The Best GPS Tracking App for Car on Android


Can’t remember where you parked your car or want to manage your vehicle expenses?

Best GPS Tracking App for Car

Is there an app to track a vehicle?

Android smartphone apps have become more useful than we could ever have imagined a few short years ago, and now they can be used for tracking cars. While at one time, it was necessary to purchase hardware for this purpose, now there are many apps available on the Google Play Store that will help you do to this. They have a variety of uses, for example, if you’ve ever been to a vast parking lot you may have forgotten exactly where you parked your car.

Alternatively, maybe you want to keep a close eye on your kids if they haven’t been driving for long, or perhaps you’re a business owner who wants to use such an app to track a fleet of vehicles.

Can I locate my car with GPS?

The latest and best car tracking apps for Android offer a high level of accuracy and are incredibly convenient. As long as the driver has their smartphone in the vehicle, it can be monitored with an app thanks to GPS functionality. Whether you want to watch locations to determine your own gas usage and expenses or find out how far an employee has got with their route, there are different apps for different needs.

Check out these free Car GPS tracking apps, all currently available from the Google Play Store. The majority of the apps are free, although some of these include in-app purchases (IAPs) for additional features or services.


Price: Free with ads

If you’ve ever been to an unfamiliar area and not paid attention to exactly where you parked your car, this app could be for you! Instead of aimlessly wandering around, Find My Car uses the GPS function of your smartphone to get you back to your vehicle. It works in four different ways. You can use a map that displays the route to your parked car or uses a compass that points to your destination so you can follow the arrow to the right spot.

Alternatively, there’s a pulse wavefront radar that illuminates the parking location, or GPS reflected pseudo-radar where you can see your position in the middle of a radar screen and uses a radar sweeper to find your car. It’s a neat user-friendly app that’s entirely free to download and use, and it worked well in our testing.

15 Best Free Car maintenance apps


Price: Free
TripLog is aimed at those who want to keep track of their personal mileage or business gas expenses for tax purposes. It’s a popular app that has a MagicTrip autostart feature to detect the movement of your device once you’re driving at a speed of more than 5mph. It stops either when your device is disconnected or when the vehicle comes to a halt. The app offers real-time data syncing to TripLog Web, so it’s possible to manage a fleet of vehicles.

It also produces comprehensive reports that you can use for IRS tax returns. Further features include integration with Google Wear Watch, QuickBooks, and Concur. We found the app worked smoothly although some features require the use of in-app purchases.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Parkify is another app that will show you where you parked your car. Once you leave your car in the lot, it uses the Bluetooth connection to register the location and then will show you directions for walking back to it when you need them. If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, the app can use motion detection to trace when you get out of a vehicle.

You can add as many cars as you like, with tracking synchronized across devices, change the setting from miles to kilometers, and more. This app is worth taking a look at, as it’s easy-to-use with a nice clean interface.


Price: Free with ads *Editors’ Choice*

Many people use Google Maps for navigation and traffic information, but some don’t know about its basic car finding capabilities. It uses the location services of your smartphone and the “Know where you parked” setting, and senses when you leave your car. The Saved parking tab of the app then saves the location of the car, lets you know how long you’ve been away from it, and shows where your parking spot is on the map. This feature isn’t exactly sophisticated, but it’s handy to know it’s there.


Price: Free

Businesses needing to manage a fleet of vehicles and track the workforce could benefit from this CorvusGPS app. With the use of the app and the online GPS tracking system, you’ll be able to see a real-time map showing the location of vehicles and employees, and record vehicle routes. The app uses Intelligent Activity Recognition technology, and drivers need to have the app installed on their employee mobile.

The app can also calculate mileage (daily, last trip, and total) and track distances and the software is compatible with numerous hard-wired trackers. It’s important to note that while the app itself is free, you will need to pay for either a Personal or Business plan depending on your requirements. This can be done on the CorvusGPS website although you can get a 14-day free trial.


Price: Free *Editors’ Choice*

SpotAngels has an extremely high user rating of 4.7/5 stars, and we can see why. It covers many major US cities, undoubtedly with more to come. The app uses your phone sensor and car’s Bluetooth to remember where you parked, and can even help you to avoid getting a ticket by sending notifications according to parking rules. On top of this, you can book parking deals through the app.

Additionally, there’s a crowdsourced map showing parking garages and street parking spots, with users able to report live available spots to other drivers.


Price: Free

This car tracking app is full of useful features and will help you find your parked car, with various views available, including augmented reality. When you turn off your vehicle, it will save the location, and further features include a parking timer, location sharing, parking meter alarm, home screen widget, shake to keep, and location history. You can also access directions to the closest car park, track your car from home with the GPS Auto Track/ Car recovery mode, and store logs on Google Calendar. This nifty app can be used for up to 3 cars though do note that some of the above features require a Bluetooth connection in your vehicle.


Price: Free

We’ll start by saying that this MyCarTracks app is free to download and free to use for up to 2 vehicles. For more than this, you’ll need a paid plan starting from $1.43 per month per vehicle. As the title suggests, it’s aimed at businesses and individuals such as Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, freelancers, sales reps, real estate agents and others, and it abolishes the need for any traditional GPS hardware.

The automatic mileage tracker traces trips throughout the whole day and stores data to the Cloud on the MycarTracks website. It makes it much easier to claim business miles and tax deductions, and further benefits include a recorded tracks history, HUD Speedometer, downloadable Logbook or IRS-compatible report, and more.

9. DRIVVO – Car management, Fuel log, Find Cheap Gas

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP *Editors’ Choice*

Drivvo tracks your car with GPS and will display nearby fuel stations with branded pins along with the respective prices. Once you choose which one you want to visit, you will then be guided to that station. The app allows you to record and track fuel mileage, efficiency, and averages each day, and to manage monthly expenses for your vehicle, including service and maintenance costs. Features include vehicle maintenance records with reminders, gas consumption charts, distance statistics, cost statistics, and much more.

There’s a nice touch of user engagement as well as you can report gas prices so other drivers can locate the lowest priced gas stations near them. If you want, even more, you can pay to upgrade to the Pro version. This removes the ads and provides further features. Among them is technical support, backing up data to the cloud, unlimited income registration, exporting vehicle data in CSV/Excel, data synchronization across devices, and more.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP *Editors’ Choice*

Family locator from Life360 is a little different from most of the apps above, as its aim is to enable users to stay connected to other members of their families or other private groups dubbed “Circles.” However, it has many useful features for driving using GPS technology. For instance, you can see the whereabouts of your Circle Members in real-time on a single map, or opt to receive alerts when members arrive or leave different places. Of course, those in your Circle have to accept an invitation before you can trace their locations. It’s a great idea if you have new or elderly drivers you want to keep an eye on, or perhaps want to see if someone is going to arrive on time.

Another excellent feature for drivers, dubbed Driver Care Support, enables swift connection to a representative over the phone. This person can see precisely where you are and send assistance if you have a breakdown or lockout, or if you are unfortunately involved in a car crash can send emergency services. Do note that some features require in-app purchases.

final thoughts

Our choice of the best car tracking apps for Android covers a variety of bases for different needs, so we hope you find one to suit you. It’s worth mentioning that the speed and accuracy of these apps depend on the built-in GPS capability of the smartphone being used. Therefore, many apps will work better on higher-end handsets, so that’s something worth bearing in mind.

Your comments are always welcome, so do let us know if you find any of the above apps particularly useful. Alternatively, if you use a different car tracking Android app that you’d like to recommend to other readers, you can tell us about that too!

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  1. You need to check the last update timestamp for the apps you are recommending. Car Locator AR, was last updated in 2014. That app receives no development. It’s 5 years dead. Please focus on apps that have been updated at least within the last year. There is no such thing as a perfect app that doesn’t need changes, fixes, or improvements.


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