It uses IBM weather data to provide local forecasts, with in-depth forecasting via the Weather Radar feature. One of the features is Auto-Follow Location, so frequent travelers don’t need to change their location for relevant details, as the app does this automatically.

The app also contains home screen widgets in different sizes, and users can change the background opacity (with a slider), the color of numbers and texts, and the layout. The app is free but you can use in-app purchases to obtain some exclusive and attractive themes with great animations and graphics. An example of this is the United States theme that will show the White House with some ducks in the pool if it’s raining.


This one is an additional offering to the original and popular WeatherBug app, and just as its name suggests, it’s all about the widgets! It offers information from up to 50,000 global weather stations or 10,000 US weather stations, all accessible from your home screen. There’s a selection of widgets to choose from, and they come in 5 different sizes. Users can choose from Celsius or Fahrenheit as their preferred temperature scale, check out the current temperature or ‘feels-like’ temperature, and see 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day forecasts. The app also provides a custom clock widget with alarm and offers users alerts for severe weather and dangerous thunderstorms.


No such list of best Android weather widgets would be complete without an app from well-known weather authority, The Weather Channel. This one won’t cost you a cent to use, and because of that, you’re likely to spot the ads. It’s a great resource though so don’t let that put you off. The TV channel app provides hourly, 36-hour, and 10-day weather forecasts, and a standard array of factors such as humidity, wind speed, visibility, barometric pressure, and UV index.

It also includes an interesting video section for weather-related stories. As well as all of the usual features, this one also includes extras such as pollen count, ski conditions, road conditions, tides, and of course a choice of widgets.


This is another excellent option that’s totally free and offers a customizable collection of weather and clock widgets for your Android smartphone or tablet. The user interface is based on Material Design, and different sizes of widgets are available so you can select the best that suits the amount of space on the home screen of your device. The widgets can also be resized The display details such as a full 7-day forecast or 24-hour forecast, sunrise/sunset times, humidity levels, local times, date, calendar events and much more.

The app offers 7 built-in weather icon sets or additional icon sets are offering over 30 choices that can be downloaded. You’ll also get customization for background color, text colors, shadows, time fonts, transparency and more.

10. WEATHERBOMB (free)

Weatherbomb has excellent user reviews in the Google Play Store and offers something a little different by taking a refreshing approach. This one shows a live meteorological map of the weather, and by scrolling through it, you can check out the weather in other parts of the country. For local conditions, you simply zoom into your location, so this app offers a convenient, speedy way of checking out the weather where you are.

The app displays graphs for rain, pressure, temperature, and even wave height to your home screen. The developers also promise to provide more options in the future. If you get tired of ads, you can remove them with an in-app purchase.

11. 1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar (free)

Want an app with a beautiful UI? Of course, you do! Thus, consider 1Weather. Sporting real-time local weather and forecasts in addition to offering a 7-day extended forecast/precipitation information so you can plan your week accordingly, 1Weather is the widget you need to ensure that you are always prepared for the weather!

12. The Weather Network (free)

The Weather Network app FREE

Whether you want to view the weather on your tablet or smartphone, The Weather Network is a powerful widget that allows you to discover exactly what is happening in your area. You can use the ‘GPS Search & Follow Me’ feature to have your device continuously update the weather conditions in the area where you are currently located to even being able to search and save multiple location types such as a city, park, school, airport, and so on. The Weather Network sports a variety of features that make this widget stand out from the rest!

13. Amber Weather – Local Forecast (free)

Amber Weather Forecast is an appropriately named widget formerly known as EZ Weather Forecast. An easy to use app to learn about the weather conditions in your area. Featuring the ability to make the widget transparent and capacity to display on your lock screen, it is one of the most flexible yet useful weather apps on Google Play!

Final Note
Some of these apps offer integrated home screen widgets while some are solely dedicated to widgets. All of them provide plenty of usable features that should satisfy your requirements when seeking out the latest weather in your area. Alternatively, if you want to find out the conditions overseas, they will also offer you that information. Your ultimate choice of weather widget will depend on your preference of design and layout, and we anticipate you’ll find the right one from this selection.

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