10 Best secret SMS Tracker apps to Spy on Text messages

SMS tracker apps to track text messages from another phone and remotely read text message

best sms tracker apps to spy on phone

The evolution of smartphone redefines the way of communication. Not only smartphones allow keeping in touch with loved ones but also helps to monitor kid’s activities. Keeping children safe is necessary as the influence of bad persons can easily out them out of track. Parents should keep on eye on children and know who they are interacting with. Since messaging is most popular among teenagers, SMS tracker apps can help determine what your children are up to. There is some decent SMS tracker for android available to download and use.

What are the best apps to spy on text messages?

Let’s look at the best text messages tracking apps to track SMS, location, and other activities.

DISCLAIMER: The apps listed below are intended to monitor your children’s with their consent. All other usage is by your choice, and you should accept and bear the consequences alone should you get in serious trouble with the law.

SMS to phone/mail

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

SMS to phone/mail is easy to setup app to track text messages from an android phone. It auto redirects text messages from one phone to another phone or an email address. The app can cross-device synchronization for transferring SMS so users can read the messages from multiple devices simultaneously. It works for both outgoing or only incoming SMS and lets the user specify contacts and text rules.

Forward SMS texting

Price: $9.99 a year
Forward SMS texting between two phones

Forward SMS texting is a simple yet effective way to track text messages from another phone. This is an extension of the MySMS texting app that allows users to send and receive messages from PC. The SMS mirror app is a premium feature that lets the user monitor text and calls for another phone. Install the regular my SMS app on the phone for monitoring purposes and install mysms mirror on the target phone. Sign up for an account and set up which texts and calls should be forwarded.

User can get a free 14 free trial then the subscription cost $9.99 for a year. It offers plenty of premium features such as SMS forwarding, Sync SMS text messages between two phones, Send & receive texts using your second phone’s number, get real-time notifications for text and calls, Group chats, and more.

Chat Message Tracker

Price: Free with ads

Chat Message Tracker is one of the best free sms tracker for android. It behaves as a true spy app that allows to access and read messages & chat conversations remotely. Its a free spy on text messages app that supports most popular messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Hangouts, Skype, Hike, Messenger, and more are expected to add soon. Probably the best app for reading sms from other phones.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

FamiSafe is an excellent parental control app for android that can detect suspicious texts on the target phone. The app works with almost all the major social media app such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. Users can also configure a list of harmful keywords to detect any text or web search made mentioning them. This lets you know about any possible bullying, violent, or aggressive behavior in advance.


Price: Free trial/ $3.99 per month

MMGuardian is another handy sms tracker app for watching conversations on the phone. It sends alerts for text messages, social media chat messages, or web searches. In addition to normal SMS texts, you will see chats form social apps, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Unfortunately, it only offers a 14 days trial period. After that, you can choose a monthly or yearly subscription.

Text Monitoring

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Text Monitoring Parental Control App

Text Monitoring allows parents to track kid’s phone usages. Users can see text message history, phone contacts, phone call history, web browsing history, and more. You can also control the level of privacy as the kids grow older. The app offers a free 7-day trial.

Monitor Call SMS Location

Price: Free trial/ Subscription
Monitor Call SMS Location

This is an excellent SMS tracker app to keep tabs on your kid’s SMS chats and location. It monitors the SMS activities on the phone and the location of the phone, call logs, and many other details. Users also get an email notification for every incoming call or text message so that you can keep eyes on your other phone and know exactly what is going down. This is the ultimate secret SMS app for android to spy on text messages that keep you in the loop at all times around the clock.

Monitor call SMS location is available to download for free, however, you only get three days free trial period so you can first preview the service before opt-in for a subscription.

Auto-forward SMS

Price: 1 month trial/ $4.95 per month

Auto-forward SMS is a straight forward app to receive a copy of each message to a second phone to an email address. It works for regular sms, whatsapp chats, and even allows to monitor call activity. Parents and employees mainly use the app for tracking kids or employees.

The internet has never been this dangerous and it’s getting difficult for a child’s healthy development. It is the maternal instinct to protect our young even with our own lives, but none of that works in cyberspace. You need to arm yourself to the teeth with the latest in undetectable spyware apps for SMS to keep your child safe. They say that when the hunter learned to shoot without missing the birds had to fly without perching. Spy without ceasing!

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Khaled Shariar
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  1. You know you would think that the most important aspect of all these apps would be the installation on the target phone yet you don’t say anything about this about any of the that you reviewed. That’s what people really want to know, “am I gonna have to get her phone and download the spy app and how long is that gonna take ‘dont want to get caught ‘,or can it be sent to her phone over the air without having to Access her phone even better can I just dial her number and find out all I need to know”. Major things dude and you didn’t address those concerns in the least bit. All you mentioned was that their undetectable but you never said how.

  2. Yes, there are so much great spy apps available online and making this list is of a great help especially to people looking for a good one. What’s more amazing is that it can be done remotely. However, I somehow feel unsafe thinking about whether someone is spying on me.

  3. There are plenty of such apps.
    SpyToMobile is one of them. My ex boyfriend spied on me using this app and I want to admit that modern spy apps works great, so be carefull.


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