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Know the baby’s growth and prepare yourself with these top free Pregnancy apps and trackers

Best Pregnancy Apps

Being pregnant can be one of the most exciting and happy times of a woman’s life. However, it can also be an anxious and stressful time, especially for first-time mothers who may feel unprepared. Of course, that doesn’t just apply to mothers’, as prospective fathers might want to be as well informed as possible for the big event! Fortunately, many useful apps are packed with tools and good advice, both for first-time moms and those who already have children.

Whether you want to track your pregnancy development, check out baby names, log your appointments, share your experience with other parents, receive support, or feel ready for the arrival of your baby, there’s a pregnancy app that will help you to do just that. Another advantage of using a mobile app is that you’ll be able to access the information you’re looking for virtually anytime, anywhere, and that’s really reassuring when you have any concerns on your mind.

What is the best pregnancy app for android?

Below you will find the best Pregnancy apps offering a wealth of information so you can look forward to the birth of your baby! These apps also cover a wide variety of pregnancy and baby-related topics.

Pregnancy Week By Week

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Pregnancy Week By Week tracker app for android

This hugely popular pregnancy app has an extremely high user rating. It provides everything you can think of tracking pregnancy and your baby’s development as it is one of the most thrilling (and apprehensive) aspects of becoming a new mom. It has a simple and user-friendly UI, all without overloading you with information.

The app helps calculate the current week of pregnancy and your due date and then enables you to track your pregnancy progress week by week. This includes tracking the baby’s kicks, tracking your weight and other changes in your body, and a notes facility for doctor’s appointments, pregnancy symptoms, and more. The Pregnancy Week by Week app is beautifully laid out in a way that makes it really pleasant to use, and we have to recommend this as a top choice.

Pregnancy Tracker

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Pregnancy Tracker is one of the best-known pregnancy apps, with millions of downloads proving its popularity. You start by entering your baby’s due date, and then the title of the app pretty much describes what it does from there. Full of health information from experts, this app will guide you through your pregnancy with content that includes fetal development videos, what changes you can expect to your body, baby names, a birth plan checklist, childbirth videos, a contraction timer, a photo diary, and more.

The helpful info doesn’t stop once your baby’s born either, as you’ll find all the tools you need for the first year with your new baby, including a sleep guide and lullaby music (for the baby, not you)!


Price: Free

Momspresso actually calls its motherhood parenting MyMoney Baby app that lets moms earn some extra money. The largest blogging platform backs the app for Mums in India. In addition to getting answers to all your parenting questions, it has various campaigns that you can participate in and earn cash. These are mostly varied by reviewing a product, creating content, attending a meet, or simply sharing a post on Facebook or Instagram. Receiving the earnings also straightforward as the money will be transferred to the bank account or ATM card. This is exactly not a pregnancy app, but we believe it’s an app many mothers should have.

Pregnancy Coach

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Pregnancy Coach | Tracker, Calendar, Guide, Stages

The Pregnancy Coach is a comprehensive app with a dazzling array of features, including Tracker, Calendar, Guide, Stages, and more. The aim is to provide you with all the tools you need for a healthy and organized pregnancy and birth, and it does this with an appealing and easily navigable UI. You’ll find detailed articles, a calendar, pregnancy tracking, reminders for medicines or supplements, and exercises for pregnancy, and you can track and count your baby’s kicks or add your weight and belly size!

The app provides notifications for pregnancy events (such as your baby shower or doctor appointments), information, and important news. It easily enables you to follow the progress of your pregnancy at a glance. A nice feature of this app is the Baby Picture Album, where you can add notes to your images, and the app will save them with the date.

HiMommy – Pregnancy Tracker

Price: Free
HiMommy - Pregnancy Tracker App

HiMommy is another decent Pregnancy Tracker App that also looks cute and takes the baby’s point of view. It shows the daily updates and messages from your baby as your pregnancy journey progresses. It’s one of the best pregnancy apps for Android, even though it’s quite basic but helps future moms stay organized and stay on top of everything. It also offers a handy list of important things to take to the hospital for mom and important items to take for the baby and suggests things you need ready at home.

What to Expect

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Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

What to expect pregnancy & baby tracker app lets you track your pregnancy and follow how your baby is growing with I’m Expecting. It includes pregnancy and baby development videos, with two new videos added every week, and you can track your symptoms and see what the top symptoms are for each week. You can add other devices (such as Fitbit or Jawbone), sync your app data easily, look at fetal development images, compare how you’re getting along with other moms, make a to-do list, and receive helpful updates and tips.

A neat feature here is the progress bar that shows a countdown to your baby’s arrival with the number of weeks and days remaining until the delivery. There’s plenty to enjoy with this app, so do check it out.

GLOW Nurture

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Pregnancy & Baby Tracker + Baby Registry App

Similar to the Pregnancy Coach app, Glow is free to download and offers a few more features. One of the best aspects is it includes a mirror pregnancy tracker for your partner (after all, they sometimes feel forgotten)! You get daily updates on baby size, baby development milestones, baby countdown, add a daily log for over 30 different items, track all doctor’s appointments, named more. Furthermore, users can create a pdf report with all health data, comprising pregnancy symptoms, weight, medication, etc., and email it to the doctor. Besides, You’ll benefit from engaging with the Glow Community, tips and advice every step of the way throughout your maternity, and get postpartum support for those sometimes difficult and exhausting few weeks after delivery. You can join different pregnancy groups to engage with other first-time moms or mothers who have twins, for example. The Baby Registry option lets you create wish lists and add items from various stores you might need after.


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Contractions app for pregnant women

Contractions is a significantly important app for pregnant women in their final trimester. It’s a great contraction calculator that works surprisingly well. You input your contractions as soon as you feel them; the app will track the length between contractions to identify patterns. It allows distinguishing between false contractions and real labor contractions and gives an idea of how far along in labor you are. The app also includes information about contractions and lets you save the contraction data for reference.

Daddy Up

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Daddy Up pregnancy app for father

While most pregnancy apps focus purely on moms, this one is fully aimed at dads-to-be. The app developers describe it as “the man’s field guide to pregnancy,” and we have to say that it delivers the information with great humor that will appeal to most men, including words of wisdom from experienced fathers.

For illustrative purposes, it compares the experience of being in the woods and surviving the wilderness. It includes weekly information about the mom-to-be’s pregnancy with comparisons about the size of the baby, a daddy checklist, and a contraction counter. Once the baby is born, there’s also a shareable baby announcement to spread your joy about the new arrival (in a manly way, of course)! Overall, it’s one of the best pregnancy apps for fathers.

Baby Names / First Names

Price: Free
android app for Baby Names First Names

While many of the above apps include a section about babies’ names, this app will help you focus purely on picking the right name for your new daughter or son. While pregnancy is the perfect time to spend thinking about that all-important baby name, after all, you’ll only get one chance to give them the perfect one. The app has a selection of more than 10,000 names and what’s really neat about it is that you can connect with your partner (or even family and friends) through the app and see which names they like.

The app uses artificial intelligence named Charlie, which automatically helps you to find the ideal name. Searches can be narrowed with filters by gender, length, or beginning or ending letters, and names can also be suggested that suit the surname.

It has been an enjoyable experience checking out these apps, and we wish some of them had been around a few years ago! There are so many resources about pregnancy for Android smartphones and tablets available now. We hope that narrowing them down to our best pregnancy apps for Android selection will help you find at least one or more that will offer what you’re looking for.

If you find any of these apps particularly useful, please let us know in the comments box. In the meantime, all that remains for us to say is we wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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