Best Personal Safety Apps for Android in Self Defense

These personal safety apps can save from dangerous situation and ensure self-defense & family safety

Best Personal Safety Apps

We don’t need to illustrate how important it is for any person in common to have some self-defense tactics. In particular, if we think about girls’ and women’s protection. We can certainly picture the current security status because of the shocking headlines of daily newspapers or the flashing highlights of news channels for hazarding incidents. Besides, there are many unexpected events like a car crash or road accident when we need emergency help.

What is a personal security app?

Technology has been involved in every sphere of our life, so personal safety has recently been an aspect of getting technology involved more widely. A personal security app or SOS app is a mobile application that can be used to aid personal safety. Such apps received greater importance after many domestic abuse and rape cases reported in recent years and resulting protests against brutal rapes, molestation, and exploitation of women. However, in many cases, men are also not secure in many cities in a dimly lit area at night.

What are the best safety apps?

These self-defense apps provide features such as automatically sending messages to your friends or family with a pre-customized watchful text, updating your social network status and sending out statements within the interim of your location, sending out audio bits and images or producing loud whistle noises in the manner of a rape alarm.

Personal Safety

Best for Pixel smartphone owners
Price: Free
Personal Safety form google

Google’s Personal Safety app for pixel phones allows its users to enable a safe check setting with information like blood type, allergies, medications, and organ donor status, address, and emergency contacts to share your real-time location data in an emergency. The app also lets you set a countdown timer for various activities such as walking, hiking, or in an environment where you feel unsafe. It will trigger a notification after the specified time to your emergency contacts unless you switch off the timer yourself.

Car crash detection is another vital feature that monitors your time on the road inside a vehicle using the phone’s sensors. In the crisis moment, the app will ask you’re okay, and if you fail to respond, a call to 911 will give the necessary information for help.

Sex Offender Search

Know the neighborhood
Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Sex Offender Search app

Sex Offender Search shows the particular locations of all sex crooks from the National Sex Offender Registry. The map will show your location and icons for sex offenders in your zone. This is helpful before traveling or moving to a new place as you can swiftly check the app’s map to see if any sex offenders exist around that site. This is known to be the perfect app for keeping your family safe. Also, you can access the complete profile of each criminal with an explanation of their criminal records.

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Best Family Locator, GPS Tracker
Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Family Locator is one of the most accurate GPS trackers on the market. It simplifies life in this cardinal world by making it relaxed to stay linked to your people. You can create the groups of your loved ones as “Circles,” and chat with them for free. View the real-time location of Circle Members on a secluded family map that’s only visible on Family Locator.

The app also provides alerts when a member arrives or leaves a predefined destination. Another useful feature is Driver Care Support, which is just a button away to get help in roadside situations such as tows, jumps, and lockouts, or if there is a car accident.

LifeLine Response

Best for
Price: Free/ $4.99 per month
personal security app

LifeLine uses both GPS information and Cell Towers triangulation to determine your exact location for the fastest response in an emergency. The app is great for personal safety protection as you can activate an alarm during a journey that should put off with a disarm code. If you don’t put the code on time, the app will send a notification to the authorities or emergency contacts.

Users can also sound a loud alarm if being attacked by someone while waiting for the police to arrive or put a secret code if the attacker forced to disable the app. LifeLine is entirely free for the first two weeks but needs a monthly subscription after that.


Best SOS Safety app for Women
Price: Free
SOS Safety app for Women

Disha is specifically designed to protect women from violence. In any abusive situation, the victim can trigger an SOS alert text to the trusted contacts. The SMS contains GPS location along with a google map link for quick navigation to the exact location. Women Safety app also has a useful section of tips and to escape from threats and self-defense videos to learn various techniques.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

bSafe is a reliable personal safety app for friends and family to look out for each other. Add members to your network and ask them to install the app as well. Whenever you feel unsafe, tap the SOS button, and other members will get an instant alert with live audio and video stream to know what’s happening. They will also see your location on the map and call the police for immediate help.

You can even activate a Follow Me alert to let your guardians keep an eye on your direction on the map. In-app purchase offers to use voice command to activate the app hands-free.

My Safetipin

Best for finding safest walking route
Price: Free
My Safetipin: Complete Safety App

My Safetipin is a community based mobile safety app that collects user-submitted data to the safety score of a location. It shows the safety rating of places around the world and provides a warning when looking for a spot. The app also uses nine parameters, including Security, Walk Path, Public Transport, to ensure women’s safety in public spaces at night.

Safetipin also allows to look for the safest route first based on the safety score then launch the directions directly on google map. This is very helpful in finding the most reliable walking path, especially in the evening, to avoid dangers. Besides, Stay With Me option lets friends and family to track your location on the map.

Sprint Family Locator

Best Safety app to track kids
Price: $5.99 a month
safety app to locate kids

Sprint Family Locator lets you locate any phone that belongs to your Sprint family plan. Simply download the app to start tracking and see the real-time locations of your family members on a shared map. You can also locate a lost or stolen phone afterward; it has gone missing.

The service cost $5.99 per month for tracking 4 phones after a free 15-day trial period.


Best Offline Personal Safety App
Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Carelife provides emergency alerts, calls, and loud alarms with SOS activation in panic situations. Unlike other apps in this category, the free app lets you just say “Help Help” twice to activate the alert process even without the internet. Another nice touch a home screen widget for quick access.

Perhaps the best feature of the app is the ability to track location offline and see your favorite contacts on the map once they grant the permission or let them see you. However, this is a paid service that also brings Verified Disaster Alerts and safety tips.

We hope these best safety apps will enhance your security feel and keep your mind in peace whenever you are alone. Let us know if you have been using any other app that worth mentioning here.

Khaled Shariar
Khaled Shariar
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