10 Best Free Child Tracking App on Android to Track & Monitor kids

These are the best free spy apps for kids every parent should use

Best Free Child Tracking App

Every parent wants to ensure the kid’s safety and expect them to grow up in a healthy environment. But there are many things to worried about, such as insecure neighborhood or harmful content online can affect both kid’s physical and mental health. So, ultimately, it is the parents’ responsibility to protect children from the dangerous world. It is crucial to know where the children are going and what they do using the internet. The solution is using an app to track kids thorough their phone to keep an eye on their locations and online activities.

What are the best Child Phone Tracking Apps for Android?

Below we will list the best apps to monitor kids phone that helps parents to track kids. These spy apps for kids should be used for children under 13 years old age or the applicable age of consent in your country.

Google Family Link for parents

Price: Free
Google Family Link app for parents

Google has a parental control app for child phone monitoring to help locate them to where they are going and guide their online activities. To monitor kid’s phones, you need to install the Google Family Link for children and teens app on your kid’s device and agree to the terms and conditions.

Additionally, the app allows you to customize the parental controls and set various rules remotely, including set screen limits and usage restrictions for specific times, and even enable or block particular apps. You can also see which apps they spent the most time and push new apps recommended by teachers for expanding their knowledge.

Find My Kids

Best for Child Cell Phone Location Tracker
Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Find My Kids: Child Cell Phone Location Tracker

Find My Kids is packed with a lot of useful features for both child safety and parental control. This GPS location tracker app needs to install on your child’s phone with the explicit consent of the child for GDPR policies. Then you can track your child’s location on the map and also see the history of the places they went. Parents can also listen to the conversation and surroundings to know who they are with. It also sends notifications as soon as your kids reach the school, returns home, goes to pre-defined places, or presses the SOS button.

Find My Kids also works as a phone locator to find the smartphone by playing a loud alarm sound. Users can also use the app with a supported smartwatch for younger children without a smartphone. It works with Smart Baby Watch, Smart Tracker, Wonlex, Titan Watch, and similar smartwatches.

Phone Tracker By Number

Price: Free

Phone Tracker is a straight forward app to pinpoint your child’s location by using the phone number only with both cell tracking and GPS tracking. Simply install the phone on your device, register using your contact number then an invitation link to your kids. Once they accept the request, you can start monitoring their location.

The notification system works in multiple ways like when kids are nearby or they moved to a new location. Users also get the full location history and able to view the exact address for routing. Moreover, it shows how much battery left on both phones.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

ESET is very useful to monitor kids’ online browsing habits. After the initial setup on the target device, it starts monitoring internet browsing and gives you the full list of websites so you now which domains they should visit and block them. The app also automatically restricts inappropriate websites according to age.

Parents can set up time-based windows for kids not to use the phone or tablet in study or bedtime. ESET also supports Android wears. The in-app purchases bring more features such as web tracking and extended reports.

Kaspersky SafeKids

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Kaspersky SafeKids is another popular Parental Control & Kids locator app that keeps an eye on the child’s activities. All the standard features are available, including locating your kids on the map, blocking harmful content, set screen time, and monitoring apps usages. The free child monitoring app lets you lock the setting so that they won’t be able to remove the app.

Further options for a small fee let users mark a safe area for kids and block unsuitable YouTube search keywords and track public Facebook activity along with real-time notifications and detailed reports.

Norton Family

Price: Free
Norton Family app

It is one of the best family tracking app that works similarly to other parental control apps. But since Norton is a reputable name in the security field, parents are likely to trust the app more. It lets you blacklists websites in various categories, see the sites kids surfing with browsing history and searches, youtube video lists, and even view the type of files they are downloading.

Parents can watch the current location of the device and remotely lock it when children are using phone or tablet for extended period of time.

Zoemob Family Locator

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Zoemob also functions very well and provides the accurate location of your kids on a private family map. But more importantly, it has an exclusive and private channel called Family Messenger to send and receive messages between family members.

One unique feature is Over Speed Alerts, which sends a notification if your kid’s vehicle is moving quicker than the safe speed limit. Furthermore, automatic check-in allows to customize and add different places on the family map to receive notifications whenever they reach a new destination.

Chat with parents

Price: Free
Chat with parents

Chat with parents was carefully developed for children. Rather than making kids uncomfortable having a tracking app, it encourages teens to use the app as a communication medium with parents for sharing emotions. For the parent’s peace of mind, Kids can send messages to let them know they are safe or send a location. For a sudden emergency, there is an SOS button to send a message and play a loud alarm to get help.

The app also supports cool stickers and voice memos to record and send audio clips instead of text messages.

Safe Lagoon

Price: Free/ Monthly subscription

Safe Lagoon is an award-winning app that aims to protect kids against cyberbullying. Unlike other tracking apps, its primary function is to help parents track and monitor SMS texts and other messengers apps popular among kids to know if your children being bullied or having harmful thoughts.

Safe Lagoon uses advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to monitor various usage of the device and put different filters to block certain websites and apps. In addition to all the necessary features, it also capable of keeping on eye on the gallery app to review photos and videos.

Net Nanny

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Net Nanny is an excellent child phone tracking app to track your kid’s location, view their location history, and tools like web filters to control content consumption on the internet. The app provides instant notification whenever your kids try to view harmful content.

Set time limits and schedules, learn about their Internet searches and updates on the apps they use then decide which apps to block. Besides, Net Nanny offers educational insights and descriptions from experts regarding other trending apps.

The ultimate goal of the above cell phone monitoring apps for parents is to ensure children’s safety, not spying on them. We encourage you to talk and convince them that such an app on their device will give you comfort and helps everyone for a better life.

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