Best Personal Safety Apps for Android to save you from danger

Have these personal safety apps on your phone for self-defense & family safety

We don’t need to illustrate how important it is for any person in common to have some self-defense tactics. Especially if we talk about girls’ and women’s protection, in particular, we can certainly picture their current security status as they are in the headlines of daily newspapers or the flashing highlights of news channels due to be victimized by any hazarding incident of life.

What is a personal safety app?

Technology has been involved in every sphere of our life, so personal safety has recently been an aspect of getting technology involved more widely. A personal security app or SOS app is a mobile application that can be used to aid personal safety. Such apps received greater importance in the media after the 2012 Delhi gang-rape case and resulting protests against brutal rapes, molestation, and exploitation of women.

These apps are equipped with features such as automatically sending messages to your family or dear ones with a pre-customized watchful text, updating your social network status and sending out statements within the interim of your location, sending out audio bits and images or producing loud whistle noises in the manner of a rape alarm.

Consider your handy phone to have these app for safety when walking alone

Companion Safety App (Free)

This app lets you reach out to your family, friends or your campus police and have them retain an idea of you, especially if you travel late at night. Wherever you go this app, will give you a sense of security. All you have to do is enter your target destination and select some trustworthy contacts from your phonebook to be your companion. They don’t even need the app installed on their devices. They will see a live map of your headways and get updates as you change directions. However, continued use of GPS running will shrink battery life.

Sex Offender Search (Best women’s safety app) (Free)

Sex Offender Search shows the particular locations of all sex crooks that are recorded in the National Sex Offender Registry. The App’s map will show your location and icons of sex offenders in your zone. If you have toured to a different city, you can swiftly check the App’s map to see if there exist any sex offenders around the place. This is known to be the perfect App for keeping your family safe. Also, you can access the complete profile of each criminal with an explanation of their criminal records.

Famy – family chat & location (Free)

This is a light, fast, and precise location tracking application. Consumes Less Battery, Stores History of Movement Paths. Famy can show relevant routes by checking locations that family members progressed to.

Family Locator (Free)

Family Locator is the most accurate family locator on the market. It simplifies life in this cardinal world by making it relaxed to stay linked to your people. You can create the groups of your loved ones and chat with them in Family Locator for free. View the real-time location of Circle Members on a secluded family map that’s only visible on Family Locator.

Watch Over Me – The Safety App (Free)

Watch Over Me - personal Safety App for android

If you’ve ever wanted to call a friend while feeling insecure, Watch Over Me is the ultimate app for you. All you have to do is to instruct the app with the time you want to be watched over for and it’ll look out for you via GPS during your trip. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a run or going to work or just walking home, this app will keep an eye and notifies your trusted contacts to do the similar.

Circle of 6 U (Free)

Built specifically for colleges and schools, this app links students to each other and addresses the dangerous resources to their campus. Circle of 6 U lets you pick 6 reliable networks to add to your circle. If you get into a prickly or hazardous condition, use the app to send inevitably your circle an alert message, with your exact location. It’s quick & subtle. Two taps on your phone are all it requires to work it out.

Safetipin: Complete Safety App (Free)

SafetiPin is a personal safety app is one of the most trusted safety apps. It has a whole set of features, such as GPS tracking, a list of emergency contact numbers, directions to safe locations, tittles showing safe and unsafe areas. It also gives you a safety score. This wide range of features helps you in planning to report to situations distressing your personal safety.

Family GPS locator Kid Control (Free)

Now you can stay aware of your child’s location online. Check your child’s location history. KidControl can detect locations even without GPS. It helps your device to receive alerts automatically when your child arrives at school or comes back home. Get signals when the phone battery is draining, so you can remind your child to put the phone for a charge. You can track as many family members as you wish.

Sprint Family Locator (Free)

Sprint Family Locator lets you locate any phone that belongs to your Sprint family plot. Just download the app to start tracking. You can locate a lost or stolen phone afterward it gone missing. See the real-time locations of your family on a shared map. Download includes a free 15-day trial.

VithU: V Gumrah Initiative (Free)

VithU, is an emergency App. You can turn its service by just tapping the power button of your smartphone twice; it will start sending out alert messages to your designated guardian contacts. It will deliver a message saying “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.” The receiver will get a link to your location. The best feature is if you have been a victim or watched a Crime you can share the occurrence with Channel V by posting it in the “Submit Your Story” option in the Menu Bar.

I am sure there are more helpful safety apps out there; don’t forget to mention them in the comments!

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