How to customize LED notification on Android devices


Here is how you can customize LED notification on Android Smartphone to experience more enjoyable notification by using custom LED control apps and settings.

customize LED notification on android with app

A LED notification is identifiable as a small light that blinks to indicate different info on your phone when the screen is off. Phone manufacturers include and LED notification to make information noticeable to the phone user. It also prevents the hustle of having to press the power button and unlock the phone often to check for messages or missed calls.

Although the notification bar can provide these, it is much better just to take a quick glance at your phone and know if you have a text, email, calendar reminder or the battery is low.

What are light emitting diodes (LEDs) and how do they work?

Since LED is very vital in your phone and may influence how it operates, let’s take a quick look at the science behind the LED. LED or Light Emitting Diode is merely a semiconductor that emits light when charged with electricity. It is made up of two electrodes that give off almost no heat. It is more durable, and energy saving than an ordinary bulb. Interestingly, LEDs can produce numerous colors by utilizing some smart color combination. These types of LEDs are referred to as RGB LEDs. They are notification lights that flow in red, green, blue or a mix of these three colors. LEDs are difficult to damage with physical shock unlike bulbs making them very durable especially in environments with rough handling.

How to check if my smartphone has customizable LED notification

Usually, LEDs are located on the front part of the body, either above or below the screen while some devices feature it on the edges of the body.

Important to note is that not all phones come with a LED notification. You should check and ensure your phone has LED notification. Typically, it is indicated on the phone’s manual or package box. With the first few hours of operation a phone, you will also notice the LED blinking (id there is any) when the screen is off to indicate various notifications. Some phones may limit to one or two colors, this does not mean you cannot customize things a little bit, as we will see. You can specify different colors to individual notifications.

How to customize the LED notification?

The LED has three basic features; The color of the LED, does it blink or does it flash a consistent color and finally, for how long is it on.

A new phone comes with the pre-defined setting for the LED. Blinking red, for example, may be used to indicate battery low, while a consistent blue color may be used to indicate a message. To turn on or off the LED notifications, you have to go to settings -> display -> notifications. These options are limited and cannot customize furthermore unless you get root access to the system.

In basic phone applications such as the messenger, if your phone has LED notification, you may find some options available for you. Here, you can scroll through to check if you can change the color for how long will it blink. If you are constantly on your phone, then you will probably set a shorter duration for the LED to flash.

If your phone lacks most of these custom sets, your next option will be installing a led control app from the play store.

The advantage of these apps is that they are created to suit you’re the user; they will, therefore, be filled with numerous options that will only be limited by your phones available hardware features.

Check out the review of top three LED Notification customization apps for Android.

Light Manager – LED Settings

With 3.7 star rating currently on Google play store, the light manager is a pretty good app for. It enables you to set up notifications for missed calls, SMS, Gmail, calendar and all your social media apps. It is available for android 4.3 onwards and has three operating modes; 1. Normal mode, in which only the first notification will be flashing. Alternative mode, where a few LED notifications will be flashing alternately for multiple notifications received and screen mode where notification alert will be shown on the screen.

The applications support five colors; Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink or Blue. It boasts of 5 million downloads and standing at 1.5 megabytes it will not put any strain on your phone memory. Light manager pro is also available at 1.45 $ and has some very interesting features.

Light flow – LED control

In addition to letting you control the color your LED flashes, light flow gives you an extra option of controlling the notification sound. Not like the usual notification sound for texts or email, but sound control with repeating sounds and repeating vibrations. Just like the repeating flash of the LED. The app also supports Android Wear vibration support and lock screens.

The light flow will control the notification color for SMS messages, missed calls, low battery, and all your social media apps. The icing on the cake is sleep mode, which limits the notifications as you enjoy your beauty sleep. A light flow is free to install and stands at 11mb. Its a rating of 3.6 and 5 million downloads indicates that it is a superb app.

LED blinker notifications Lite

Just like the previous applications, LED blinker, formerly LED blinker, enables you to set specific color notifications for different apps. If you don’t have LED notification to enable LED in your device, the application uses the screen instead. The lite version supports ads but if you get the full version, the ads go away, plus support for all apps. Also, the full version supports contact specific colors for Whatsapp and missed a call. Think of how helpful that would be.

The full version also comes with different color schemes, and a save battery pocket mode. The application works for most devices, running on KitKat to Nougat. The application is free and requires 3.3 Mb only. It’s rating of 3.5 and one million downloads is also quite impressive.

How to Use LED Notification apps to customize your Phone.

After you have downloaded either of the apps on your phone and installed, launch the app by clicking on it. Some may have a quick guide on how to use them, but if they don’t, you can look through and get familiar with the app layout. The app will need permission to access your notifications. When this option appears, click yes, since the app will not be useful if it cannot control your notifications. Next, you will need to look at the various options available.

Choosing colors

Taking Light manager, for example, the interface has an option on the second row on top that asks you to enable the app to access your notifications. Below it is the various applications for which it can modify the LED notifications. A missed call which is the first on the list has green as the default. If you want to change this, you click on the row for color, and a list appears with all the colors the app can set for missed calls. You can then pick the desired color, say blue.


After that, you can test to see how good the light works for you. Also, there is an option to change the flash rate, either none or up to five seconds. Missed calls are followed by the message and other applications available on your phone. At the bottom is an option to add applications, not in the list. It is important to note however that not all devices will support all the colors listed. There is some device which has two default colors, say green and red. These are the only colors that will flash and select a new color like blue will show no effect or will be substituted by a color available by the device.

It would be wise to check the specs of the phone or tablet you are going to buy to be sure that it supports the multiple colors

For phones that have this support, such as the One Plus 3, you will have some customizing options in your phone’s settings. To do this, go to the settings menu, then customization or personalization section, Scroll through and select LED notification. A list pops up that allows you to make various changes. You could, for example, choose to have the LED flash when the battery is low or the color to pop when you have a waiting notification. Also, are many other options that you can choose from such as lock screen LED notification but it is important to remember that these options vary from one device to another.

Merits of using Apps to customize your Led Notifications


  • The applications size makes them fast and do not end up clogging your phone.
  • LEDs notification gives you a huge advantage over regular notifications. Let’s say you are in a room talking some serious business and you are really curious to know if a particular person has tried to call you, all you have to do is look at your phone briefly without having to unlock it.
  • LED notifications can be useful at night or in the dark where you don’t want to light up the screen for various reasons to check for the text or Facebook update.
  • Some phones flash the LED in a continuous line of over a particular area when playing music or showing the usual notifications which are kind of cool.
  • LEDs consume minimal power and do not even put a dent on your phone battery.
  • Not to forget, the large LED at the back of the phone that serves as a flashlight or helps you take those spectacular photos.


  • On the downside, LEDs are limited to few phones, and you will have to chip out some real cash to purchase a phone with the full array of colors available.
  • In some phones, you cannot make any changes on the LED, not even turning it off. This can be disappointing since we all love google’s OS for its unlimited customizability.
  • As much as LED is useful having your phone flash during hours when you are busy, or sleeping can be annoying to the extent where you want to throw your phone into the wall. Sometimes the feature may misbehave causing the LED to blink even when there is no notification and when it comes to this extent where you just want to turn it off no matter what you might face difficulties if you do not know exactly what you are looking for.

It’s a wonder just how much customization can be possible on the Android platform and before you throw away a possibly useful feature of your smartphone; you can try to install one of the smarter apps that know when to disable the blinking during sleep hours.

Turning LED notifications off

When enough, is enough and you want to get rid of the blink completely then it will depend on your particular smartphone. Users of Samsung Galaxy S6 for instance, head to settings by pulling on the notifications area and tapping the settings icon. Now you will go to the device option and next to the sounds and notifications option. At the end of the list is the option labeled LED and tapping on this should reveal the options to turn it off. This might be different depending on, what device you are on and you can always visit your manufacturer’s website for support on how to customize and turn off LED notifications.

In conclusion, LED notification can be a very useful feature of your smartphones especially when it can be customized and does not disturb you when you are resting, so you turn it off.

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