Calendar apps will help you manage your busy business and personal life’s schedule, appointments right from your smartphone.

Top free Calendar App and Widgets for androidHave you ever craved an app that could sync all your calendar events and apps? The following apps can give you control over your schedule with the ability to set reminders, fulfill to-do lists and invite friends to events you are organizing. Reminders will make sure you never miss an appointment because you forgot. What better way to turn your phone into your personal assistant than to download and install these best free calendar apps for Android.

If you are a person who enjoys wearing his/her life with some degree of organization, it is essential that you organize your time, and organizing the time needed to schedule. If you are a user of smartphone or tablet devices and one of those people with thousands of dates to remember, many social activities and appointments left and right, here we present a list of best free calendar apps for Android.

With these calendar apps and widgets, you can schedule and organize your day’s activities in a more easy and complete way. Use a great calendar widget app to plan your day and view events at a glance.

How calendar widget apps work

The truth is that the stock calendar app that came with your Android smartphone is not always the best for managing your schedule. You can go ahead and install a third party application to integrate with your current calendar app nice and easy to improve the possibilities and ease of using your phone to schedule events.

Benefits of using calendar widget apps

Easier making entries
Making manual entries into each relevant calendar for the same event is exhausting and wasteful of time and effort. You can just make one entry, and the app will automatically enter the details in all other calendars. This also will sync all your calendars, so they are saying the same things. Voice entry options are also might help when you are driving or walking.

Show events on the home screen
Displaying a snapshot of events on your screen is important to as you are less likely to forget all about it as you constantly keep seeing it.

Invite friends to events
These apps will help you invite friends to events and can even pick the best time and venue for a meeting with the right presets.

Integrate to-do lists
Easily add tasks on your to-do list from a calendar widget on the home screen.

The best free calendar apps/widgets for Android

The following are some of the best calendar widget apps you can install on your smartphone. Everyone article on this list is unique in its own way and will give you some advantage over the rest. These apps are not ordered in any hierarchy, but some are obviously better than others.

Calendar widget: month

Calendar Widget - Month android
This is the best calendar widget app you can install. This app has a beautiful widget that will integrate seamlessly into your home screen. It is slim easy to use yet packed to capacity with features and functionality, and you are always able to tune the app to perfection with almost every little detail customizable. It has killer looks with over 80 handcrafted themes; surely there is a theme you will love in there as well.

Download Calendar Widget: Month Here (Free)


– Awesome GUI
– Can sync with Google calendar
– Many themes available
– Seamless appearance
– Lunar calendar supported


– Contains Ads

Best Free Android Widgets you must Download

Google calendar

Google Calendar android app widget
This original app form Google runs as swiftly as the windowing to its clever quality coding from the OS experts themselves. But it’s not just the optimum system resource usage that makes the Google calendar a great app. You can add events from Gmail, and add other events on the move. The app is smart enough even to suggest event titles you might be having in mind. Once you add contacts to events, guest list and allow the app to find the best time to meet and even the room.

Download Google Calendar Here (Free)


– Easy to use interface
– Custom colors for events
– Easy integration with other calendars on your phone


– There are better apps

Business calendar 2

Business Calendar 2
The Business Calendar is a powerful app for managing your business life with a feature rich easy to use interface and a memory efficient algorithm. This app will run in your background without slowing your smartphone or tablet. You can manage your business events and appointments, so you do not have overlapping events in your calendar all from your phone on the move. You will also receive weather information. With this app, you can link your contacts to appointments so that it will be easier to dial them.

Download Business Calendar 2 Here (Free)


– Weather reports are inbuilt
– Have 22 beautiful themes in the pro version
– Has both free and pro version
– You can even add over 600 emoticons to your events


– Not entirely free
– Cannot use custom colors for events

Best Lock screen apps, Wallpaper & Widgets

Simple calendar widget

Simple Calendar Widget android
How would you like a tiny multifunctional calendar widget app that even integrates into your smartwatch? The simple calendar widget is another simple but elegant app form j4velin apps. This cool app is tiny but full of useful features and has even the unique ability to select which application opens on click in the widget.

Download Simple Calendar Widget Here (Free)


– Android wear integration
– Customizable colors
– Free app and no Ads
– Cool calendar widget
– Takes up little memory space
– Efficient running
– Use multiple widgets with different calendars and configurations


– May not work well with some low-grade antivirus software.

Woman diary (calendar)

Woman diary (calendar) android
This easy to use with an attractive user interface is actually a combination of apps. It will help you as a lady keep track of your menses, fertility and general fitness and health as well as that of your favorite kitten! This app will remind you when to weigh in at the same time each day so you do not forget to do so. The best part is you can try it for free then upgrade to the pro version to unlock more features and get rid of Ads.

Download Woman diary (calendar) Here (Free)


– Effectively monitors menstrual cycle and period
– Can predict ovulation ( if you are trying to or not to have a baby)
– Monitors your pet’s health
– Password encryption
– Calculates body mass index
– Monitors pregnancy progress


– It is not entirely free
– The free version contains Ads

GO Calendar Widget

GO Calendar Widget
Once you get this app, you won’t think of a better way to bring your calendar and agenda to your smartphone’s screen. You get to choose between agenda view and month view for all your upcoming events. This app must be integrated into the latest go launcher though and works as an add on.

Download GO Calendar Widget Here (Free)


– Shows Chinese lunar a moon phase
– Takes less space
– View month and agenda
– Easy to use intuitive, modern user interface with customizable options


– Cannot stand alone without the go launcher.

Islamic (Hijri) Calendar

Islamic Hijri Calendar
This free app lets you view current Islamic Hijri dates as well as their Gregorian counterparts, so you never miss an important date of your Islam faith. This app is very helpful and is the most popular calendar widget apps for Muslims around the world. When you live and work in a non-Muslim community as a minority it can be quite demanding to memorize and recall the dates and months of the Islamic calendar and this app is the best solution for your troubles.

Download Islamic (Hijri) Calendar Here (Free)


– Supports both Gregorian and Hijri calendars
– Has a useful converter for both calendars
– The app is beautiful inside and out and runs smoothly
– Over 8 themes to choose from
– Read yesterday’s verse of the Quran or hadith


– Not free all the way. You might have to pay for themes


UpNext calendar widget
This simple calendar widget app is made for displaying your agenda on the home screen. Just like its iOS counterpart, this app is a great way to organize your day if you are that busy person with a hectic schedule and tons of stuff to do. You can plan stuff you need to get done for the coming days and the app will remind you in good time.

Download UpNext Here (Free)


– Beautiful interface
– Weather Feeds
– Easy to use intuitive design


– The app may start to crash repeatedly and require a reinstall after an update

DigiCal Calendar agenda

DigiCal Calendar Agenda
This is one of the best calendar and month apps for Google calendar. This app is unique in that rather than just sync all your calendar data together it does a little better than that. This app will let you view your calendar in seven different ways with month week and day views. It is smart enough to match images from an event and add it to the event view automatically.

Download DigiCal Calendar Agenda Here (Free)

Cal – Calendar Google/Exchange

Cal - best calendar app for android
Cal is a simple and minimalistic calendar with a beautiful design, minimalist presentation and full integration with if you use it. It can be integrated with Google calendar and Exchange, allows you to keep a diary and other personal business without creating a mess in your life. Cal also has an option for voice dictation and notifications with the sounds you want. You can also add a beautiful widget to your desktop to review the calendar without having to open the app. It certainly is a great option with a really easy to use interface.

This free app has this amazingly fluid easy to use a design that has made a popular app of its kind. This one is totally free with no in-app purchases needed to use all the features. You can expect to enjoy integration with to-do lists and support for Google Calendar widgets.

Download Cal Here (Free)


– Merge business and personal life naturally
– Birthday notifications
– integration
– Free app
– Smart predictions
– Beautiful interface


– Works better with the sister app

Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar widget for android
Sunrise Calendar is one of the best free calendar apps with a beautiful interface that can completely replace your Google calendar. Sunrise Calendar widget is complete and its fully compliant functions quickly notify you when an important date, an interview, a birthday, among other similar events are about. You can also import your Google calendars, Facebook events and birthdays of all your friends. Sunrise is also compatible with other services like Songkick, Evernote, Tripit, Github and Asana.

Download Sunrise Calendar Here (Free)

Event Flow Calendar Widget

Event Flow Calendar Widget for Android
Event Flow Calendar Widget is a beautiful calendar application that works just like a widget on your desktop. It’s a great choice if you’re happy with Google Calendar and do not want to install another application, runs from the desktop and is sufficient to manage all tasks and Google Calendar events. These widgets are far more complete and customizable than the Google Calendar, in addition, to look great. Event Flow allows you to add new records to the activities of your schedule and has a tool to check weather forecasts, which allows you to have 2 widgets in 1 and save space on your desktop.

Download Event Flow Widget Here (Free)

aCalendar – Android Calendar

aCalendar - Android Calendar widget app
aCalendar – Android Calendar is one of the best-featured calendar apps. The app is available to download for free, but users can get more features by purchasing the premium version for $3.99. The free version of the app offers good looking widgets and few other useful features that you won’t find on other calendar apps. The premium version adds a dozen extra features.

Download aCalendar Here (Free)

Agenda Widget

Agenda Widget for Android
Agenda Widget is able to show the time, date and details of events in your calendar on the main screen of your device. This widget provides various sizes, allowing you to adjust the size, and also has the ability to customize, including color, size and text options. It comes with various preset themes and has 3 display modes (inline, icon and date row).

Download Agenda Widget Here (Free)

Final verdict

The overall best of the best free calendar app for Android depends on your kind of schedule and personal preference. First of all, are you looking for a calendar widget app for your personal or business schedule? Do you like to use custom themes or you don’t care about that kind of thing. These are important considerations that make it difficult to say; which of the above is the best. Which do you think is the best app of the above? Do you use any of these or do you use one that you find most comprehensive? If so, share your preferred calendar app or widget with others in comments.


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