10 Best Audiobook App for iPhone/iPad

These audiobook player apps make listening to audiobooks easy

Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone and iPad

With the growth of audiobook apps for iOS, audiobooks sold via CDs have gone down the drain. Apps make so many things easier such as books are now readily available with audible apps with just a few taps. There are a lot of audiobook apps in the App Store.

A number of audiobook platforms are growing and they also offer their own app. So, it’s up to you to decide which platform suits you. Also, there are standalone book listening apps with various features to be productive. For example, some apps work as both an ebook reader and audiobook player. We’ve curated 10 best audiobook apps for iPhone and iPad worth checking out.

Can you listen to audiobooks on the iPhone?

The iPhone is a device full of various features and customizable options for consumers. Listening to audiobooks is one of them. There are ways to listen to both free and paid audiobooks on both iPhone and iPad. However, while there is a wide specter of audiobooks online, you may not be able to obtain them due to location restriction.

How do I get a free audiobook for iPhone?

Apple Books is an app that allows users to listen to audiobooks. They have to purchase them first. There are several ways to get audiobooks on iPhone and iPad for free. One of the methods includes downloading some of the apps.

How do I transfer an audiobook to my iPhone?

You can either use one of the third-party apps to download the apps or use iTunes. Connect the iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Choose your device from the iTunes and then click to pick the audiobooks setting. After that, click Sync Audiobooks and choose audiobooks that you want to download. Click Apply and wait for the audiobooks to get a transfer.

What are the best Audiobook Apps for iOS?

  10. MY BOOKS

Audiobooks From Audible

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Audible is an Amazon-based sub-company that boasts a plethora of titles of different types and genres you can enjoy at any time. It has a great selection of bestseller books, original series, autobiographies, and other books. Audible is a great free best audiobook player that has a lot of great features to adjust the audio-reading experience. For example, you can transfer the audiobooks to your device through WiFi and tweak listening to reading using a Whispersync feature.


Price: Free

Like audible, this app is also great for all iPhone and iPad users who, in addition to listen best-selling books, also want to listen to podcasts. It’s an addictive app with an intuitive user interface that will easily make you fall in love with each next title you listen to.

The app offers various genres, such as fiction, mystery, politics, health, fantasy, history, and others. You can download the books and listen to them in offline mode, as well as browse through thousands of best-selling titles and over 700,000 podcasts.

Free Audiobooks

Price: Free

Free Audiobooks for iPhone

Most of the classic movies people are in love with this day came from originally written classics that are still read globally. Coming from the same developer as the Audiobooks.com, Free Audiobooks offers you the opportunity to browse thousands of titles free of charge. Immerse into the world of writers, experience the romance, and embrace the best-selling titles that will make your heart race.

Read the classics, novels, poems, short-stories, download the books to later check-in offline mode or stream to save storage. Finally, the app has a gorgeous interface and easily accessible filtering options for easy access to the titles.

Serial Box

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

If you’re a fantasy lover, this app will be great for you. There are a lot of sci-fi, thriller and fantasy titles for you to enjoy. Users can switch between reading or listening to the audiobooks in the cinematic quality of the narration.

There are also a lot of options like downloading audio to listen to online, swipe vs. scroll in the reading mode, a dark mode which is more soothing for your eyes, and much more.


Price: Free

eBooks & audiobooks for iPad

OverDrive collaborated with more than 30,000 libraries worldwide to offer its titles as well as podcasts for free on your device. However, you need a valid library card or account id from a participating library, school, or other institution to be able to borrow books.

You can either read eBooks or watch a streaming video in the library and use the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) to connect to the iPhone and iPad. Thanks to an intuitive user-interface, users can easily enjoy great features that OverDrive has to offer, as well as sort and organize the titles you want to listen to the way you want to.

Google Play Books

Price: Free

It’s not a surprise that Google’s own reading app is also available for iPhone/iPad users. Recently the tech giant added audiobook features to its app. Play book app is one of the most beautiful audiobook apps that has subscription fees or whatsoever. You can browse through a huge catalog of ebooks and audiobooks and buy what you like and own the book forever. Fortunately, there are plenty of free audiobooks discoverable with a simple search.

Google also offers a web app so the user can also read and listen to books from any device with a browser. The app also has some handy features such as sleep timer, playback speed control, and skipping audio backward and forward. In addition, any bookmark and notes will be synced to your cloud drive account.

Bookmobile Audiobook Player

Price: Free/ $3.99

Bookmobile Audiobook Player

Bookmobile is optimized for listening, especially when you are driving and want to listen to an audiobook. The simple UI with large control buttons for skipping makes it easy to use while on the road. The app also able to play and import all audio files from iTunes, Audible, books downloaded from online public domain libraries, and other sources.

The drawback is you can download the app for free and listen 5 books for sixty days and after that you have to pay $3.99 for unlimited audiobooks.

LibriVox Audiobooks

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

LibriVox is one of the best audiobooks app on iPhone and iPad, with an extensive library consisting of 50,000 audiobooks. You can choose the classics, the best sellers, and organize the books in all possible genres available.

If the basic features of Librivox Audiobooks don’t impress you, do know that this app will read you your favorite books in multiple languages, including French, German, Spanish, and other languages other than English.

Kobo Books

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Kobo Books audible app for iphone

If you’re looking for a feature-rich iOS app that will offer a lot more than just audiobook experience, search no further. Kobo Books is an advanced veteran app when it comes to offering titles. There are over 6 million books converted into audio to fill your mood. There are a lot of features flattering this app. Firstly, there is a neat and intuitive user-interface, as well as the night mode feature that will soothe your eyes. You can switch between reading and listening to your liking, which is why the Night Mode comes greatly in handy.

You can also leave reviews on books and choose to download to listen in offline mode. If you specifically like some titles, you can also share them on Facebook or Twitter.

My Books – Unlimited Library

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

My Books – Unlimited Library comes with a huge library of fifty thousand books from fairy tales, fantasy books, science fiction, mythology, poetry, and many more. The modern and simple looking app lets you read these huge collections of the book at no cost. However to listen to audiobooks you have to pay a small subscription fee. If you are a genuine rear who doesn’t fancy cool features then this audiobook app is the way to go.

All the apps we counted are free. However, keep in mind that they might have IAP (In-App-Purchases). There is an opportunity to upgrade every app, so you get an ad-free experience, as well as access to some other popular titles you’ve been craving to read. While investing in listening to audiobooks isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, we guarantee that you won’t regret paying for any of the apps above. The best part is that all of them boast an option to swap between listening and reading. Which app do you use to listen to audiobooks on the iPhone and iPad? Let us know!

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