The Best Free Music Streaming Apps for iPhone & iPad

These are the Best free music apps to listen music on iOS devices

Free music streaming apps for iphone

Online music streaming services already have entered the lives of many music lovers. The music streaming services is on the rise while downloading music regresses. Music streaming service is a convenient way to explore, find and listen to thousands of free music. In addition, they are increasingly a great way to create personal playlists and mixes and share them with your friends via social networks. If you believe all the audiophiles out there, music is life, and to completely enjoy that life using your iOS device, you have to be logged into the best music apps; they are your only guarantee of quality music.

What are the best free music apps for iPhone?

You could browse through our list of the 10 best music apps for iOS devices, make your choice on which seems to be best for you and try it (or them) out. When you’re done, chances are you’d be deleting the free apps on your phone forever. Let’s get started.


Price: Free/ $10 per month
Spotify New Music and Podcasts for iOS

This is arguably the most popular music streaming platform and its popularity is usually emphasized by how regularly its streaming stats are used in rating artists. That said, though, it has a lot of quality competition around nowadays.

The free version of the streaming service would require you to bear the constant appearance of ads (just like many apps nowadays) but that has to be worth the over 70 million songs you’d have access to and the variety of other services and features it provides. The best part, your login could be utilized on other devices beyond your iOS device including smart TV apps.

YouTube Music

Price: Free/ $12.99 per month
YouTube Music app for iphone

Here is a streaming service that has spawned from the expansion efforts of a parent venture. It was only reasonable that if YouTube were to expand its content streaming services, music would be the next media on their list and so it came to pass a few years ago when YouTube music was launched.

As expected, this platform grants a lot of access to diverse music but the sound quality of the free service is not up there with the best yet. Offline listening is also still a feature reserved for paying customers and, thankfully, ads are not really as much of a disruption as they could be.


Price: Free/ $10 per month
Deezer- Music & Podcast Player iOS music streaming

You can’t compile a list of music streaming services without mentioning Deezer and that says a lot about the quality they bring to your ears. This quality might not be completely obvious if you are using the free tier but you’d still have access to a vast catalog of music and playlists.

Beyond music though, Deezer also grants users access to non-music content as well, including podcasts which makes it a great podcast player app as well. It is quite easy to use but it might not be the most popular platform to discover non-mainstream music creators.


Price: Free/ $5.99 per month
SoundCloud - Music & Songs app for iphone

With a library that offers well over a hundred million songs and a following from music creators globally, SoundCloud has to be one of the largest streaming platforms around. The major problem with this service, though, stems from the fact that it is quite popular among “upcoming artistes”. You would get to listen to songs that haven’t been discovered and overplayed by others but the quality of these songs, in terms of musical appeal and sound quality, is anyone’s guess.


Price: Free/ From $5 per month
TIDAL Music streaming app iOS

This isn’t the most robust music streaming service in the market but it grew in popularity thanks to the fact that it was owned, managed, and marketed by artists. That is no longer the case but the ethos of the original venture still remains. This is most famous as the Hi-Fi music app for mobile as it offers the biggest collection of high-resolution songs.

The platform incorporates a lot of the features present in other music streaming services and also claims to do a better work of compensating artists and linking them to fans. You get to connect with your favorite artists while listening to top-end content.


Price: Free/ $4.99 per month
Audiomack - Download New Music on iPhone

Audiomack is a newer free music app for iPhone and iOS devices. This music streaming service offers a lot of songs and it claims to be “artiste-first”. The free tier is one of the best around because it mostly makes use of silent pop-up ads that don’t interfere with the music streaming.

In addition, users get to download a large catalog of songs for offline streaming but a paid account would be needed to download premium songs. The one drawback is its relative newness and lack of popularity with many established artists.


Price: Free/ $1.99 per month
Boomplay- Download New Songs for iPhone

Originally created with an emphasis on African music, this app has since widened its horizons to include various genres of music. The basic tier, Boomplay Music free doesn’t allow for ad-free or offline listening services but these are available on paid subscriptions.

The free service, however, offers a higher sound quality than most of its competition in the streaming market. The app contains other features as well and could even help with your music discovery endeavors.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
TuneIn Radio app for iPhone

Tunein is actually a full-on audio streaming service that provides users access to news, sports, music, podcasts, etc. The focus is not strictly on music or music stations but rather on radio stations. It is one of the best radio apps for iPhone to listen to News & FM Music.

While there is no music catalog data that can be used to assess the value of this app for music listening, Tunein offers access to many big-name radio stations and podcasts. Furthermore, the app allows users to select genre-specific stations to meet their needs at a certain time.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Shazam- Music Discovery app for iOS

Shazam is not music streaming app in the conventional sense. It doesn’t allow you to listen to music or stream it but what it does is help identify music that you like but don’t know and it is one of the best at doing this. However, it’s an extremely useful music app for streamers to identify songs and quickly open them into the user’s choice of music streaming app then play or add to a list.

It has a long list of features to ensure that it delivers its services efficiently. This includes helping to identify not just music but also TV shows, and commercials. All of the information obtained on the media that is identified can then be used to access them on platforms like YouTube and Spotify. Cool, right?

Apple Music

Price: $9.99 per month
Apple music app for iphone

This would be top of the list as it’s Apple’s own music service for users with iOS, Mac OS, and Apple TV devices. However, that’s not the case because it doesn’t offer free music streaming. Furthermore, the general size of the available music catalog is still somehow limited but growing rapidly.

It still deserves a spot on this list because of the famous apple ecosystem. What the paid service would get you, though, is a music app that grants you access to the ad-free 24-hour radio station with celebrity DJs at the wheel, a wide catalog of songs, and recommended playlists that take into consideration your listening habits. Also, the new high resolution with spatial music that offers virtual surrounding music is quite an experience if you have the supported headphones.

Let it be said that I’ve done my part in introducing you to the music streaming apps that provides quality service, now it’s your turn to get them. While doing so, remember one thing though, this list is in no particular order and is in no way indicative of what I love or which I love best. Adios!

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Danica Simic
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