Must have Apps during Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic & stay away from COVID19 Tracker App

Download this coronavirus related apps right away for COVID-19 outbreak period

Must have Apps during Coronavirus

Diseases and health issues are rife, but when the same becomes an incurable thing, people start to panic, and very soon, it becomes necessary to take strict precautions. From the end of 2019 Coronavirus has taken the shape of fear. Now quarantine in almost every country in the world. To keep people safe from this outbreak, there are some Coronavirus Apps, which can help anyone take precautions.

Detailed research on SARS-CoV has shown that the virus has spread from civet cats to the human body and in the case of MERS-CoV from the human body. However, a different type of Coronavirus has circulated in animals but hasn’t infected any human. The common signs of this disease are cough, shortness of breath, and fever. In severe cases, the infection can cause pneumonia, kidney failure, respiratory syndrome, and even death.

What is Coronavirus

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus is a large family virus that ranges from the illness of the common cold to a more severe case of the disease. It causes acute respiratory issues too. Coronavirus or COVID-19 is the new strain in 2019 that have been not identified earlier by humans. The virus is zoonotic means it spreads from one person to another and through animals as well. Visit WHO website for more information.

How to protect yourself and stay safe?

To stay safe from this disease, you need to keep your hands clean by proper cleaning. Cover your nose and mouth whenever you are coughing or sneezing, also eat thoroughly cooked eggs and meat. You need to avoid close contact with any person who is having a respiratory illness like sneezing or coughing. World Health Organization has provided these safety measures for all the country’s that are affected by Coronavirus. Who also recommends these Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus.

As almost every country in the world is maintaining quarantine by staying inside their house. Schools, offices, and public places have been closed everywhere. Staying inside of the home, will bore you. What to do then? Let’s check out some iOS and Android apps that will help you stay updated and keep your boredom away as well.

Warning about COVID19 Tracker

By now you may have heard of COVID19 Tracker app. But you should stay steer clear from. This is actually a fake application that locks down your phone and demands money from you within 48 hours. The amount should be $1000 bitcoin. This app is designed for Android users, and to download it people have to go to the direct website, as it’s not available with Google play store or Apple Appstore. After opening the app it shows alert on Coronavirus the moment an affected person is near you. It shows you the state of active monitoring. It will show CovidLock is enabled, and then the screen shows a note with a black background.

Then, it will tell you any of the following things – Your phone has been encrypted, Your personal details will be deleted, The ways you can save it, The way you can decrypt the code as you need to spend $100 in the form of bitcoin and you have to click on the tab below to get the page. Also, you will be warned that your GPS is being tracked so if you try anything else your mobile information will be erased.

Surely this is a threat to your mobile device, that’s why you must stay away from downloading this app, as this is a fake one, and just want to shirk money from random people. It will be better to download proper apps that will help you in this current state.

What are the best Coronoavirus related apps?

  6. WHAT IF..
  8. YOGA

You will get many useful apps on both android and iOS platforms. All of them are free to download. You will be able to keep yourself healthy with these apps. You will get news application to online food order and grocery apps. You can also stay in tune with your loved ones and the workplace through video chat.


Price: Free

With this app, you can customize and receive notifications so that you get to select the news you want to get. You will get notifications on the distance like 5km away from your house, workplace, or the location of your loved ones. You can change the notifications as you want, and receive alerts that way. You can change the categories in the news section.

Live Talk

Price: Free

This app will allow you to talk with your boss, colleagues, and your loved ones. You will be able to do a video chat when you are staying at home in this current situation of the Coronavirus outbreak. You can meet new people through this video app, you can just choose the gender and start the conversation.

You will get facial recognition, and get enhanced chat service with Live talk. You can also have this kind of video chatting with WhatsApp as well.

Typing Work – From Home

Price: Free

If you are into writing then you can go with this app. You can write from your home and get paid by online payment apps. You won’t have to pay any fee for the registration, as it’s entirely free of cost for the ones who are looking for typing jobs online. You can work at a suitable time with this app and after you finish your project you will get the payment within 5 days. You will get a better working environment with this application in Android and earn money while staying home for these long two weeks.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a business, you can download the Meesho app (Android | iOS). Here you can sell things online to your client by just using your WhatsApp.

Zomato – Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App

Price: Free

If you have ordered food before online, then you know what Zomato does. You can download this app, and order any foods online, and you will get fast delivery. As you are stuck inside your home, you won’t be able to go to the restaurants as people gather there.

So, it’s a better option to order your favorite dishes online through Zomato. There are other apps like UberEats, Swiggy, all are equally helpful in online food ordering.

Big basket

Price: Free

These are challenging times, so you are not able to go to the market for grocery shopping. So, here BigBasket will help you a lot. The store not just delivers grocery but veggies, non-veg food items too. You will get frozen foods and so many other things from the app. There are also other apps such as Grofers, Spencer’s.

What if..

Price: Free

Are you getting bored staying inside the house? Then, you can download this app. This is a question and answer game application, and you will get challenges in each question. You will get to see when other players give a reply to the questions. This is perfect when you are stuck at home and no friend to accompany you. Also, this is a free app.


Price: Free

Gyms and swimming pools are closed almost everywhere because Coronavirus can spread in a large gathering. So, is it the time you become flabby without any exercise? Never. Carrot Fit is the app that will help you stay fit even under quarantine. You can change your body to a very flexible one and stay healthy too.

The workout regime showed here is for only 7 minutes and you can certainly take this much time out of your work from home schedule. The app is free to download, and it will be for the next two weeks straight. Make your body healthy and fit and eat well too.

Yoga | Down Dog

Price: Free

This is another fitness app that you can use during the Coronavirus outbreak and while you are stuck inside your house. This app is mostly for yoga lovers, and beginners too. You will get 7 minutes of workout and it’s totally free to use. Due to the threat of this disease exercise places and yoga centers are closed down to avoid the heavy gathering of people, and this app will help you do the physical training all by yourself without going outside.

This is indeed a stressful time, so your wellness is the main target of this app, and staying through a yoga routine will help you stay healthy. This app is entirely free until April 1.

Dark Noise

Price: Free

You must be feeling bad and uncomfortable as you are unable to go to the office or school, and the atmosphere of those places are important too. However, while you are staying inside the home for two weeks, you may want to create the ambiance of your office. This app will help you listen to the sound of office space, school, or coffee shop. Isn’t it amazing!

You can get most sounds animated and listen to them while you are inside your room. You can record your own voice too. It will help you cope with the locked-up situation. You can try out the beta version of it for free.

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Price: Free

This is a meditation app. With your health, you need to keep your mind away from distraction and do your daily work even when you are stuck inside the home. It will help you keep yourself healthy as you will get better digestion, sleep, and appetite too. Doctors suggest meditation to every adult who is prone to working and to keep themselves safe from any disease meditation is a proven method. During this difficult time, you can get better help from this Headspace app. Everyone can download this app as it’s free on the App store.

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has become threatening for so many people in the world. For that reason, citizens are staying inside their houses as much as possible. In this situation, to keep yourself updated, to stay healthy and to spend your time Coronavirus Apps and other applications are helping profusely.

Khaled Shariar
Khaled Shariar
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