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The film industry is getting more advanced and plenty of movie apps now offer streaming movies right from your smartphone or tablet making it very easy to watch films anywhere, anytime. With hundreds of new titles being released each week, it is a daunting task to discover the best movies to watch. By knowing the best of the film review app and sites, we can find out the synopsis and storyline, and it’s really a good idea to watch the trailer first and understand what the story is going to be. In order to get a glimpse of the film, we can find out bits of information through the film review websites and applications.

Note: You may find the top movies to binge on these apps and sites. However, geo-restrictions are still troubling issues. In order to watch all kinds of entertainment through streaming platforms, you need to have a dependable VPN service. So, we recommend you have top-quality Netflix VPNs to bypass geo-restrictions to get the best entertainment experience.

What are the best movie rating app?

Unattractive graphics, poor acting, and bad storyline may ruin the overall viewing experience. The solution is a reliable movie rating app that can give us an idea about what kind of film we are going to watch, read comments from other users and be able to watch trailers.


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MoviesFad movie reviews

MoviesFad is a newer movie rating app that is actually a movie manager for collecting the titles you wish to watch. However, it has a decent rating system contributed by the user community that helps to discover binge worth movies. The app offers the details of titles, explore related information, watch trailers, view images, get start and insights of your watching habit, custom filter, and more. The UI is specially optimized to make movie discover easier and use it as an all-in-one app to manage your movie lists.


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Letterboxd movie rating app

Letterboxd is one of the best movie review apps to help movie lovers to discover the right movies according to their taste. The app features reviews only from those who have watched that movie, so the movie ratings are usually pretty trustable and worth watching. We also liked the ability to comment on existing reviews so others can have a deeper understanding of how good it would be or have a good discussion. Letterboxd includes movies from all genres like horror, fantasy, action movie, and many more.

Taste: Movie & TV Reviews

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Taste- Movie & TV Reviews app

Taste comes with an interesting approach to find out good movies that you would love to watch. The app lets you connect with people who have a similar taste in movies and provide lists of movies based on the recommendation from people in your group. In addition to reading movie reviews from others, we also like the feature that allows building a taste profile and start collecting movies.


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Friendspire: Movies, TV, Books, Podcasts & more

We recently started using Friendspire and it surprisingly works well finding what to watch and add to the watching list. The app combines an AI-based algorithm along with reviews from real people to provide trending movie recommendations. One of the useful things is that it also shows where a particular title is available to stream. Furthermore, it has many interesting movie lists such as “Top Netflix Originals”, “Best rom coms for the summer” and “Shows like Game of Thrones”. You can also get suggestions on TV shows, Books, Podcasts, and more.

Movies by Flixster

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Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes

The Movies by Flixster in conjunction with Rotten Tomatoes makes the process of finding interesting movies a lot more fun. Once you download the app and start rating the movies you like, the app starts learning from your experience pattern and starts recommending movie reviews you might be interested to read analyzing your behavior. Watching the latest trailer is also the main focus and if you are interested to watch in the theater you can find showtimes and buy tickets directly for cinemas.

What are the best movie review sites?

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is a film critic who writes reviews about various films through his website, rogerebert.com. As a senior critic, he provides detailed and in-depth reviews for each movie so that you can get a little idea of ​​how good the film that received the review was.

The Guardian

The Guardian is actually a well-known newspaper site in the UK, but this site is known to have a section devoted to films. In the film discussion section, this site is also quite good at providing reviews about Hollywood movies that have been aired and, of course, accompanied by the news about the particular films.

The review system on this site uses Gold Stars (1 to 5), where the more stars you get, the better the quality of the film.


IMDB is a site that contains complete information about various popular films and tv series from around the world, complete with synopsis, cast lists, reviews, and much more. You can see the ratings of this site’s users regarding a film that uses a 1-10 number system (voting system), where usually when the film has reached 6/10 (the number of votes is tens of thousands,) then the film is classified as pretty good.

If the film reaches 7/10 (the number of votes is tens of thousands), then the film is classified as good, while if it reaches 8/10 and above (the number of votes is tens to hundreds of thousands), then the film can be considered excellent.

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is a well-known film review site because most of the films that get good reviews from this site are really good. This site itself is classified as very selective when compared to IMDB in discussing a movie, where sometimes there are films that IMDB thinks are good, but not here.

The review on this site uses the Tomatometer system provided by critics. A 50% meter down indicates that the film is not good, a 50% meter above suggests the film is worth watching, and 70% and above is considered excellent.


Metacritic is considered a film review site that is classified as providing a balanced review where reviews for each film are carried out by critics regardless of whether the film is personally liked or not.

The review system on this site uses an index of 1-100, where films that have reached 60/100 are considered good films to watch, although some films with a value of 40-the 50s are also worth watching.


The final list for this article is Cinemablend. This site reviews movies and provides features such as the latest news about the world of cinema along with trailers, reviews of games, and TV shows. Unlike the list above, Cinemablend does not provide a score/rating in movie reviews.

With these websites, we will get an overview of reviews from various industries and users around the world about whether the film we are going to watch is good or not. But there are things to note. Everyone’s tastes are different. Although the reviews and scores are given by a website review of a particular film are not good, it does not mean the movie is not worth watching. It could be that the tastes of those who did the review are different from ours. So, aside from seeing critics’ perspectives, you as well check the users’ reviews, which could be more dependable.

Those were some of the best movie review sites; hopefully, you may find them useful and dependable to look for great movies to watch.

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