Best Free Apps for Recipes and Apps for Cooking on iPhone/iPad

Get new recipes done with these top free cooking apps for iOS devices

Free Iphone Apps for Cooking and Recipe

Whether you’re a novice home cook or a veteran chef, Technology is here to help. This list will show you the 10 best Cooking apps available for iPhone/iPad to make you do wonders in the kitchen. With a variety of best recipe apps tailored for all sorts of preferences, you will surely find your favorite App on this list. These apps for cooking offer simple recipes for beginners and excellent dishes worthy of the best restaurants in the world.

What are the best free apps for recipes and cooking?

This guide is intended for beginners, and for anyone who delights in this noble art, in search of ever more elaborate and tasty dishes to be offered to friends or to cook at particular times.


Price: Free
Tasty Food videos and recipes app for iphone ipad

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran cook, Tasty takes a spot on your list of go-to Cooking Apps. Browse over 4000 delicious recipes that vary in difficulty and cuisines. Register and document your own recipes on the “My Recipes” page designed to document your creativity in the kitchen. An outstanding search tool allows you to filter recipes by ingredients, cuisine, and social occasion you plan on cooking for. Tasty also suggests different recipes depending on the time of day and previous preferences. You can also save your favorite recipes for quick access in the future. Tasty also offers an entire segment to Vegans and Vegetarians, as well as gluten-free recipes. Additonally, there are tons of food videos to enjoy.


Price: Free
Yummly - apps for Recipes & Dinner Ideas

Yumml‪y is arguably the most famous Cooking App available for iOS devices. Yummly offers a staggering 2 million+ recipes on its platform. Whatever you may be craving right now, there are dozens of recipes for it on Yummly. Recipes from famous websites and blogs such as Epicurious, Food52, Smitten Kitchen, and more are also available on Yummly. Lost on what to cook next? Add all the ingredients in your kitchen to Yummly, and the App will suggest tons of recipes for you. With detailed step-by-step videos, you will surely ace your next meal. Yummly also offers recipe scheduling that automatically syncs with your calendar and considers the time needed for the recipe to be completed. You can sync your favorite recipes into your grocery list, which facilitates the grocery store trip by a lot. You can also sync your calorie intake with the Apple Health app and other Fitness apps.

Kitchen Stories Recipe‪s

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Kitchen Stories Recipes app for iOS

The winner of Apple’s Design Award, the free Kitchen Stories app rightfully claims a spot on this list. With millions of users globally using the App and sharing their recipes, you will surely find something you fancy on the App. Browse through tons of recipes tailored for beginners and experts. Share your favorite recipes and document your own recipes with the entire world. Kitchen Stories allows you to filter recipes by country and culture. With automatic syncing to your grocery list, you will find that trips to your grocery store much faster as the App automatically adds the required ingredients to the list.

BigOven Recipes & Meal Planne‪r‬

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
BigOven Recipes & Meal Planner app for ipad

BigOven is another popular recipe app that takes a different approach. The App offers more than 1 million recipes for free to all its users. Ever asked yourself, “What should I eat now?”, BigOven has an answer for you. The App routinely suggests new recipes and dishes for the users based on previous recipes. With a lot of features such as bookmarking your favorite food bloggers, filtering recipes by many categories, creating a shared grocery list, and meal planning, BigOven deserves a spot on the list. Users can organize their favorite recipes in designated folders and filter them by ingredients. BigOven is free but offers a “PRO” membership for $1.99 monthly or $19.99 yearly. Pro Membership removes ads from the App, shows the users detailed insights about the different ingredients in recipes, allows users to upload unlimited recipes, and offers many other features.


Price: Free
Cookpad - Recipe Sharing app for iPhone

CookPad is a community-based Cooking App. Having the largest community of home cooks means that CookPad gets thousands of new recipes daily. Cooks can give feedback on recipes they tried and chat directly to the recipe creator for extra tips & tricks. You can create your own recipes, document them with mouth-watering pictures and videos, and upload them to millions of other home cooks. CookPad is free but offers a monthly subscription that unlocks extra features such as an advanced search for recipes.

SideChef Recipe‪s‬

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
SideChef Recipes Meal plans & grocery shopping app

SideChef contains over 11,000 recipes from top food bloggers, professional chefs, and renowned home cooks. It has step-by-step instructions for a variety of dishes, complete with photos step, videos, and even voice instructions. With an additional feature of allowing users to sync their favorite recipes into their daily grocery list and an advanced meal planner curated for all different preferences. Whether you have a specific dietary preference or have any allergies, SideChef got you covered. SideChef is free but offers a monthly subscription for $4.99 and a yearly subscription for $49.99, which opens a whole new realm by adding videos from award-winning chefs worldwide giving step-by-step instructions for their top-class dishes.

Recipe Book – Skinny Tast‪e

Price: Free
Recipe Book iphone app

Ever wanted to walk around with a super recipe book in your pockets? Well, the skinny taste may be your go-to cookbook App. Recipe Book is a free Cooking App available for iOS devices that has some extraordinary features. The App comes with thousands of available recipes online with detailed information and nutrition insights available for all ingredients within a recipe. Users can also select to opt-out of any meat-based recipe, so our Vegan fans will surely have their favorite dishes on there. Recipe Book also offers step-by-step detailed instructions to ensure a perfect dish every time you try out something new. The App also comes with an available scanner that gives you detailed information about the product you want, all you need to do is take a picture of the product. The App also offers daily exercises for users who would like to stay fit whilst monitoring their food. This makes Recipe Book a very advanced Cooking App, which you can download right now for free.

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Healthy Vegetarian Recipes app ipad

We’ve all been scouring the internet looking for recipes for Vegan food, whether it’s for you, a family member, or your friends. The Super Vegetables Recipe app came to solve all of our problems. The App offers tons of Vegetarian and Vegan recipes available for free for all users. It’s a decent app that offers tons of cook and learn guide‬s. The App allows users to bookmark their favorite recipes, share them with others on Social Media, filter their search results based on a variety of categories, and even pre-prepare their grocery list and shopping lists according to the ingredients listed in their recipe of choice. The best thing about this App is the delicious recipes and how easy they are, which will surely appeal to non-vegans as well. The App is free but offers a membership for as low as $1.99, which removes ads and unlocks more recipes for users. The App’s content is quite good, however, the layout may be a bit out of date.

Vegan Meal Plan

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Vegan Meal Plan app for iPhone and iPad

Vegan Foods Plan is an app that is specifically designed for hardcore Vegans out there. It’s plant based recipes app and diet planner app that comes with food recipes‪s to prepare healthy vegan diets. The App starts by gathering information about your physiques such as height, weight, age, gender, and target. Then It will display the required calories per day to reach your goal. Once inside, the App will display tens of different Vegan recipes for all different times thoughts the day. With basic ingredients that you will surely have in the fridge. Cook time averages at 20 minutes per recipe. The App also tracks the user’s progress and offers daily yoga routines. You can also find tons of tips and motivational subscripts
for the Vegan community, motivating their userbase to stay on track on their Vegan journey. We assure you, with Vegan Foods Plant, your journey will be tasteful.

Eat This Much

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Eat This Much - Meal Planner app for smartphone

Not all of us like to spend time in the kitchen, and perhaps you’re too busy to think about your next meal. Eat This Much will help you. The App asks for basic information such as gender, height, activity level, and allergies which will be taken into consideration whilst planning your diet. With a few clicks, you can have a customizable nutrition plan with a detailed list of the ingredients and instructions for performing the recipe. The App is free but offers a premium version for $9.99 monthly, or $49.99 yearly, premium version removes ads, opens a variety of new options to plan meals, and adds an automatic grocery list syncing with your meal plans.

Food Network Kitche‪n

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Food Network Recipes, how-tos & meal plans app

Food Network in the Kitchen brings you the best recipes from the world’s most renowned chefs directly to your smartphone, so you no longer will have to sit through an episode to find out how to make baked chicken. The recipes come with easy-to-follow instructions as watching videos is a much more convenient and easy way to prepare for cooking. You can even search with available ingredients, and the app will show suitable recipes. Additonally, the app lets you import recipes, create custom shopping lists, and has built-in useful tools like unit converters and cooking timers.

Cocktail Flow

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Cocktail Flow - Drink Recipes app

While this article focuses on cooking and recipe apps we felt that a good cocktail app must be included to close the list. It’s one of the best cocktail recipes app that provides a lot of drink recipes to make a cocktail based on whatever ingredients you have in the fridge.

Whether you’re looking for a new recipe to impress your friends or a full-on diet planner, there is surely something on the list that will help you. With 10 hand-picked Apps from the App Store that fulfill the needs of anyone in the kitchen. What are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking. Which application helps you learn new recipes? Tell us in the comments, will be happy to meet new apps!

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