The 11 Best Android Email App Alternatives for Free

LAST UPDATED: May 7, 2017

The Best Android Email Apps to suit your communication needs. These great alternatives are Free to Download.

When the majority of us first started using email, we could never have imagined how big a part of daily life it would become, especially with the increasing use of mobile devices. Using a smartphone rather than a computer to send and receive emails is now commonplace, and many people use the Gmail app that comes pre-installed on Android devices. While that has to be included in our selection, it’s always worth checking out the many other Android email clients available. To help you in this task we’ve narrowed the choice down to our 11 best Android email apps.

While some of the main features are common to most of these applications, these services sometimes offer something a little different for particular needs. For instance, while some users might want to concentrate on the most efficient way to manage their inboxes, others might be more interested in push notification support. Similarly, some users might be more focused on emails for personal use rather than work-related, so will have less interest in business and enterprise features. At least one of the apps below could be just what you’re looking for, so what are you waiting for!

Finding the right Android email app for your requirements is not always easy. The default Android e-mail client is an excellent way to perform the task efficiently, but there are still some email apps available which have better options in different areas.

Let’s check out some of the best android email apps

1. GMAIL (free)

As we mentioned in our introduction, no list of Android email clients would be complete without Gmail. This is the most well known Android email app and offers users a reliable experience, at least most of the time! It has a streamlined look and is easy to use with an organized inbox, multiple account support, 15GB of free storage, and the ability to read and reply to emails both online and offline.

Gmail can also block the annoying spam that can clog up your inbox, keeps your messages secure, and provides push notifications so that you can easily see when new emails arrive. It’s pre-installed on the majority of Android devices and also benefits from being tied to your Google account with support for other Google services such as Google Assistant.

2. K-9 MAIL (free)

This is one of our favorites as it’s an open source email client offering users a chance to take part in the community-developed project. It’s been around for some time and is popular with users who enjoy its basic interface, although some might find it looks a little dated. The app supports IMAP, POP3, and Exchange 2003/2007, and features very fast syncing, search, multi-folder sync, flagging, signatures, filing, the ability to have multiple accounts. K-9 also save emails and attachments to SD cards, and more.

You can join the community to give your feedback with the use of a bug tracker, and because of this, any issues can be quickly ironed out with updates. K-9 gives users a real chance to be involved with future developments, so why not take a look.

3. VMWARE BOXER (free)

This one is packed full of features and tools and works quickly and smoothly with an attractive design. It was nominated for a Webby award for the best mobile productivity app of the year and should suit many people looking for a comprehensive email service. A big part of this app is its customizable experience. For example, you can specify your own swiping gestures for various options such as archive, spam, and delete. Users can also select account colors, turn individual features on and off, personalize profiles with pictures, and come up with their own set responses for quick replies.

Boxer supports Hotmail, iCoud, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, IMAP, and Exchange (from 2007). Further features include a combined inbox, smart folders, Evernote integration, calendar integration, cloud attachments and much more. To ensure the privacy of your emails, you can also secure with a passcode or PIN.


This colorful email app is hugely popular with users, gaining a high 4.4 rating on the Google Play Store. It comes from AOL, one of the biggest names in the evolution of email and supports Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, Office365, Exchange, IMAP accounts, and of course AOL. One of the neatest aspects of this app is that it can scan emails and display information (such as flight updates for example) on a dashboard with real-time alerts.

Features include a Home screen widget, swipe gestures, cloud syncing across devices, and calendar integration, and there’s also a Snooze Button feature for when you want to put off a message until later. This app uses Secure Sockets Layer encryption to secure emails accessed through Alto.

5. INBOX BY GMAIL (free)

This is a Google alternative to its own Gmail app and is a good option for those who want to organize their emails as it features plenty of labels really. One drawback is that it’s only compatible with a Google email account, but on the other hand, this means it has direct Google Now support. One of the main highlights of this app is being able to retrieve information such as shipping details and viewing photos from friends without opening the message itself.

You can also bundle similar messages together so deleting them can be done with one swipe, and categories for this are Finance, Forums, Low Priority, Promos, Purchases, Social, and Updates. The search feature will quickly help you find relevant information, and the app is easy to navigate with a great user interface.


Blue Mail may not be as well known as some of the other apps on our list. Nevertheless, it has plenty to offer and is extremely popular with users, gaining a whopping 4.6-star rating on the Google Play Store. It has a stylish design with a dark theme and offers a unified account experience so you can sync multiple mailboxes into one interface.

Features include group emailing, smart push notifications (including quiet hours, custom sounds, vibrate, LED light, snooze and more), configurable menus, support for Android Wear, and scrollable and unread widgets. You can also set a timed lock screen to ensure the privacy of your emails.


This app was previously known as CloudMagic and is one aimed at power email users as indicated by the price. The app is free to download and can be used free for 14 days. Following this, users have to pay $49.99 yearly through an in-app purchase. The app amalgamates all of your email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365 and others into one platform, and also supports productivity apps such as Evernote, Trello, Salesforce, Zendesk, OneNote, and Pocket, to name just a few.

The app can be synced across devices, and as you would expect from the price, this app has a host of features. These include support for Google Apps and Calendar for Gmail, instant push notifications, read receipts with read-status for every mail you send, and the ability to schedule emails to be sent at a later time. The app also provides sender profiles, an undo send feature, and one-click unsubscribe, as well as much more.

8. WEMAIL (free)

This is a nice choice for Android users as it has been designed specifically for emailing from a mobile phone. It offers a fast and smooth experience, and your inbox arrivals can be organized by the sender for a less cluttered inbox. This one offers something different in that it brings a messaging-like experience to sorting your emails by creating a thread. You can quickly reply and send emails via a voice message, and the app also includes a useful search feature.

9. YAHOO MAIL (free)

Although not everybody is a fan of Yahoo Mail, it’s one of the best known, and when it’s working well, it offers a solid experience for its many millions of users. It has a nice clean interface and gives users 1000GB of free cloud storage. Like many of the above Android email apps, this one also works with non-Yahoo emails. Users can add animated photos and designer stationery from Paperless Post to their emails, customize swipes, send multiple attachments, and select from a variety of themes.

While using the app you can also see Yahoo breaking news, and another good feature is that you can choose to receive email notifications from people only, so you can avoid being bothered by a company or commercial emails. The app is free, but you can also get an ad-free version with priority customer support via an in-app purchase costing $9.99 per year.

10. AQUA MAIL (free)

Our final choice is Aqua Mail, a long-established app that features automatic setup for most of the main email providers. The interface is not one of our favorites, though that’s very much a personal preference. However, there are lots of good features such as widgets, integration with Tasker, Cloud Print, Apex Launcher Pro, Light Flow and more, as well as customization options.

The app also supports Android Wear with message preview and action notifications, and you can optimize the Internet connection of the app through different settings for Wi-Fi and mobile data. This is another free app, but those who want more than two accounts or want to remove the promo signature in sent messages will need to upgrade to the Pro version priced at $5.

maildroid android email app alternative

MailDroid is a Webdav/POP3/IMAP Idle Push email client for android allows the user to sync draft emails, sent mail, deleted mail through Wi-Fi or mobile as well as pop3 preload capability. This simple looking android email app comes with great power. Capable of handling multiple accounts, the app also allows to combining multiple emails into conversations for better reading through. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have a unify inbox for all email accounts.

Along with al the basic features there are many useful options available such as signature control, full WYSIWYG editor, split screen support for tablets, Quick Response templates for quick formal replay and more. The only thing you may not like is that the free version of the app ad supported. However, this is better than paying a rather high price tag for the full version.

Final Thoughts

In our selection of best smartphone email clients, some are better known than others, but all should provide a good email experience. While some offer speed and reliability, others offer better control of your inbox and unique features, so it’s worth checking out several before settling on your favorite. Why not tell us what you think of any of the above apps by sending a comment, or tell us your personal choice if it’s not included on our list.


  1. Useful ideas . I am thankful for the details . Does someone know if I could possibly acquire a template a form copy to complete ?

    • Greetings MarloNielson2 . I edited a fillable MO DWC WC-G-11 copy here

  2. Yahoo email is utter garbage its messed up badly with its card system its slow it hangs up and when opening tabs goes to wrong place

  3. what do you think about Solmail? it’s free, beautiful UI, multi account email app.
    and “mymail” is a good multi account email app, too.

  4. I am having android DEVICE. I had used this app. Awesome interface but it has quite lacking in features. I think K9 email client app is much better. It has nice interface and so cool and surprising features. Updated version is quite cool, it has added new feature Called quiet time. It has lot of amazing features. I had tried on htc is working slow. On rest it is working fine. For non gmail users it is the best android email client app.



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