Best Free Front Camera apps and Selfie Apps for iPhone

These are the best iPhone selfie camera apps to take stunning selfie photos

Best Front Camera apps and Selfie Apps for iPhone

The Selfies or self-portraits photos have become the current fashion in social networks and appear almost daily we see that share our contacts. Millions of people are hooked to this practice which has also succumbed to celebrities and even political figures. Selfies greatly improved with each generation of phones featuring better cameras and AI technology. While the default camera app on iPhone is great for taking selfies with portrait mode is still limited to fewer options. Many other dedicated front camera apps are known as special selfie apps that offer far more features and customizations.

What are the best selfie apps for iPhone?

The best selfie camera apps are loaded with tools and options to make your selfies whole better than the original image. These apps let you tweak the brightness, color, add various elements, apply filters and even fix skins and erase unwanted objects. Below are our app recommendations to make iPhone camera selfie better.


Price: Free
Instagram for iphone as selfie app

Instagram is perhaps one of the best selfie camera apps you already have on your iPhone. Surprisingly it’s a decent selfie app with amazing filters, tools for adjustment, and other features to create beautiful stories. The app constantly adds new filters for various trending looks. So, before you hunt for another selfie camera app, dig deeper into the social app to share some great moments with friends.


Price: Free
SelfieCity front camera app iphone

SelfieCit‪y is a newer selfie app that gives you an interesting way to take photos. It has photo filters that were created based on colors, vibe, and cultures from famous cities like Formosa, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, New York. So your selfies will reflect different environments. Additionally, the app offers some amazing features like a polaroid camera function, double Exposure, selfie Collage, blurring, and vignetting. Furthermore, you can create images similar to Apple’s live photos but with live AR effects.

It’s also a good choice if you are not too adventurous to manually fix photos as the app’s intelligent beautification can automatically enhance skin tones. But you can also take control and retouch the photo with various lightings and even alter body shape to look more attractive.

YouCam Makeup

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
YouCam Makeup- Selfie Editor for iOS

YouCam Makeup is definitely targeted at beautiful ladies who love to capture their moments and want further enhance those images. It has tons of options to fix the tiniest things on selfies and make them perfect. It’s one of the most popular selfie editor apps with filters, brushes, makeovers, face shaper, smile editor, hair colors, skin analyzer, and much more stuff. Think of it as your virtual makeup studio. The latest updates make it one of the powerful makeup camera apps with hundreds of makeovers from top brands powered by AR that you can apply to your photos.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Snapchat iphone selfie camera app

Snapchat is best known for its self-destructive messaging service with great privacy. Although its primary goal is not selfies, this messaging tool offers plenty in the camera field too! It comes with tons of interesting filters, camera lenses with funny faces, an AI-supported 3D world with creatures, 3D Bitmoji, and all kinds of interesting photo effects. The editing tool lets you draw, add texts, highlight an area on the image or create interesting stories with small video clips to share with friends.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Retrica-Original Filter Camera app for iphone

Retrica is the oldest third-party camera app for iPhones. Over the years, it has added many features and turns the app into an almost perfect selfie app. The original camera filters on the app give your photos a retro look. But there are now hundreds of new filters, effects, ability to add a vignette, film grain, or blur to your photos and videos. However, the best highlight is you can apply those filters in realtime while capturing the shot, which super cool. Being able to try out different colors and filters before shooting a selfie is very handy.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Nightly - Take selfies in the dar‪k‬

Nightly is another interesting camera app for taking selfies. We all know images with the dark background looks classy and elegant. Nightly will let you capture some of the best selfies in the dark. You can also apply filters, add texts or captions then send them to others through iMessage or other messaging apps. Lift your selfie game in the night scene in the low-light environment in paces like pubs, bars, nightclubs, parties, cinemas, restaurants, or in the bedroom.

Picr: Selfie photo journa‪l‬

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Picr- Selfie photo journal app iphone

Picr is an interesting camera app that lets you create a selfie photo journal. You can take a selfie picture every day to see changes over time and create your own custom movie with the pictures. For example, you can take photos of your kids and make a timelapse video to see how they have grown. This is actually a good photography app that offers many features such as albums, reminders, and the ability to make a video montage with your images. You will remember every day that you do the self-portrait, will have the ability to document everything in an event taking pictures every hour, or even create a diary for a more attractive result and allow you to edit the video and post directly from the application.


Price: Free
SelfieX - Automatic Back Camera Selfie with iphone

The iPhone’s rear camera is undoubtedly the most powerful, and newer models come with multiple cameras with high resolutions and ultra-wide lenses. So, why not take advantage of the hardware you have. SelfieX will make the process easier by letting you take an automatic selfie with the back camera. Worried about not seeing the screen? In case you are out of the frame, the app will give you a voice guide to move left/right, up and down. Once you are in a perfect position, it will snap the photo. Pretty amazing!


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Facetune2 Editor app

Facetune2 the most flirtatious selfie editor app for iOS devices. It lets you do face makeup with tons of brushes, apply glitters, removing blemishes and dark circles, broaden your smile, improve the nose, cheekbones, change backgrounds, and so on. The reshape tools work pretty amazing to fatten up your face, brighten eyes, tame eyebrows, or even whittling your teeth. You will be surprised to see the final glamourous photo as it will look like someone who has gone through the hands of a professional makeup artist. Once you finish retouching the image, you can save it to the Photos app or share it on social channels.

VSCO: Photo & Video Edito‪r

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
VSCO- Photo & Video Editor for iOS

Vesco is not a selfie camera app itself, but it is one of the most powerful photo editors for iPhone and iPad. In case you want to enhance previously taken selfies from your gallery, VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is a perfect choice. It brings professional image editing tools in a user-friendly interface for regular users with simple sliders and options to choose from. You can also check the difference at any time simply by holding the image.

With the help of these best selfie photo camera apps for iPhone, you can take perfect selfies, enhance them, and will certainly create a buzz in your social networks.

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